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Carmina Lugubria. In memoriam Dominae Rebecca Croswell, Domini Croswell Uxorisnuper denatae: cum hymno laudis ad redemptorem. Autore Andrea Croswell. B. D. M. inBostonio ... [Boston, 1779].

Land entry for William Deal with a court memorandum, [Kentucky County, Virginia]

Charles de Klauman, July 17, 1779, Table of Ordnance and Supplies of the Virginia Militia

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, List of Punishments for Crimes

[Arms] By His Excellency, Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. General and Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's forces, within the Colonies laying on the Atlantic Ocean, from Nova-Scotia to West-Florida, inclusive, &c. &c. &c. Proclamation. Whereas there

The whore's last shift

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Suggested Revision for Land Office

Proceedings of the convention, began and held at Worcester, in and for the County of Worcester, on the 3d day of August, 1779 for the purpose of carrying into effect the several interesting and important measures ... Done in Convention at Worces

Richard Henry Lee to Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1779

William Phillips to Thomas Jefferson, September 12, 1779

William Phillips to Thomas Jefferson, April 12, 1779, Declines Jefferson's Invitation

[Cut] The dying criminal: poem, by Robert Young, on his own execution, which is tobe on this day, November 11, 1779, for rape, committed on the body of Jane Green, a child,eleven years of age, at Brookfield ... Printed and sold at the printi

[Coast of Rhode Island and Long Island from Narragansett Bay to Peconic Bay.

Carte du Mexique et de la Nouvelle Espagne : contenant la partie australe de l'Amérique Septentle. /

The siege of Rhode Island, taken from Mr. Brindley's house on the 25th of August, 1778

Iohann George Sulzer geb:den 16 Octobr 1720 - gest:den 25 Febr 1779 / A Graff pinxit 1774 ; D. Berger sculp. Berloini 1779.

One hundred Spanish milled dollars, or the value thereof in gold or silver, to be given in exchange for this bill at the treasury of Virginia, pursuant to an act of assembly passed May the 3d, 1779.

Kyōmachi nichōme kirihishiya uchi manyō

[Fort La Fayette on Verplancks Point, with British and Hessian troop positions.

John Page to Thomas Jefferson, June 2, 1779, Letter of Apology and Support for Jefferson's Election as Governor of Virginia

I [blank] do solemnly swear ... allegiance to his Majesty King George the third my lawful sovereign; and that I will at all risks stand forth in support of his person and government: and I do solemnly disclaim and renounce that unlawful and ini

Plan de l'île d'Amelia à la côte de la Floride orientale, tiré de la carte de la Georgie et de la Caroline méridionale de De Brahm, et assujeti pour le port de l'entrée de la riviere de Nassau, rédigé d'après la carte du W. Fuller. Plan de la barre et du port d'Amelia, à la côte de la Floride orientale, levé en janvier 1775, par Jacob Blamey.

Edmund Randolph to Thomas Jefferson, July 27, 1779, Anthony Wayne's Capture of Stony Point on the Hudson River

Williams Phillips to Thomas Jefferson, April 11, 1779, Invitation to Visit Friedrich Adolph, Baron von Riedesel

The deposition of Captain James M'Alpine, Commander of the Schooner Polly and Nelly, who arrived here on Wednesday last from St. John's River, in East-Florida, but last from off Tybee in Savannah-River, Georgia, whence he took his departure on t

Carte du théatre de la guerre entre les anglais et les Américains / dressée ... par M. Brion de la Tour.

The honble. Chas. James Fox

Mr. Trade & family or the state of ye nation / St--t, B--rn--d, & Co. origt. ; G--rm--e, N--h & Co. excr.

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Oaths

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Articles 7-11

State of New-York, An act to amend an Act for regulating impresses of forage, and carriages, and for billeting the troops within this State. Poughkeepsie: Printed by John Holt, Printer to the State of New-York [1779].

List of members of the Fourth General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, the 25th day of October, A.D., 1779.

