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Virginia Militia, March 27, 1780, Report on State Garrison under Charles Porterfield


Sanbashi no danjo

Plan de la position de l'armée françoise autour de Newport et du mouillage de l'escadre dans la rade de cette ville.

Thomas White, et al to Benjamin Franklin, April 11, 1780

Plano del puerto de Sn. Juan de Puerto Rico.

Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, June 11, 1780

A sketch of the environs of Charlestown in South Carolina.

The English lion dismember'd or the voice of the public for an enquiry into public expenditure

[Plan d'Amboy. Vues de la rade de Charles-Town et de Fort Sulivan, mai 1780.

Who'll carry him to his grave? ... ; A description of some of Cock-Robin's acquaintance. The Nightingale ...

Plano del desembocadero del Río de Misipi en el Seno Mexino con parte del Territorio de la Mobila, el qual incluyen los Franceses en la provincia que han nombrado la Luciana.

Horatio Gates to John P. G. Muhlenberg, July 9, 1780

Plano de una bahía de la costa del norueste de América en latitd. 50⁰38ʹ nte. longd. 231⁰25ʹ est m. d. G.

Plan de la ville de Charlestown, de ses retranchements et du siege faits par les Anglois en 1780.

Horatio Gates to Prince de Barre, September 5, 1780

To the General Court of the Massachusetts, assembled at Boston, Oct. 1780. We whose names are hereunto subscribed, inhabitants of this State, who are twenty-one years of age and above, of various religious denominations, enter our protest agains

South-Carolina. By Sir Henry Clinton. Knight of the Bath, General of His Majesty's forces, and Mariot Arbuthnot, Esquire, Vice-admiral of the blue, his Majesty's commissioners to restore peace and good government in the several colonies in rebel

Bowles's new and accurate map of the world, or Terrestrial globe : laid down from the best observations and newest discoveries particularly those lately made in the south seas by Anson, Byron, Wallis, Bouganville, Cook, and other celebrated circumnavigators, illustrated with a variety of useful projections and representations of the heavenly bodies the most approved astronomical and geographical definitions tables, and problems with an easy and familiar explanation of the most curious and interesting phoenomena in the universal system.

Plano del Puerto de la Mobila Situado en latd. No. de 30⁰ 10ʹ m. tomado á los Ingleses el dia 14 de Marzo de 1780.

Thomas Jefferson to Friedrich Adolph, Baron von Riedesel, May 3, 1780

Carte de la Florida, de la Louisiane, et pays voisins : pour servir à l'Histoire générale des voyages /

Horatio Gates to Cornwallis, September 3, 1780

[Map showing coast in the regions of Aguadilla, Añasco, and Mayagüez].

Charles Lee Esq'r. - major general of the American forces

The sea fight between Keppel and d'Orvilliers

Horatio Gates to Edward Carrington, October 12, 1780

Plano de Puerto Rico, situado en la parte septemtrional de la ysla de este nombre, una de las de Barlovento en la lattd. de 18⁰35ʹ y en la longd. de 310⁰38ʹ segn. el meridiano de Thenerife.

Horatio Gates to Jehtro Sumner, October 2, 1780

Plano del desembarcadero del Río Misipipi en el Seno Megicano con parte del Territorio de la Mobila, el qual yncluien los Franceses en la probincia qe. han nombrado la Luisiana.

Mr. Blanchard, lʹaréonaute / desine dʹapres nature par Mr. Bolomey ; et grave par Mlle. Evans ; s. la direc. de M. d'Sallieth.

A view of the entrance of Petit Passage

Horatio Gates to Thomas Jefferson, 1780, Text Incomplete

[Association meeting at York]

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, May 5th, 1780. Resolved, that the Selectmen of the several towns in this State be, and hereby are desired to transmit to the agents appointed in the respective County, to which said se

James Lovell and William C. Houston to Benjamin Franklin, July 11, 1780

A map of the country in which the army under Lt. General Burgoyne acted in the campaign of 1777, shewing the marches of the army & the places of the principal actions.

Plano topografico que conprende una parte de los Yervales pertenecientes a los pueblos de las misiones del Uruguay, la cresta que divide aguas a este rio y al Yacuy y la picada que llaman de Sta. Victoria por donde se sale a los dominios de Portugal /

Horatio Gates to Thomas Jefferson, October 10, 1780

Horatio Gates to Robert Rowan, October 14, 1780

The Wren ... the Linnet ... the Wagtail ...

