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[Envelopes with political illustrations.]

[Envelopes with political illustrations.]

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In order of appearance: Secession Wagon; Jeff Davis-My wagon is kind of caving in. I am afraid Uncle Abe will catch me before I get far with these goods.
President Abraham Lincoln. Vice-President. Hannibal Hamlin. "Constitution and the Union. Harmony and Prosperity."-Lincoln.
Jeff. Davis.-Please ma'am, my big brother won't let me alone. Goddess of Liberty.-Well it serves you right, why don't you mind your Uncle Abe. Just wait until McClellan comes in contact with you, he will give you such a sound thrashing, you'll never complain again.
Old dog Jeff you're a traitor. You can't get even a bone- We'll muzzle you with a rope of hemp and then you'll be let alone.
Apothecary shop with Abraham Lincoln pictured.
A. L. Bringing down secession.
J. D. His marque. A. L. his marks.
Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson. Union standard bearers for 1864.
The fence that Uncle Abe built.
The people's candidate for President Abraham Lincoln.
What though it be a homely face?- It masks a soul that never quails.- A soul in purpose pure and strong.- Defending Right, denouncing wrong: God speed our brave splitter of rails. The Fence that Uncle Abe built.
Secession. I thought away from home to run, But Master Abe has spoilt my fun: He's struck me such a stunning blow, To save my life I cannot "crow." He says to let me run away Would be to countenance "fowl" play: He's raised a storm I cannot weather, And says he will not leave a feather.
We Mourn a Father Slain.
Lincoln & Hamlin.
"Whatever our Politics, the Constitution must be sustained."
USA. "Old Abe." the Man for the Times.
Abraham Lincoln is the Man for the Crises, his theory is, "This Rebellion must be put down, and that speedily, cost what it may."
1861 A. Lincoln, 1857 James Buchanan, 1853-1857 Franklin Pierce, 1850-1853 Millard Fillmore, March 4, 1849-July 9, 1850 Zachary Taylor, 1845-1849 James K. Polk, 1841-1845 John Tyler, March 4 to April 1841 William H. Harrison.
The people's candidate for President Abraham Lincoln. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty, as we understand it.
With these true hearts, through Victory to Union and Peace. Abraham Lincoln. A. Johnson.
Jeff.-"Big thing." Uncle Abe.-"Can't see it."
Uncle Abe-Why Jeff, old boy, you will never be able to keep a Hotel, if you don't stick on better than that.
Lincoln. Hamlin.





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