Carte du théatre de la guerre dans l'Amérique Septentrionale, pendant les années 1775, 76, 77 et 78 : où se trouvent les principaux camps avec les différentes places et époques des batailles qui sont données pendant ces campagnes /

Sketch of Stoney & Verplank's Points upon the North River, as taken possession of, and fortified by His Excellency Sir H: Clinton in June 1779.

[Title page of Experiments upon vegetables]

Virginia Governor, 1779, Statement of Powers; Removal of Military Officers

By the commandant of New York, &c. No. Permission is hereby given to pass to Given at New York the day of One thousand seven hundred and seventy nine. Commandant, &c. To all whom it may concern. [New York, 1779] [Positive Photostat.].

Virginia Militia, October 8, 1779, List of Officers Guarding Convention Prisoners

Virginia General Assembly, May 1779, Bill on Salaries for Government Officials; Written on Fragment of Note from "Mr. Foster"

[Coast of New England from Chatham Harbor to Narragansett Bay.

Plan of the redoubts at Richmond on Staten Island, 30th October 1779.

Map of Gen. Sullivan's march from Easton to the Senaca & Cayuga countries.

Théatre de la guerre en Amerique, avec les Isles Antilles; projetté et assujettie aux observations,

State of Vermont. In Council. Windsor, 7th June, 1779. Resolved, that the Captain-General's orders of the 6th of May last, to Colonel Ethan Allen, together with an extract of the proceedings of the adjourned Superior Court, held at Westminster,

Virginia General Assembly, November 27, 1779, Resolution on Benefits for Virginia Troops in the Continental Army

To the gentlemen who represented the country towns in the late convention at Concord. Friends and brethren ... Boston, August 31st, 1779.

[Views from offshore of islands, cliffs, and capes in the Bay of Fundy]

[Views from offshore of Sable Island, Nova Scotia, with ships passing near shore]

[Tools necessary to prove and load guns]

[A farm at Egmont harbor, Prince Edward Island]

[Egmont harbor - a distant view, Prince Edward Island]

Elevation of a truck-carriage [and] plan of a truck carriage

The political raree-show: or a picture of parties and politics, during and at the close of the last session of Parliament, June 1779

Hell in triumph or The devil has got his own / Peepo Mellico, scratchavit.

Thomas Jefferson, 1779, Permit for Torriano to Travel While on Parole

To the gentlemen who represented the country towns in the late convention at Concord. Friends and brethren ... [Boston, August 16, 1779].

Boston, October 22, 1779. Whereas Colonel Sheldon has, by insinuations base and dishonorable, calumniated the memory of my deceased brother Captain Stoddard. Conscious of the rectitude and innocence of his conduct ... [Boston, 1779].

Philadelphia, July 23, 1779; To the public Fortunately we have preserved the original letter sent to our late chairman by the chairman of the city committee, and have it therefore in our power to prove, as it is a piece of justice due to ourselv

Virginia Committee on Laws, 1779, Notes on Laws "Doubtful Whether to Be Retained"

Discours prononcé le 4 Juillet, jour de l'anniversaries de l'indépendance, dans l'Eglise catholique par le Reverend Pere Seraphin Bandot, recollet, aumonier de son excellence Mr. Gerard, ministre plénipontentiaire de France auprés des Etats Unis

A map of the Caribbee, Granadilles and Virgin Isles,

Providence, July 26, 1779. Sir By the annexed vote of the Town of Providence, you will perceive the anxious desire they possess of having the purposes therein expressed carried into execution. The absolute necessity of a common circulating mediu

Les grandes et petites isles Antilles, et les isles Lucayes avec une partie de la mer du Nord.

Sketch of the rebel works at West Point as taken from the description of them given by a deserter who came to Stoney Point, 9th June, 1779.

Thomas Jefferson, August 25, 1779, Pass for Aides de Camp

State of New-Hampshire. The committee of both houses appointed to consider a method for making a new proportion to in this state: recommend that an order for taking and returning an inventory be issued to all the towns this state, in the followi

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine. An act to prevent sundry articles being exported from this to the neighbouring states ... [Boston, 1779].

