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Georgetown College D.C.

Pro forma, or an examination in the public schools at Ox-d for a degree

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, October 17, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Edward Bancroft, April 9, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, December 17, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to James Rumsey, September 10, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, July 6, 1789

Richard O'Brien to Thomas Jefferson, December 26, 1789, Extract

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Pinckney, September 21, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Barrett, May 24, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to John Gallway, April 12, 1789

View upon the road from New-Windsor, towards, Morris Town, Jersey

... An act for establishing an executive department, to be denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs ... Approved July 27, 1789 ... [New York, Childs and Swaine, 1789].

The rival queens or a political heat for Rege & Grege

Thomas Jefferson to Wilhelm Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard, October 14, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Imbert de la Platiere, September 25, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Count de Montmorin, July 8, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to James I. Brossier, July 30, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Armand Koenig, August 18, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Cutting, September 10, 1789

[Soldier with musket and farmer with hoe holding crest topped with sailing ship]

--Affairs. The sweet prospect behind us, or The outs in office

Quaestiones sub Reverendo Josepho Willard, S. T. D. Universitatis Harvardianae, quae est praeside, in comitiis publicis ... Bostoniae: Typis Thomae et Johannis Fleet. [1789].

The section and plan of a blockhouse

Thomas Jefferson to Jean Durival, April 13, 1789

Georges Jacques Danton, 1759-1794

Ukie momotarō mukashibanashi no zu

United States, May 1789, Table on Wheat and Flour, in French

Joe Fitzgreaves to Henry Machen, March 17, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Cavelier, July 27, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to John Trumbull, September 24, 1789

Fraternité des Soldats de la Garde Prisienne des Dragons et du Regiment de Flanders avec les Gardes du Corps lors de leurs arriveé de Versailles a Paris de 6 Octobre 1789

William Donelson, June 23, 1789

A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2

Beauties of fashion & c. ("Belzebub Blacklegs")

Pal sangué Mr. l'Prieur v'la l'coup

Thomas Jefferson to Prevost, August 18, 1789, with Note from Prevost

Thomas Jefferson to Ferdinand Grand & Company, October 14, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Crew, September 10, 1789

An address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania It is a principal duty of good citizens in every community to lay before their countrymen and fellow-citizens their candid and dispassionate remarks upon such important matters as interest the whole soci

Conrad Alexandre Gerard de Rayneval to Thomas Jefferson, September 18, 1789

Amérique septentrionale,

Thomas Jefferson to Lucy Ludwell Paradise, April 30, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to William Gordon, March 18, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to John B. Cutting, July 16, 1789

Yatsushi Manzai

Jonathan Nesbitt to Thomas Jefferson, February 18, 1789

Trois tetes sous l'meme bonnet

Revolution, or Johnny Bull in France

Thomas Jefferson to Francis Coffyn, Mr. Cavalier, and Mr. Guiraud, September 13, 1789, Circular Letter

An act to establish an Executive department to be dominated the Department of war ... 1789, June 27. Read the third time and passed the House of representatives. New York: Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, [1789] [Positive Photostat.].

Encampment of the convention army at Charlotte Ville in Virginia after they had surrendered to the Americans

Thomas Jefferson to William Carmichael, March 25, 1789

In the House of Delegates. December 15, 1789. Resolved, that the Executive be requested to take the most effectual means in their power to prevent the employment of unnecessary guards over the prisoners ... and to enforce upon the courts of the

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Paine, October 14, 1789

An address to the public, from the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the relief of free negroes, unlawfully held in bondage ... Signed by order of the Society, B. Franklin, President. Philadelphia, 9th of November,

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Cutting, September 17, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Wilhelm Willink, et al, August 15, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Augustin Dupre, February 15, 1789, in French

Reforme de différents droits feodaux et de la dime - le 11 aoust 1789

Thomas Jefferson to John B. Cutting, October 17, 1789

Plan des environs de l'ancienne et nouvelle ville de Cayenne pour servir au memoire relatif a l'ancienne commune de la ville a celle qu'on propose dy substituer /

Gouverneur Morris, 1789, Plan of American Finances

Thomas Jefferson to Jean Baptiste de Gouvion, March 19, 1789

Seki no matsugae

Thomas Jefferson to Wilhelm Willink, et al, September 9, 1789

Thomas Jefferson to Archbishop Bordeaux, July 22, 1789, in French

The eclipse at an end - and political tilting discovered

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Paine, July 17, 1789

Jean Paul Marat / L.A. Claessens, sculp.

Thomas Jefferson to J. G. Diriks, June 15, 1789

Tout irait bien si tout le mond riort comme moi

Perspective view of the country between Wilmington and the Delaware - taken from the hill S.W. of the academy

John Jones & Sons to Thomas Jefferson, January 3, 1789, Receipt for Thermometers Paid for by Daniel Parker

Thomas Jefferson to Stephen Cathalan Jr., February 10, 1789

Nom de MM les deputes de la ville de Paris, a l'Assemblée National

Thomas Jefferson to Count de Cambray, September 10, 1789

La Romaine Aristocatique. Le Marc d'Argent preside en France ...

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Cutting, September 10, 1789

Fontaine Maury to James Madison, June 14, 1789.

To the honorable the Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The petition and remonstrance of John Fitch, of the City of Philadelphia ... John Fitch. Philadelphia, September 26, 1789.

Thomas Jefferson, 1789, Inscription, in French

Ukie shin yoshiwara no zu

Thomas Jefferson to John Bondfield, July 16, 1789

Me. Jn. Ae. Ns. Condorcet / L. Portman, sculp.

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Gem, September 9, 1789, Fragment

A faut esperer q'eu se jeu la finira bentot

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lee Shippen, January 5, 1789

Par moy vous êtes tous freres

Alexander McCaul to Thomas Jefferson, June 25, 1789

Ode to the President of the United States on his arrival at Boston. [Boston, 1789].

Thomas Jefferson to Charles W. F. Dumas, July 30, 1789, in French

To the freeholders of the Southern district. A writer, under the signature of A citizen of New-York, has addressed you. He observes, that "The advocates for the re-election of Governor Clinton, despairing of success by other means, are employing

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, January 24, 1789

La verite triomphante

A View from the Schuykill, with a S.W. Prospect of Bush Hill, one of the seats of William Hamilton, esq.

A s.w. view of the Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I. / S. Hill sculp.

Thomas Jefferson to John Rutledge Jr., January 22, 1789

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette to Thomas Jefferson, March 26, 1789

Nouvelle place de la Bastille

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