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New York police parade, June 1st, 1899 /

New York police parade, June 1st, 1899 /



"An excellent view of "The Finest," on their annual parade and inspection, June 1, 1899. The head of the column is just turning into 14th Street from Broadway, the Morton House forming part of the background. Crowds line both sides of the cable car tracks, falling back as the band heading the first division swings around Dead Man's Curve and passes the camera. Chief Devery makes a fine showing, as also do his men, with their white gloves and helmets, shining buttons and spick and span appearance in general. 150 feet"--Edison films catalog.
New York police on parade before a crowd at Union Square. Appearing are Chief William Devery on horseback, marching policemen, a bicycle squad [Frame: 0396], mounted police [0612], and two regimental marching bands [2518, 3456].
38517 U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 10June1899; 38517.
Appearing: William S. Devery.
Duration: 2:45 at 15 fps.
Photographed June 1, 1899. Location: Union Square, New York, N.Y.
Paper print shelf number (LC 1738) was changed when the paper prints were re-housed.
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Sources used: Niver, K. Early motion pictures, p. 221; American Film Institute catalog, film beginnings, 1893-1910, p. 731-732; Musser, C. Edison motion pictures, 1890-1900, p. 503-504; Edison films catalog, no. 135, September, 1902, p. 106.
Early motion pictures : the Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress / by Kemp R. Niver. Library of Congress. 1985.
35 mm dupe neg pic renumbered: FPE 5567 to FZA 2340.





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