In Congress, June 29, 1779. As Congress are bound by every motive of policy and of public & private justice to maintain the credit of the paper money emitted by their authority on the faith of the United States [Resolutions to borrow twenty mill

By His excellency Caesar Rodney, Esq; president, captain-general and commander in chief of the Delaware State a proclamation ... I do therefore by and with the advice of the privy-council appoint Thursday the sixth day of May next to be observed

Siège de Savannah fait par les troupes françoises aux ordres du général d'Estaing vice-amiral de France, en 7.bre, et 8.bre 1779.

A view of Boston

Combat memorable entre le Pearson et Paul Jones / Richard Paton pinxit ; gravé par Balth. Frederic Leizel [sic].

The right hon'ble. Lord North / O Neale delint.

The United States magazine for January 1779

Carte du theatre de la guerre presente en Amerique / dressée ... par L. Denis.

Thomas White to Benjamin Franklin, September 13, 1779

Shō mandō

By His excellency Caesar Rodney, Esq; president, captain-general and commander in chief of the Delaware State a proclamation. Whereas as by an Act of the General Assembly of the said State, intitled, "An Act to prohibit the exportation of provis

A map of the most inhabited part of New England, containing the provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island, divided into counties and townships; the whole composed from actual surveys and its situation adjusted by astronomical observations. Tabula geographica cultissimam delineans Novæ Angliæ partem, provincias nempe Massachusets Bay et New Hampshire colonias porro Connecticut et Rhode Island

A new and correct map of North America, with the West India Islands. Divided according to the last treaty of peace, concluded at Paris. 10th. Feby. 1763. Wherein are particularly distinguished, the several provinces and colonies, which compose the British Empire,

Continental Congress, September 24, 1779, Memorandum on Gold Medal for Henry Lee for Leadership at Powles Hook

Iohn Paul Iones, commander of a squadron in the service of the thirteen United States of North America, 1779

Plan of the French and rebells sieg[e] of Savannah in Georgia, in South [sic] America, deffend: t[h]rough the Br: Gen: August Prevost, 1779.

[Map of Orange and Rockland counties area of New York]

[Savannah and its environs.

A plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia : with the works and encampments of His Majesty's forces under the command of Lieutenant General Sir William Howe, K.B. /

Prattle / MD.

Elevation of a sling cart [and] plan of a sling cart

Amunition waggon

State of New Hampshire, In the House of representatives, December 28th, 1779. Whereas it has been determined by the General-Assembly to adjust and pay off to the soldiers who have been enlisted into the Continental Army, the arreages due to them

The botching taylor cutting his cloth to cover a button / John Simpson aqua forti.

At a General Assembly of the Governor and company of the state of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, on the 2d Thursday of May, 1779. An act for raising two regiments of men for the defence of this state ... Hartford: Printed by Hudson and Goodwin

[Announcement of the Spanish declaration of war on Great Britain, printed at Norwich]. Norwich: Printed by J. Trumbull [1779].

In Council. June 16, 1779. The Board proceeded to the consideration of the letters of Colonel Clarke, and other papers relating to Henry Hamilton, Esq ... Williamsburg: Printed by John Dixon and Thomas Nicolson [1779].

Philadelphia, September 21, 1779. The mote point of finance, or the crown land equally divided. The American continental treasury want not only a great annual revenue, but the capacity of founding it, so as by borrowing present capitals on the c

In Committee, July 14, 1779. Resolved, That the plan for stopping emissions be printed in hand-bills, and distributed for the consideration of the public, and that a town-meeting be held in the State House yard, on Monday the 26th inst, at ten o

Samuel McDowell to Thomas Jefferson, 1779, Request for Revised Bill

[Coast of Rhode Island and Long Island from Narragansett Bay to Peconic Bay.

[Puerto de Omoa Honduras].

[Nihon yochi rotei zenzu.