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Photograph album, World War I, Palestine and Sinai

Photograph album, World War I, Palestine and Sinai



Green cloth and black leather spine bound photograph album containing 296 captioned prints depicting events, troop movements, and military activities during World War I, with emphasis on Ottoman, German, and Austro-Hungarian forces (the Central Powers) and medical services of the Red Crescent, Red Cross, and others.
Subject matter includes: Jamal Pasha; the Sherif of Medina arriving in Jerusalem; Zeki Bey and staff; military drills, travel, and encampments; camel corps; Austrian artillery officers and other officials photographed at the Mosque of Omar; Kress von Kressenstein and staff; Enver Pasha; General Falkenhayn; Assad Bey; members of a parliamentary deputation in Gaza; the Mosque of Gaza before attack and in ruins after, 1917; military personnel at the Dead Sea; the Mosque at Beersheba; Prince Osman Fuad and Jamal Pasha at the Salahiyeh School in Jerusalem; British and Australian prisoners captured in the Gaza battle; images of wounded soldiers and volunteers, military funerals, hospital camps, field ambulances, medical staff, Red Crescent surgeon Akif Bey and nurses, the Red Crescent laboratory in the Russian Hospital in Jerusalem, Nashiat Bey and Red Crescent saff at the English Hospital in Jerusalem, the Austrian military hospital, Ratisbon, the German military hospital (Sisters of St. Joseph), the 26th Field Hospital, El-Arish; the ceremonial opening of the Beersheba Railroad; military labor corps; Turkish lancers; dispatchers; Rauschan Bey and staff; Abd-el-Rahman Bey;an aerial photograph of Jerusalem taken from German plane; military spinners at St. George's School and other scenes in Jerusalem; the Sultan's birthday celebrated for the last time in Jerusalem (1917); naval staff of Jamal Pasha; Hassan Bey; Nouri Bey; the Mosque build by Hassan Bey in Jaffa; the grave site of Francis Flood, wounded at 2d battle of Gaza; German, Austrian, French, Italian and Russian post offices in Jerusalem.
Included are one photograph of American Colony Nurses/Red Crescent staff volunteers including American Colony members John D. Whiting and Grace Spafford Whiting; one photograph of Bertha Spafford Vester distributing relief to Jerusalem women and children at the American Colony; and one partial photograph (cropped) of Bertha Spafford Vester with Jamal Pasha holding 2-year-old Louise Vester on his lap. See also fuller version of this photograph as individual item within the American Colony in Jerusalem Part I collection.
For a closely corresponding album, see also Prints and Photographs Division, visual materials from the Papers of John D. Whiting, World War I in Palestine and the Sinai photograph album, LOT 13833 (H), LC-DIG-ppmsca-13709 (digital files of original photos) and LC-DIG-ppmsca-13708 (digital files of album pages). Available digitized online through the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.







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