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Pre-1900 locomotives photographs and art.
[Railroad engine] / W.J. Morgan & Co. lith., Cleveland, O. ; designed by A.J. Johnson, Cleveland, O.
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Locomotive engine

Photograph shows locomotive engine on display.

Engine, J.H. Devereux, Alexandria

Photograph shows the ornately decorated locomotive J.H. Devereux, of the United States Military Railroad with two crew members on board outside the roundhouse at the Alexandria station.

Locomotive and tender, Great Western Railway, Canada

Photograph shows the locomotive "Spitfire" and tender.

First locomotive to cross Allegheny Mountains

Photograph shows a group of passengers, including a woman, sitting and standing at the front of a Sandusky locomotive.

Rigi Railway

Locomotive used on railroad.

Engine "Gen. Haupt," Alexandria, 1863

Photograph shows wood burning locomotive "Gen. Haupt" named for Herman Haupt, chief of Construction and Transportation, in front of the roundhouse at the Alexandria station.

["Gen. Haupt" locomotive, used by Gen. Herman Haupt during the Civil War (1861-1865)]

Photograph shows the "Gen. Haupt" locomotive and five men posed inside the car and outside near the railroad tracks.

Engine "E.M. Stanton," Alexandria, July 1864

Photograph shows the locomotive "E.M. Stanton," built in 1862 and named for the secretary of war, on a turntable at the Alexandria railroad station.

Engine house at City Point, VA., September 1, 1864

Photograph shows railroad tracks leading to the engine house at City Point on the City Point and Army railroad.

Engine "Government" [Commodore?] down the "banks" near Brandy, April 1864

Photograph shows a train off the track laying on its side near Brandy Station, Virginia.

Engine W. H. Whiton, and President's car, Alexandria, January,1865

Photograph shows a United States Military Railroad locomotive, W.H. Whiton, and the president's rail car, later used as Lincoln's funeral car.

Scene at the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance to the Capitol grounds at Washington on the daily adjournment of Congress

Illustration showing a crowd of people crossing the street between a railroad locomotive and a street railroad, with the U.S. Capitol in the background.

The express train

Train passing under bridge.

"Does not such a meeting make amends?" / FB.

Print shows an allegory of linking of Trans-Continental railroad at Promontory Summit, Utah; Indians and buffalo fleeing in the foreground as two trains with large hands extending from the locomotives, labeled ... more

Petites constructions. Locomotive et tender / Imagerie d'Épinal.

Print showing cutout designs for a steam locomotive and coal car with figures for the engineer and coal tender. Also shows the completed design for the small-scale construction paper cutout.

Trevithick's first passenger-carrying common road locomotive, Camborne, 1801

Print shows overhead, side, and front views of steam locomotive for use on roadways.

The "best friend," the first locomotive built in the United States for actual service on a railroad

Illustration showing people on first excursion trip of the South Carolina Railroad, 15th January 1831; it was built at the West Point Foundery Shops in New York City.

At Dock Street wharf / Schell & Hogan ; JL[?] sc.

Print shows congestion of horse-drawn carts and wagons overburdened with merchanise on Dock Street, also handcarts, teamsters and longshoremen, and railroad locomotives and cars for hauling goods from ships to ... more

Arrival of the first locomotive in Arizona

Stereograph showing men posing on and near a locomotive, probably in Yuma, Arizona.

Old "31" the Pioneer engine of Arizona

Stereograph showing men posing on and near a locomotive, probably in Yuma, Arizona.

Mr. Hill tries it on / Gillam.

Illustration shows the Governor of New York, David B. Hill, riding backwards on the Democratic donkey labeled "Democracy" running on railroad tracks near a sign that states "Look Out for the Enlightening Expres... more

[The Brighton Beach Hotel, Brooklyn, N.Y., being moved away from beach front]

Hotel moved using flatcars on 20 railroad tracks, pulled by locomotives.

Fire engine at World's Columbian Exposition grounds while buildings were under construction

Photograph shows two men operating steam powered fire engine; thick black smoke blows from steamer.

The original "John Bull"

Locomotive of Camden & Amboy Railroad Company.

The fastest time on record

Photograph shows a train running under full steam.

They can't hold up this train! / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows President Cleveland as a railroad engineer driving a locomotive labeled "Administration R.R." that is roaring out of a tunnel labeled "Business Depression Tunnel", and knocking out of the way legisl... more

Rock Island train at State Line, September 16th 1893. opening of Cherokee Strip, Caldwell, Kansas.

Photograph shows enourmous crowd gathered around and riding on locamotive.

Five Japanese men on railroad locomotive

Photograph shows a locomotive using the Abt rack gearing system, in service on the Usui Pass segment of the Imperial Japanese Government Railways. (Source: D. Free, 2004)

Peter Cooper's Tom Thumb

Train built ca. 1829, on Baltimore & Ohio R.R.

The fastest train in the world. N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. Empire State Express taken wh[en] [ru]nning 66 miles per hour.

Photograph shows N. Y. C. & H. R. train speeding along railroad track with black smoke billowing from smoke stack.

The first engine and train in America

DeWitt Clinton train (1831) exhibited on railroad flat car to spectators.

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