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Launching a stranded schooner from the docks /

Launching a stranded schooner from the docks /



"During the terrific storm all of the light craft along the dock front was lifted out of the water and washed up into the streets, many of them being carried for miles inland. This subject shows a number of boatmen who have banded together to get their craft back into the water, a panoramic view being taken of the schooner as she glided sideways down the improvised ways, forming a very interesting subject. 60 feet"--Edison films catalog.
"Galveston cyclone series. At the first news of the disaster by cyclone and tidal wave that devastated Galveston on Saturday, Sept. 8th, 1900, we equipped a party of photographers and sent them by special train to the scene of the ruins. Arriving at the scene of desolation shortly after the storm had swept over that city, our party succeeded, at the risk of life and limb, in taking about a thousand feet of moving pictures. In spite of the fact that Galveston was under martial law and that the photographers were shot down at sight by the excited police guards, a very wide range of subject has been secured. The series, taken as a whole, will give the entire world a definite idea of the terrible disaster, unequaled since the Johnstown flood of 1889"--Edison films catalog.
D18562 U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 24Sept1900; D18562.
Camera, Albert E. Smith.
Duration: 1:07 at 16 fps.
According to Early motion pictures, p. 180, the footage for LC's 16 mm. print and neg is 15 feet, however, according to cards in the M/B/RS Paper Print Collection file, the footage is 27 feet.
Filmed between September 11-19, 1900, in Galveston, Texas.
Paper print shelf number (LC 1684) was changed when the paper prints were re-housed.
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Sources used: Copyright catalog, motion pictures, 1894-1912; Musser, C. Edison motion pictures 1890-1900, p. 635; Niver, K. Early motion pictures, p. 180; Edison films catalog, no. 105, July 1901, p. 14-16 [MI].
Early motion pictures : the Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress / by Kemp R. Niver. Library of Congress. 1985.





Smith, Albert E., production, camera.
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)


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