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Schembart Carnival in Nürnberg, 1449-1539

Schembartlauf Carnival took place in Nuremberg, Germany at the beginning of the 15th century until some town dignitary strained every nerve to end it. And the reason is evident. The case is that participants were allowed to of politicians and authorities. Costumed men with bearded masks made of carved wood were behaving very foolishly and all the visitors could drink, eat, dance and have a wonderful time. On those carnivals visitors could even enjoy fireworks. The carnival was revived in 1874 and is held regularly.
The Schembartbook is one of the numerous manuscripts that describe the Schembart Carnival and has many colorful illustrations. These verses were provided by the Library of Congress.
Schonbartbuch. 64 full page colored drawings of the participants in the Schembart Carnival in Nürnberg, 1449-1539, with their names, a description of their costumes, and, for some years, an account of the most important events
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