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[Rosarium Beatae Mariae Virginis. [from old catalog]]Rosarium Beate Marie Virginis.Antwerp [Gerard Leeu] 1489.

Bertoldus, Dominican, fl. 1350.Horologium deuotionis circa vitam Christi.Zeitglöcklein des Lebens und Leidens Christi. Latin [from old catalog][Basel, Johann Amerbach, not after 1490]

Recueil des histoires de Troyes.[Lyons, Michel Topié and Jacques Heremberck, 10 Oct. 1490]

[Life of the Virgin. Angel appearing to Joachim] / AD.

Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae ad usum Romanum. Hours [from old catalog] [Paris, Denis Mellier? ca. 1490] [80] leaves. cuts: illus., borders. 27 cm. (4to)

[Un officier allemand portant un drapeau, accompagné d'un tambour, d'un fifre et de deux soldats] / DH.

[Christ on the cross] / DH.

[Leggenda dei SS. Faustino e Giovita. [from old catalog]]Legenda de Sancto Faustino e Jouita.Brescia, Baptista Farfengus, 5 June 1490.

[Page of De mineralibus, with initial O]

Christ's miracles on the Sea of Galilee

Dante & Virgil confronted by wolf, leopard, and lion

[Cursus per totam septimanam. German. [from old catalog]]Dye siben Curs[us] auf ainen yeglichen Tag der Wochen ain, mit seyn siben Zeiten vn[d] sel Vesper gar loblich geordiniert.Ulm, Conrad Dinckmut, 1491.

[Illustrated title page]

St. Jerome interrupting his work of translating the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible to remove a thorn from a lion's paw

"Insula Canibalium" - Indians attacking fleet of Spanish ships; scene of cannibalism in left fg.

[Illustrated arithmetic problem showing man stamping on fruit in rectangular tub and man standing in round tub, with mathematical equations and surrounding text]

Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. [from old catalog]Hore ad vsum Romanum.Hours [from old catalog]

[Holy Roman Emperor (Maximilian I(?) 1459-1519) and Empress holding model of Bamberg cathedral between them]



[Cultivation and care of grapevines]

[Viticultural scenes - man and woman picking grapes]

[Viticultural scenes - man crushing grapes in vat with his feet]

[Saint Pantaleon, d. 305, full, standing, facing slightly right]

[Viticultural scenes - man making wine vats]

[Viticultural scenes - grape vine]

[Roman soldiers bearing the trophies in triumph]

Cessolis. Libro de giuocho di Scacchi. Firenze...1493

[Adam and Eve in Garden]

[Viticultural scenes - man using two-pronged hoe in vineyard]

[Page form the vellum copy of the Antoine Verard edition of Roman de la Rose (1493) in the Rosenwald Collection, illustrated with 3 hand-colored woodcuts of woman in domestic situations]

[Viticultural scenes - man offering another a cup of wine]

Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. [from old catalog]Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae ad usum Romanum.Hours [from old catalog]Paris, Philippe Pigouchet, 19 Apr. 1494.

L'Aquatinta magnanimo duca

[Lion and bird]

De insulis nuper in mari Indico repertis

[Medieval book collector sitting at desk, reading]

Boccace des nobles maleureux, imprime nouuellement.De casibus virorum illustrium. French [from old catalog]Paris, Antoine Vérard, 4 Nov. 1494.

De insulis nuper in Mari Indico repertis [and] de insulis nuper inventis

[2 men standing beside woman scribe(?) seated at reading stand]

Herodotus. Historia. Venezia...1494

[The angel of the Lord preventing Abraham from sacrificing Isaac on the Rock Moriah]

[Ordinaire des chrétiens. [from old catalog]]Lordinaire des crestiens.Paris, Antoine Vérard, 1495.

[Earth-centered universe, with orbits of moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the firmament in concentric circles]

[Man performing autopsy on cadaver lying on table as 8 other men look on]

[Pietro da Montagnana, a Paduan medical teacher surrounded by Greek and Arabic medical books, and three patients waiting to have their urine examined]

[Remondino de Luzzi overseeing assistant in dissection of cadaver as students watch in an early fourteenth century anatomy class at Bologna]

[Illustrated page with vignette showing Aristotle? pointing to the stars in the sky]

The Prodigal Son

[Seated figure writing at desk]

Illus. of St. Dympna, 7th Century Irish princess who was martyred by resisting the incestuous designs of her pagan father

[Crowned Greek astronomer Ptolemy and his Renaissance translator Regiomontanus, seated beneath an armillary sphere and surrounded by decorated border]

[Saint Cecilia holding her emblems: portable organ and martyr's palm]

[2 botanical illus. and page of text]

Jacobus Philippus, Bergomensis, 1434

[Vitae Patrum. Italian. [from old catalog]]Uita di Sancti Padri vulgare historiata.Venice, Joannes Alvisius, 18 Mar. 1497.

[Composite of scene of Virgin Mary bathing]

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

The Nativity, a metal cut from Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae, a Book of Hours executed by Philippe Pigouchet, dated at Paris, Aug. 22, 1498

[Virgin and Child with the Monkey]

The Last Supper

[Bien Avisé, Mal Avisé (Morality play) [from old catalog]]Bien Aduise Mal Aduise.Paris, Pierre Le Caron for Antoine Vérard [before 13 Oct. 1499]

[King Louis XII in court]

Acorus calamus

The marriage of St. Catherine

Circe drinking

Two nude men: one standing, one reclining / Micarino, fec.

[Garden with people and apparatus for distilling a plant's medicinal essences]

[St. Cecilia surrounded by four saints]

The Tiburtine sibyl and the Emperor Augustus

St. Philip (or Andrew?)

St. Philip

The Virgin, St. Sebastian and a holy bishop

[Portolan chart of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the coasts of Europe and northwest Africa].

[Christ bearing the cross]

[Plague victim in bed pointing out to three physicians the swell or boil under his armpit]

Dr. Philip Melanchthon

Meditatio[ne]s Iordani de vita et passio[n]e Ih[es]u [Christ]i.Meditationes de vita et passione Jesu Christi [from old catalog][Magdeburg, Moritz Brandis ca. 1500?]



[Charles VII, king of France, 1403-1461, full, seated on throne, surrounded by court]

[A philosopher]

The flight into Egypt / PHL.

Raphael and his beloved

Diogenes with the featherless cock

[Madonna and child]



[Figure of a woman with raised hand, possibly Sybil in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican]

[Portrait of a youth, half length, facing slightly right]

[The Triumph of Time]


The Martyrdom of St. Erasmus

[Crucifixion study]

Simone, Sanese, Pittor, Simon Memmi / DL.

An apostle (Paul?)


[Ferdinand II, King of Spain, pointing across Atlantic to where Columbus is landing with three ships amid large group of Indians]

[St. Eustace] / AD [monogram].

Nemesis (the great fortune)