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South Omaha Union Stock Yards, 2900 "O" Plaza, Omaha, Douglas County, NE

South Omaha Union Stock Yards, 2900 "O" Plaza, Omaha, Douglas County, NE



Significance: As the American frontier moved west during the 19th century, the livestock industry was on the leading edge. Cowboys and cattle drives earned a prominent place in western folklore. It was, however, the pioneer farmers settling in the "corn belt" between the 36th and 43rd parallel who provided the consistent supply of high-quality livestock that supported the growth of a large-scale meat industry. Following the pattern of many industries influenced by the industrial revolution, meat production was transformed by well-capitalized international corporations...
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: N774
Survey number: HAER NE-10
Building/structure dates: 1884 Initial Construction
Building/structure dates: 1938 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1999 Subsequent Work



1933 - 1970


Historic American Engineering Record, creator
City of Omaha
Paxton, William
Union Pacific Railroad
Swan, Alexander Hamilton
Union Stockyards Company of Omaha
Hess, Roise & Company, contractor
Jensen, Robert, field team
Kumar, Rebecca, transmitter
Mathiason, Jerry, photographer
Roise, Charlene, historian
Christman, Abbey, historian
Gardner, Denis, historian
MacDonald, Stuart, delineator
Grover, Todd, delineator


East Omaha41.25236, -95.99799
Google Map of 41.2523634, -95.99798829999999


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