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[Ferdinand II, King of Spain, pointing across Atlantic to where Columbus is landing with three ships amid large group of Indians]

Simone, Sanese, Pittor, Simon Memmi / DL.

[St. Eustace] / AD [monogram].

Nemesis (the great fortune)

[Hroswitha (10th Century nun, poet, and chronicler) presenting her works to Otto I (912-973), King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor]

[Deposition from the Cross]

16th century mechanized warfare

[Title page with five men seated at desks writing, possibly includes the author, Strabo, a Greek geographer]

The Virgin and Child on a grassy bench

Typus arithmeticae

Typus gramatic

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey's - from the original painting in the collection of Mr. John Wolfe, New York / C.T. von Piloty, pinx. ; gravure Goupil & Co.

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

Indians; Ships of Discovery

Papie sanctuarium.[Papie, Impressum pro Jacob de Burgofr¯acho, 1505][4], 92, [6] l. illus., port. 22 cm.

St. Christopher

Las CCC ... con su glosa, i Las cinqu¯eta c¯o su glosa, i otras obras.Trescientas[ÇaragoCca, G. Coci, a inst¯acia del var¯o L. Malferit, 1506]

Epiphanic medicorvm.[Norimbergae, 1506]

[The visitation]

In hoc opere haec continentur Geographiae Cl. Ptolemaei a plurimis uiris utriusq[ue] linguae doctiss. eme[n]data, & cu[m] archetypo Graeco ab ipsis collata / schemata cu[m] demonstrationibus suis correcta a Marco Beneuentano ...

The Betrayal of Christ

[St. George on horseback] / AD [monogram].

[Susanna and the elders]

[Scene from the life of Catherine of Siena]

Das ist der Teutsch Kalender mit den Figuren. [Augspurg, Getruckt von H. Froschauer, 1510][119] p. illus. 18 cm.

St. Luke writing the Gospel

The presentation of the Child Jesus

[Illus. of Knights in armor fighting]

[Resurrection] / AD [monogram].

[St. Peter and a female saint (Religion?) in a sailboat]

Ecce Homo

Itinerarivm prouinciarum omni~u Antonini Augusti, cum Fragmento eiusdem, necnon indice haudqua~q aspernãdo.Parrhisijs, Venale habetur vbi impressum est, in domo Henrici Stephani [1512]

[An illustration of the Ptolemaic concept of the universe showing the earth in the center]

[Knight in armor, with lower body of fish]

[The knight, Death, and the Devil] / AD [monogram].

Illus. of man slicing bread (making communion wafers?) and of a hawk, in Hortus sanitatis [minor], Dè grotè herbari (The great Herbarium), Antwerpen, Gheprint bi C. de Graue, 1514

The bagpiper

[St. Jerome in his study] / AD [monogram].

[Dancing peasant couple] / AD [monogram].

The death of Ananias / Raphael Urbinas, perugo da carpo.

Venus and cupids / perugo da carpo.

[Title page with illustration showing the tree of knowledge]

St. Peter preaching the gospel

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

[The desperate man]

The justices of peas.

De Terre motu

The resurrection

[St. Christopher with infant Christ]

[Decorated initial with bearded man pointing up to the sun, moon, and stars and down to the earth; and surrounding text]

St. Martin dividing his cloak

[Blood-letting guide, with phases of moon and points from which blood is to be let keyed to nude figure]

Full page with illus. of man painting madonna and another making engraving]

[Shepherd with bagpipes gazing at heavens, with sheepdogs, sheep and wolf]

The Annunciation

Die distellacien e¯u virtuyten der water¯e.Liber de distillandi, de simplicibus Kleines Distillierbuch. Dutch [from old catalog][Bruesele, 1517]

[Incunabula illus. of woman (St. Bridget) in prayer]

[Birth of Eve]

[Illus. poem showing mountain landslide threatening 3 horsemen]

Decachordvm Christianvm.[Hagenau, In ædibus T. Anshelmi ac I. Alberti, expensis I. Koberger Nurenberge¯n. incolæ, 1517]

[Process of distilling water]

[Knight in armor, with lower body of fish; bordered with hunting scenes]

[Actors portraying Jupiter and Alcmena in a stage setting]

[Deposition from the Cross]

[St. Veronica receiving Eucharist from Christ]

[Several scenes from the New Testament]

[Title page of Pliny's Natural history, with decorative border of dolphins and illustration of St. Michael lancing dragon]

The Virgin in an oval

[The elaborate device of Franz Birckmann, a Cologne bookseller, showing 3 seperate scenes: The Adoration, St. Ursula with the 11,000 virgins, and a boiling cauldron containing 7 Maccabean youths and their mother. In upper corners are 2 shields containing Cologne arms and Birckmann trademark]

[Halberdier on horseback]

The virgin, child and St. John

Bvcolica, Georgica, Aeneis, cvm Servii commentariis accvratissime emendatis ...Works. 1520[Venetijs, In aedibus G. de Rusconibus, 1520]1 v. in 2 ([979] p.) illus. 22 cm.

[Printing press of Joducus Badius with three workers in shop]

The rest on the flight into Egypt

The sacrifice of Abraham

[Madonna with the pear]

The sacrifice

[Architectural elements, floor plan, and elevation from handbook on classical architecture]

[Bird's-eye view of a large scale water supply system showing tunnels and covered aqueducts]

[St. Christopher, facing right] / AD [monogram].

Assertio septem sacramentorum aduersus Martin. Luther¯u, aedita ab inuictissimo Angliae et Franciae rege, et do. Hyberniae Henrico eius nominis octauo.[Londinum, In aedibus Pynsonianis, 1521][156] p. 25 cm.

[Architectural title page of Commentaria ... super anatomia mudini bordered in columns with scene of seated teacher lecturing as assistant dissects cadaver]

[Milan Cathedral, plan, elevation, and architectural elements from handbook on classical architecture]

[Two illustrations showing a unicorn and several apes]

[Title page of De arte supputandi, book four; with decorated border including men inside tent, Scaevola and Porsenna]

[Cosmographical chart]

Praeclara Ferdina[n]di Cortesii de noua maris oceani Hyspania narratio sacratissimo, ac inuictissimo Carolo Romanoru[m] Imperatori semper Augusto, Hyspaniaru[m] &c. Regi anno Domini M.D.XX. transmissa

[Portrait of Lucas van Leyden] / L [monogram].

[Title page with woodcut, showing 4 horsemen in Diego del Casstillo, Tractatus de duello. Turin, A. Ranotum, 1525 (Law)]

Opuscul¯u de Sphera m¯udi Joannis de Sacro Busto c¯u additionibus et familiarissimo c¯om¯etario Petri Ciruelli Daroc¯esis,

[Charles, Duke of Vendosmoys, seated at desk, writing]

[Design by Albrecht Dürer for 16th century fortification]

[Four views of heads with proportions delineated in perspective grids, and surrounding text]

[Death-bed scene]

Map of America by Diego Ribero 1529.


St. John

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