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State of New-Hampshire. In the House of representatives, April 5th, 1781. Whereas the present situation of affairs in this State makes it necessary that a full and free representation of the inhabitants thereof should meet in convention for the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the House of representatives. June 16, 1781. Whereas it is now absolutely necessary that the whole number of men required of the several towns and plantations in this Commonwealth ... [Boston, Printed by Benjami

State of New-Hampshire. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty one. An Act for impowering the sheriff of the County of Cheshire to release from prison sundry of the good subjects of this State, imprisoned by certain evil-

Newport, October 25, 1781. Glorious intelligence! [Announcement of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis]. Newport, Printed: New-London: Re-printed by T. Green [1781].

Thomas Jefferson to Edmund Randolph, September 16, 1781

Thomas Jefferson to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, August 4, 1781

James Lovell to John Jay, June 4, 1781, Extract

Thomas Jefferson to Nathanael Greene, February 19, 1781, Typescript Copy

An act for enlisting soldiers to serve in the Continental Army. [Dated] June 21, 1781. Charlottesville: Prated by Dunlap and Hayes [1781].

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, 1781. An act for incorporating and bringing into the field five hundred able-bodied effective men, of the militia, to serve within this State, for one month,

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, July session, 1781. Whereas the Council of war, on the sixteenth day of June last, did pass a resolve for relieving the militia of this State; and on the twenty sixth of the

Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Huntington, February 26, 1781

Partie occidentale de la Virginie, Pensylvanie, Maryland, et Caroline Septle. la rivière d'Ohio, et toutes celles qui s'y jettent, partie de la Rivière Mississippi, tout le cours de la rivière de Illinois, le Lac Erie, partie des Lacs Huron et Michigan &. toutes les contrées qui bordent ces lacs et rivières,

A plan of Paulus Hook with the road to Bergen and parts adjacent in the province of New Jersey /

Environs de New-York, de Long-Island, etc.

Light house S.W.b.S. 1 mile distant

Carte des environs d'Hampton.

Whereas in purauance of adequate powers respectively delegated to us, to carry into execution Articles of a Cartel, made on the 3d day of May, in this present year, between Capt. Cornwallis, on the part of Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis, and

United States Congress, September 1, 1781, Printed Table of Currency Scale, Paper Money to Silver

Major gen'l. Joseph Warren - slain at the battle of Bunker's Hill June 17th 1775 / J. Norman sc.

Reddition de l'Armée angloises commandée par Mylord Comte de Cornwallis aux armees combinées des Etats Unis de l'Amérique et de France aux ordres des Generaux Washington et de Rochambeau a Yorck Touwn et Glocester dans la Virginie, le 19 Octobre 1781.

John Adams to Benjamin Franklin, October 4, 1781

The encampment on the Black-Heath MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

John Bulls alternative

The Colonial Gazette. Oct. 1781. Supplement Num. 39. Letter from Gen. Washington to the Governor of Maryland, announcing the surrender of Cornwallis

J. Reed / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

Lord Cornwallis surrender, 1781.

This bill of two hundred dollars shall be exchanged and redeemed in Spanish milled dollars, or the value thereof in gold or silver, at the rate of one for forty at the treasury of Virginia, on or before the thirtieth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-four, according to an act of assembly passed the seventh day of May, 1781.

John Paul Jones / dessiné d'après nature au mois de May 1780 par J.M. Moreau le Jeunne ; gravé à l'eauforte par J.M. Moreau le Je. ; terminé au burin par J.B. Fosseyeux, 1781.

Carte générale de l'Amérique septentrionale.

Segawa Kikunojō

Komekitte o motsu nakamura nakazō

Onoe matsusuke no bikuni

Sandaime sawamura sōjurō

Onoe matsusuke

Major Gen'l. Rich'd. Montgomery slain in storming Quebec Dec'b'r. 31st, 1775 / J. Norman sc.

Reconnoissance, juillet 1781.

A map of part of the province of Jersey.

A map, Somerset County.

Plan des environs de Williamsburg, York, Hampton, et Portsmouth.

A map of Monmouth County.

Ft. Provost in 1781.

Cape Fear River, with the counties adjacent, and the towns of Brunswick and Wilmington, against which Lord Cornwallis, detached a part of his army, the 17th of January laft Jno. Lodge, sculp.

Billiards / Mr. Bunbury, del ; Js. Bretherton, f.


Virginia Council, April 19, 1781, Invasion by British Navy; Extract from Journals

The subtle seducer [and] the American financier

[Plan de New-York et des îles environnantes.

