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Thomas Jefferson to Henry Wheaton, February 14, 1812

The prologue and characters of Chaucer's pilgrims,Canterium tale. Selections

Kimber to Nicholas Gouin Dufief, November 4, 1812, Receipt

A correct map of the seat of war.

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a large home and smaller houses, outbuildings, and perhaps a slave cabin]

Glorious news. Triumph of federal efforts. Our administration have at length yielded to the offers long since made to settle our differences with Great-Britain. The war whoop is silenced ... [June 12? 1812].

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps looking southwest, showing ships, sailboats, and five men in a rowboat]

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, December 25, 1812

N. Williams to James Madison, November 28, 1812.

Ansicht des Etablissements der R.A. Compagnie in Norfolk-Soundoder Sitcha

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Sully, January 8, 1812

[Cut] Hull's victory: or, Huzza for the constitution [1812?].

Fort Washington, head of Harlem River.

Elbridge Gerry to Thomas Jefferson, June 12, 1812

Joseph Milligan to Thomas Jefferson, February 2, 1812

The cowpox tragedy - scene the last / G. Cruikshank, sculpt.

Whereas his Excellency the Governor has this day prorogued the Legislature, while in the calm and deliberate exercise of their constitutional functions; and thereby interrupted the business of an important session; prevented the passage of many

George Joy. Notes - Henry Lee 1808, regarding the embargo and war. 1812.

(Circular.) Sir. I herewith enclose you a copy of the general orders which I have given in consequence of a requisition from the president of the United States ... Js. Barbour [Richmond, 1812?].

Pedro Alva to S. Acre, July 16, 1812

Willie Blount to Andrew Jackson, December 24, 1812

National Intelligencer, March, 1812. Criticism, clip of an article from the Baltimore Federal Republican, extracted in the National Intelligencer.

Richmond, June 25th, 1812. Sir. I enclose you the proclamation of the President of the United States, announcing, that the long anticipated event has at length occured: America has closed with Great Britain in a solemn appeal to the God of battl

Henry Dearborn to James Madison, March 21, 1812.

Thomas Jefferson to Thaddeus Kosciuszko, August 5, 1812

Electors of President and Vice President of the United States. Joseph Gist, John Wilson John Me'Morries. William Strother, William Zimmerman, Joseph Bellinger, Langdon Cheves, Paul Hamilton, Samuel Mays, William Rouse. [S. C. 1812].

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Wright, August 8, 1812

Willie Blount to Andrew Jackson, June 25, 1812

A milling match between decks

Letter from Jonathan Jennings to Ann Jennings Mitchell

The rehearsal or the baron and the elephant / G. Cruikshank, fect.

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

Plan of the entrance of Barataria, with a projected battery proposed by Col. G.T. Ross.

Nashville Army Headquarters, January 7, 1812

William Eustis. Notes, Militia Training. 1812.

[View of the city of Charleston, S.C., with a mansion, the Nathaniel Rusell House on Meeting Street at center, surrounded by smaller residences and First Scots Presbyterian Church at right]

Andrew Jackson to Willie Blount, January 3, 1812

Henry Lee to James Madison, February 27, 1812.

[Detail view of cupola, pediment, and frieze of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina]

[Preliminary sketch of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina, with small pediment and cupola]

Andrew Jackson to John Coffee, September 15, 1812

[Cut] Theatre on fire. Awful calamity! A letter from Richmond, Virginia dated Dec. 27, says "Last night the theatre took fire and was consumed, together withe about 8- people, with the governor Smith- many were trampled to death under foot, othe

Charte von den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America nebst Louisiana und Florida : nach Murdochischer Projection und den neuesten astronomischen Ortsbestim[m]ungen /

Costume of Jamaica / Watchman.

Essex County ; Worcester County.

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, March 12, 1812

[Perspective view of Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, with St. Michaels Church at right center]

James Winchester to Andrew Jackson

James Wilkinson to Unknown, October 20, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, April 17, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, May 30, 1812.

Willie Blount to Andrew Jackson, August 7, 1812

A view of Colonel Johnson's engagement with savages (commanded by Tecumseh) near the Moravian town, October 5, 1812

Tax for the year 1812. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Jonathan L, Austin, Esquire, Treasurer and Receiver-general of said Commonwealth. To the selectmen or assessors of the of ... Given under my hand and/seal, at Boston, the day of April in the

Sketch of the country between the Coa & Sierra de Gata /

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, perhaps coming down the Cooper River, showing ships, rowboats, and canoes on the water]

Isaac A. Coles to Thomas Jefferson, March 2, 1812

Andrew Jackson to Cantrell & Reed, December 20, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to John S. Barnes, April 9, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, June 6, 1812

[Preliminary sketch for neoclassic building with "MDCCXIX" on pediment, Charleston, S.C.]

American taxation. This song was written when the "Trump of war" sounded through this happy land, and although peculiarly applicable to that time, cannot but be received with approbation at the present day. [36 stanzas printed in two columns] [1

State of Kentucky. Adjutant-general's office - Frankfort, May 5th, 1812. General Orders, [Frankfort, 1812].

William Lee to James Madison, April 12, 1812.

A view taken from the S.W. end of Charleston, S.C. Jany 17th 1812

Jiang hai quan tu.

Ein Tanz der Indianer in der Mission von St. José in Neu-Californien

Thomas Jefferson to Patrick Gibson, March 15, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to Nathaniel Greene Senter, July 5, 1812

Samuel Brown to Thomas Jefferson, October 1, 1812

John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, January 1, 1812

Charles H. McAllister to General Bradford, March 25, 1812

The Nashville Bank to Andrew Jackson, February 19, 1812

Spinning Jenny, 1812, Drawing

Masonic odes---- for 1812. Ode I ... Ode II. [1812].

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lehre, August 8, 1812

Andrew Jackson to William Preston Anderson, August 5, 1812

Heiroglypics of John Bull's overthrow

Thomas Lehre to Thomas Jefferson, August 29, 1812

Gegenstände von New-Californien und Norfolk-Sound / G. v. Langsdorf ad natur : del ; F.C. Bock sc.

[Illus. opp. p.1, showing Jesus telling woman in garden "if you have a healthy body and are in good spirits, then search for the redemption of your soul and praise the goodness of God"]

The chamber of genius / Rowlandson, inv., 1812.

Merry making on the regents birth day, 1812 / G. Cruikshank.

Willie Blount to Unknown, November 21, 1812

Willie Blount to Unknown, November 21, 1812

William Kiteltas to James Madison, March 9, 1812.

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with homes and outbuildings at left and right, and a long row of brick building, perhaps barracks, at center]

[Title page and frontis. portr. of author]

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, May 30, 1812

Le cauchemar Jeu jeu jeune homme, prends ces gou gou gouttes.

The following essays, which appeared originally …New Brunswick, June 19, 1812.

Perse /

Letter from Dr. William Galt to an unknown correspondent

Son gokū

The first great Western empire: or, the United States of America

[Frontis illus. of books by Mason Locke "Parson" Weems (1759-1825): "he writhes. he gnashes his teeth. on bended knee he curses the author of his ruin" [gambler]]

John Murrey to Andrew Jackson, June 18, 1812

Thomas Jefferson to Charles Christian, March 21, 1812

Edward Bondurant, January 1, 1812

Bill of mortality, for Portsmouth, Newhampshire, for A. D. 1811 By Lyman Spalding, M. D. [Portsmouth 1812].