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Beggar's opera. Libretto. English

Beggar's opera. Libretto. English



as written by John Gay ; distinguishing also the variations of the theatre, as performed at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane ; regulated from the prompt-book, by permission of the managers, by Mr. Hopkins, prompter. (statement of responsibility)
U.S. RISM Libretto Project.
Three acts; "Introduction"--p. 4; half title--p. 5; "A Table of the Songs"--p. 63-65; publisher's list--p. [2]-[3] at end.
Date of performance surmised from imprint.
"Nos haec novimus esse nihil. Mart."--title page.
Dramatis personae: Men, PEACHUM. Mr. Moody -- LOCKIT. Mr. Bransby -- MACHEATH. Mr. Vernon -- FILCH. Mr. Parsons -- JEMMY TWITCHER. Mr. Wright -- CROOK-FINGER'D JACK. Mr. Wrighten -- WAT. DREARY. Mr. Norris -- ROBIN OF BAGSHOT. Mr. Carpenter -- NIMMING NED. Mr. Griffith -- HARRY PADDINGTON. Mr. Marr -- MAT. OF THE MINT. Mr. Kear -- BEN BUDGE. Mr. Burton -- BEGGAR. Mr. Waldron -- PLAYER. Mr. Whitfield -- Women, MRS. PEACHUM. Mrs. Love -- POLLY PEACHUM. Mrs. Smith -- LUCY LOCKIT. Mrs. Wrighten -- DIANA TRAPES. Mrs. Bradshaw -- MRS. COAXER. Mrs. Millidge -- DOLLY TRULL. Mrs. Musgrove -- MRS. VIXEN. Miss Platt -- BETTY DOXY. Mrs. Palmer -- JENNY DIVER. Mrs. Davies -- MRS. SLAMMEKIN. Mrs. Johnston -- SUKY TAWDRY. Mrs. Smith -- MOLLY BRAZEN. Mrs. Brathwait--p. 3.
Also contains character/cast list for a performance at Covent Garden.
Performance: London, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1777? (venue)







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