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Carte de la partie nord, des États Unis de l'Amérique septentrionale.

An hymn to be sung by the Charity scholars, on Sunday, the 19th of October, 1783, at St. Paul's church, after the Charity sermon for the benefit of the school ... New-York, October 16, 1783.

Florizel and Perdita

Carte generale des États Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale, avec les limites de chacun des dits Etats, convenus par le traité provisional du mois de novembre 1782.

Thomas Jefferson, 1783, List of Obligations and Debt

Guy Carleton to Robert R. Livingston, March 30, 1783

Von Steuben to Frederick Haldimand, August 3, 1783

E. Williams, April 23, 1783, Blank Certificate of Negro Permissions to Nova Scotia

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette to Unknown, February 22, 1783, Extract

Jacques-Aime La Villebrune to Thomas Jefferson, February 19, 1783, with Note from La Luzerne; in French

Guy Carleton and Robert Digby to George Washington, March 19, 1783

At a meeting of deputies, chosen in and for each hundred of Kent county, in the Delaware state, at Dover, on Monday the first day of September 1783 [Recommending list of candidates for the ensuing year]. [Dover? 1783].

State of New Hampshire. In the House of representatives, June 20th, 1793. An addres to the people of the State of New-Hampshire. Whereas the United States in Congress assembled, have taken into consideration so much of the eighth article of the

State of New Hampshire. In Committee of safety, April 16th, 1783. A proclamation. Whereas the form of government agreed upon by this state, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, was, (considering the then situation

Connecticut General Assembly, 1783, Newspaper Clippings of Resolution Designating New London and New Haven as Free Ports

The United States of America with the British possessions of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland divided with the French, also the Spanish territories of Louisiana and Florida, according to the preliminary articles of peace signed at Versailles the 20th of Jany. 1783.

El Guarico, alias, el cavo Frances, es una de las colonias y puertos qe. poseen los Franceses en la parte occidental de la Ysla Española una de la Caribes u de Varlovento en la América, situada en 19 gs. 44 ms. de lattd. septentrional y en 303 gs. 57 ms. de longitud de Tenerife en la vanda del norte de la ysla, 17 legs. al oeste quarta al sudoeste de Monte Chriti y 25 legs. al este del Cavo de San Nicolas.

Plano que comprehende desde Puerto Cavello hta. el de Turiamo /

La plaisanterie confondüe ou les intrépides voyageurs

Experience du globe aerostatique du MM. Charles et Robert au Jardin des Thuileries le 1er decembre 1783

Éxperience du globe ae̋rostatique du MM. Charles et Robert, au Jardin des Thuileries le 1er decembre 1783

United States Congress, March 18, 1783, Printed Resolution on Import Duties

United States Congress, April 18, 1783, Printed Resolution on Import Duties to Pay Public Debt

Thomas Jefferson, 1783, Table of Distances to Philadelphia, Trenton, and Georgetown

Peace, liberty, and independence. Philadelphia, March 24, 1783. His Most Christian Majesty's Cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning, in 36 days from Cadiz. By her we have the following very agreeable and im

[Cartouche showing a Native woman, representing America, nursing infants in a tropical setting with scenes of commerce in the background]

The United States in Congress assembled, to all who shall these presents greeting : Whereas in and by our commission, dated at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, the Honorable John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferson ... with Richard Oswald ... did conclude and sign on the part of the United States of America and the crown of Great-Britain, articles in the words following ... Now know ye, that we the United States in Congress assembled, have ratified and confirmed ... the said articles ...

Benjamin Franklin to Robert R. Livingston, July 22, 1783, Extract

An high wind in St. Paul's Church yard

The only booth in the fair - Portland & Co., late Shelburne / I. Boyne invt & exct, London.

An analysis of modern patriotism performed by public opinion & displayed by public indignation / PH [crossed out] ; AW sct.

[Instruction of American youth] / J. Norman sc.

St. Lucia in the West Indies taken possession of by Admiral Barrington Monsieur de Micoud and the inhabitants having capitulated the 30th of December, 1778, being the day after Count d'Estaign left the island much disconcerted / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

Plano del puertecito de la Chorrera cituado una legua al O. de la Havana.

Edomachi nichōme tsutaya uchi hitomachi[?]

Thomas Jefferson, 1783, Index of Diplomatic Correspondence

Tableau général des Isles Britanniques : comprenant les royaumes dA̓ngleterre et dE̓cosse sous la dénomination de Grande Bretagne, et le royaume dI̓rlande, avec la chronologie généalogique des rois /

Mrs. MacPherson's most respectful compliments to Mr. M'Clennachan, and would be extremely obliged to him, if he would give up any farther pursuit after Mount Pleasant, as it would add a great deal to the happiness of her and her dear family. Mon

Globe aërostatique. Dédié à Monsieur Charles. Cette machine est representé ici s'élevant pour la seconde fois au milieu de la Praïrie de Nesle, ou il venoit de descendre, accompagné de Mr. Robert ... / Desrais, del. ; Denis, sculp.

[Ornament for the title page of The European magazine showing the goddess Europe shining light on three figures representing America, Africa, and Asia] / Seally script. ; Bayly sculp.

Haerlem, November 21, 1783. State of New-York, ss. By the Council appointed by the Act of the Legislature, entitled, "An act to provide for the temporary government of the southern parts of this state, whenever the enemy shall abandom or shall b

Partie méridionale des possessions angloises en Amérique.

By his excellency Jonathan Trumbull, Esquire, Governor and Commander in chief in and over the State of Connecticut. A proclamation. Whereas the legislature of this state, by their resolutions passed at their sessions holden at New-Haven ... Give

James Madison to George Washington, April 29, 1783.