Plano del Puerto de Sn. Julián en la costa patagonica en la latitud de 49⁰ 21ʹ S y en longitud de 310⁰, meridiano de Thenerife /

Plano del puerto del Rio Janeiro situado en la latitud S. de 22⁰54ʹ10ʺ longitud occidental de Cádiz 36⁰31ʹ.

Horatio Gates to Edward Stevens, July 22, 1780

Position of the detachment under Lieut't Col'l Baum, at Walmscock near Bennington; shewing the attacks of the enemy on the 16th August 1777.

Plano de Pto. Rico en la ysla de este nombre situado en 18⁰37ʹ de latitd. N. y en 59⁰42ʹ de longd. O. de Cádiz /

[House with enclosed entrance yard. Elevation, rendered]

General Washington

Horatio Gates to Anthony W. White, September 19, 1780, Copy

Lund Washington to Unknown, August 16, 1780.

Chidori no tamagawa

De man in't hembd, of de gefnuikte hoogmoed

Newport, October 30, 1780. Just published and now selling, by Henry Barber, at the printing office near the parade, by the thousand, groce, hundred, dozen, or single, The North-American calendar; or, An almanack, for the uear of our Lord 1780 ..

Virginia Governor's Palace, January 1780, List of Packages Sent

Richd. Lord Viscount Howe rear admiral of the White and commander in chief of the fleet in N. America

[Study drawings of monsters, men, and acrobats]

Thomas Jefferson, March 1780, Memorandum on Virginia Troops in Continental Army; with table

Plan de la baie de Narraganset dans la Nouvelle Angleterre avec toutes les îles qu'elle renferme parmi lesquelles se trouvent Rhode-Island et l'île de Connonicut.

Horatio Gates to William Smallwood, November 28, 1780

Carte particulière du havre de Boston avec les sondes les bancs de Sable, les rochers les Amaies et les autres directions utiles à la navigation.

The right honble. Fredk. Earl of Carlisle, Lord lieutt. of the Kingdom of Ireland

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. F.R.S. - one of the American plenipotentiaries at the Court of France / Pollard sculp.

Horatio Gates to Robert Rowan, September 10, 1780

[Puerto del Boston.

Grand Passage in the Bay Fundy, on the western shore of Nova Scotia

Horatio Gates to Benjamin Few, December 2, 1780

Horatio Gates to John P. G. Muhlenberg, October 10, 1780

A representation of the figures exhibited and paraded through the streets of Phladelphia, on Saturday, the 30th of September, 1780.

[The grand school master] / DB, 1780.

[Savannah & its fortifications.

Horatio Gates to Stephen Drayton, October 11, 1780

Plano de la Bahia de la Ware y entrada de Filadelfie ...

On the dark day, May 19th, 1780. [Two columns of verse].

Public ordinary

Hesper appearing to Columbus in prison / drawn by Smirke : engraved by Anker Smith.

Pto. Rico.

Charles-Town, capitale de la Caroline.

Horatio Gates to W. H. Harrington, September 18, 1780

Horatio Gates to Abner Nash, July 3, 1780

[Map of central Panama showing Chagres River and its tributaries].

Virginia Militia, May 2, 1780, Report on Southern Detachment

Thomas Jefferson, October 1780, Act on Navy Regulations

Loon na werk 1780

Plan of the battle fought near Camden, August 16th, 1780.

Jos. de Montgolfier, chevalier de l'ordre de St. Michel, inventeur de l'art ae̋rostatique / Binet, del., ; Le Beau, sculp.

Plano del puerto de Sn. Juan de Puerto Rico.

Horatio Gates to Anthony W. White, September 16, 1780

A new and accurate map of the colony of Massachusets [i.e. Massachusetts] Bay, in North America, from a late survey.

Quatre positions de la flotte française et positions de la flotte anglaise.

[Map showing coast in the regions of Aguadilla, Añasco, and Mayagüez].

Canada, Louisiane et terres angloises par le Sr. d'Anville ... MDCCLV.

Puerto Rico.

Le mole St. Nicolas dans l'isle de St. Domingue, vu du mouillage / N. Ozanne del. ; Jeanne Fa. Ozanne sculp.

Earl Mansfield


Sketch of the northern frontiers of Georgia, extending from the mouth of the River Savannah to the town of Augusta,

Plan of Princess Ann and Norfolk counties.

Sr. George Bridges Rodney - [...] admiral of the Blue & [... Maje]sty's ships sent to protect our trad[...] West Indies

Horatio Gates to William Smallwood, December 2, 1780

[Savannah River & Ogeechee River].