Providence, October 25, 1781. Three o'clock P.M. This moment an express arrived at his honor the deputy-governor's from Col. Christopher Olney, Commandant on Rhode-Island, announcing the important intelligence of the surrender of Lord Cornwallis

Virginia Militia, 1781, Table of Counties and Battles

The following paper having been much mis-represented by some person in this City, I have thought proper to publish it, for the perusal of all my fellow-citizens [Defence of His Address of January 15th, concerning raising by subscription the mone

In Council, March 30, 1781. Sir. The act of October 1780 for recruiting this state's quota of troops to serve in the Continental army, allowed persons to exempt themselves from certain military duties, by enlisting a soldier after the first day

General Conway's speech, for quieting the troubles in America. Against an independency: He is for peace, but yet argues the vigorous prosecution of the war: the great distresses and debt of America: General du Portail's account of America sent t

A view from the camp at the east end of the naked sand hills, on the south east shore of the Isle of Sable

York en Virginie, 1781. Carte des environs d'York avec les attaques à la position des Armées francaise et americaine devant cette place.

Jack England fighting the four confederates

Carte de la partie de la Virginie ou l'armée combinée de France & des États-Unis de l'Amérique a fait prisonnière l'Armée anglaise commandée par Lord Cornwallis le 19 octobre. 1781, avec le plan de l'attaque d'York-town & de Glocester.

Notes sur les environs de York: Plan donné par des arpenteurs du pays.

Plan des ouvrages faits à York-town en Virginie.

Thomas Jefferson to Virginia Delegates in the United States Congress, April 6, 1781, Extract

The right honble. the Earl of Hillsborough

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - ambassador from the Congress of America to the Court of France / J. Norman sc.

Carta general de las islas Antillas Menores, llamadas de Barlovento, y tambien Caribes:

Horatio Thomson to George Washington, October 7, 1781

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette to Thomas Jefferson, June 26, 1781

Charles Bellini to Thomas Jefferson, April 29, 1781, in Italian

Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Huntington, April 7, 1781

Horatio Gates to Samuel Huntington, April 24, 1781

Horatio Huntington to George Washington, May 22, 1781

Thomas Jefferson, February 1781, Report on Virginia Troops by County

A new map of North America : from latest discoveries, 1778 /

[Frog's Point avec batteries de Partie de Longue Island.

Plan du terrein à la rive gauche de la rivière de James vis-à-vis Jamestown en Virginie ou s'est livré le combat du 6 juillet 1781 entre l'armée américaine commandée par le Mis. de La Fayette el l'armée angloise aux ordres du Lord Cornwallis.

Nidaime yamashita kinsaku

Gyokkashi eimo

H. Gates / drawn from the life by Du Simitier in Philadelphia ; engraved by B.L. Prevost at Paris.

Silas Deane, Esq. / drawn from the life by Dusimitiere, at Philadelphia ; W. Angus sculp.

A map of East and West Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana : with the islands of Cuba, Bahama, and the countries surrounding the Gulf of Mexico, with the tract of the Spanish galleons, and of our fleets thro' the Straits of Florida, from the best authorities /

Les États Unis de l'Amérique septentrionale, contenant en outre, les Isles Royale, de Terre Neuve, de St. Jean et l'Acadie; avec partie du Canada, de la Louisiane et de la Floride.

Nle. carte d'Amerique : dressée sur les mémoires les plus récens et assujetie aux derniers observations astronomiques /

The polygamist. No more wives (or Mercury) dear Doctor

Reconnoissance, juillet, 1781.

Thomas Jefferson, 1781, Memorandum on Chairs and Tables

Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Huntington, January 15, 1781

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Morris, September 30, 1781, Letter of Introduction for William Short

William Fleming to Thomas Jefferson, June 14, 1781

Horatio Gates to Thomas Jefferson, August 2, 1781

Nathanael Greene to Thomas Jefferson, March 23, 1781

Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von Steuben to Thomas Jefferson, March 26, 1781

Thomas Jefferson to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, March 24, 1781

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, A. D. 1781. An act for proportioning the supplies of beef to the several towns in this State for the support of the army for the months of October and Novembe

Maryland sc. Know all men by these presents, that we [blank] of [blank] county, are held and firmly bound unto the state of Maryland, in the full and just sum of [blank] gold currency, to be paid to the said state of Maryland ... [n. p. 1781].

His excy. Nathaniel Green, Esq., major general of the American Army / J. Norman sc.

Reconnoissance des ouvrages du nord de l'Isle de Newyork dont on a déterminé géometriquement les principaux points le 22 et le 23 juillet.

By His Excellency Thomas Jefferson, Esq. Governour of the Commonwealth of Virginia. A proclamation. Whereas during the incursions, which have been made into this and others of the United States, by the forces of His Britannick Majestic, a practi

The gig / Wells del.

Carte detaillée de West Point sur la rivière d'York au confluent des Rivières de Pamunkey et Matapony.

Baika no nijo

Shinpan ukie hankai kōmon no zu

General Oglethorpe