Thomas Jefferson, March 1783, Notes on Commerce and Insurance in Great Britain, 1689 to 1783

Treasury Department, 1783, Estimate of Public Debt of the United States

Treasury Department, 1783, Estimate of Loan Office Debt by State

Baron Rosencrone to Baron Walterstorff, February 28, 1783, in French

Premier voyage aërien en présence de Mr. le Dauphin / dessine par le Ch. de Lorimier ; gravé par N. de Launay.

The United States of America laid down from the best authorities, agreeable to the Peace of 1783.

New York. March 27, 1783. The following is copied from a hand-bill. Published by Mr. David Claypole. Philadelphia, March 24. His most Christian Majesty's cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning in thirty-six

Ascent of the 19th September, 1783, at Versailles

The American general Lee taken prisoner by lieutenant colonel Harcourt of the English army, in Morris Country, New Jersey, 1776 / Hamilton delin. ; Hawkins sculp.

Niwa no yukimi

Chōjiya uchi chōzan

[Four scenes of men and women courting(?) while riding in balloons captioned with rebuses ]

[Proposed design for balloon utilizing sails for propulsion, Paris, 1783]

[Britannia attacked by her enemies]

Carte de la Louisiane, et de la Floride.

A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish officer to defend himself, at the attack of Fort Omoa, which was taken by escalade, on the 20 of Octr. 1779, under the command of Captn. Dalrymmple and Commodore Lutterell / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

A new map of the United States of North America with the British Dominions on that continent &c / by Samuel Dunn, Mathematician; improved from the surveys of Capt. Carver.

A new map of the West Indies,

Grand exhibition. To the public. When we published our proposals for a triumphal procession, we meant to refresh your memories with what we conceived ought to be exhibited on the termination of a succesful war, which produced one of the greatest

Carte de la partie sud des Etats Unis de l'Amérique septentrionale.

State of New-Hampshire. In the House of representatives, June 21st, 1783. Voted, that an order issue to the selectmen of the several towns and places in this state, who have afforded supplies to soldiers families within the current year, directi

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes to La Luzerne, July 21, 1783, Extract; in French

A block for the wigs - or, the new state whirligig

Jose Monino, Conde de Floridablanca to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, February 22, 1783

Lewis Robert Morris to Thomas Jefferson, January 31, 1783

Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, June 29, 1783

Thomas Jefferson, October 1783, On Congress's Vote on Location of Capital and Apportionment of Taxes by State

Thomas Jefferson, October 1783, United States Congress Memorandum on Metallic Currency

Charles, Marquis de Castries to Thomas Jefferson, December 23, 1783

James Madison to Edmund Randolph, June 10, 1783.

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, December session, A. D. 1783. Whereas the most Honorable the Congress of the United States, in and by a certain resolution passed the fourth day of September, A. D. 1782, did

Salem, February 22, 1783. Capt. George Williams, jun, arrived from the West-Indies, via Portsmouth, has favoured us with the St. Lucia gazette of the 18th of January ... [Salem] Printed by S. Hall, 1783].

Carte du Canada qui comprend la Parúe Septentrionale des Etats Unis d'Amérique

"Oh fly," cries peace, the soul of social life,... / Stothard del. ; Cook sculp.

His excellency General Washington commander in chief of the united States of North America &c. / B.B.E.

The state vintners

Modern characters from Shakespeare. Macbeth

The Robin Hood Society

Ou présente à signer un procès verbal aux curés celui qui ligne a des lunettes

The monument of Major André

Experience de la machine areostatique

Mrs. General Washington, bestowing thirteen stripes on Britania

Blessed are the peacemakers

Seconds voyageurs aëriens, ou expérience de MM. Charles et Robert faite a Paris dans le parterre du Jardin royal des Thuilleries le I. decembre 1783. Vue prise du Pont Royal / / Prevost fecit.

The British king's speech. New-York, February 10 By the Brigantine Peggy, Capt. M'Niel, in nineteen days from Tortola, who arrived here yesterday we have received the following copy of his Majesty's most gracious speech to both house of Parliame

Plano del Lago de San Bernardo en el Seno Mexicano /

Haut tapfer zu auf diesen Hund ... / J.M. Will, excud. A.V.

Carte generale des colonies angloises dans l'Amerique Septentrionale pour l'intelligence de la guerre presente, d'apres des manuscrit anglais par J. B. Nolin geographe. Corrigé, augmenté des indications des principaux évenemens de la guerre avec le tracee des limites pour constituer le traité de paix proposé entre la Couronne de la Grande Bretagne et les Etats Unis,

The surrender of Earl Cornwallis (Lieutenant-General of the British Army in North America) to General Washington & Count DeRochambeau, on the 19th of Octr. 1781 - whereby the posts of York-Town & Gloucester in Virginia, were then given up to the combined forces of America & France / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

The manner in which the American colonies declared themselves independant [sic] of the King of England, throughout the different provinces, on July 4, 1776 / Hamilton delin. ; Noble sculp.


L'Amérique septentrionale, ou se remarquent les Etats Unis.

L'Amérique septentrionale, ou se remarquent les États Unis,

An accurate map of the United States of America, with part of the surrounding provinces agreeable to the Treaty of Peace of 1783,

Bowles's new map of North America and the West Indies, exhibiting the British Empire therein with the limits and boundaries of the United States as also the dominions possessed in that quarter, by the Spaniards, the French & other European states, the whole compiled from the best surveys and authentic memoirs which have appeared to the present year, 1783.

Bowles's new map of North America and the West Indies ...

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