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Ste Cécile (Saint Cecilia) - Public domain portrait engraving


Ste Cécile (Saint Cecilia) - Public domain portrait engraving



possibly after a drawing by Jean Dubois, le jeune, painter, 1645-1694, or by his brother, Louis Dubois, le jeune, painter, 1646-1702, of a painting by Pierre Mignard I, called Mignard le Romain, portrait and history painter, 1612-1695 (artist notes)
French (artist nationality)
engraver and painter (artist role)
Mignard, Pierre, 1612-1695, called Mignard le Romain (original artist)
Recto: l. l.: (within image, engraved on hem of tablecloth) P MIGNARD PINX AN 1691 ÆTATIS SVÆ 79 ; l. l.: (just beneath image) Peint par Mignard, ; bottom center: (just beneath image) Dessiné par Dubois, ; l. r.: (just beneath image) Gravé par Bouilliard. ; bottom center: (title) S.TE CÉCILE ; l. l.: (in pencil) 1.00 ; verso: u. r.: (in pencil) 45 ; l. l.: (in pencil) C575/585 (inscription)
Etching and engraving. (medium)
Fair to good condition. Light stains and foxing over most of sheet, especially in margins. (condition)
Source not known. (provenance)
Harp, Viol, Recorder, Oboe, Timbrel (tambourine) (instrument)
Dubois, Jean, le jeune, 1645-1694; Dubois, Louis, le jeune, 1646-1702 (related names)
18th century (century)
Works of Art [General] (miller category)

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1700 - 1800


Bouillard, Jacques -- ca. 1747-1806 (artist)


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