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Cris de Paris, Paris, Delpech [ca. 1822] [1] l., 100 col. plates. 36 cm.

The beetle exterminator

Elements of the art of dancing; with a description of the principal figures in the quadrille.

Oululuk principal etablissem sur l'ile d'Ounalachka

American farmer, v. 4, no. 33 (Nov. 8, 1822)

James Madison to P. A. Bingham, July 1, 1822.

Thomas Jefferson to William Lambert, July 2, 1822

Haejwa chŏndo.

W. T. Barry to Thomas Jefferson, December 24, 1822

Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. to Thomas Jefferson, January 31, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to William Cabell Rives, December 29, 1822

John Laval to Thomas Jefferson, January 5, 1822

Thomas Cramer to Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Robert Mills, September 25, 1822

James Madison to E. W. Duval, September 13, 1822.

Thomas Barron & Company to R. & W. Armstrong, April 23, 1822

James Madison to Benjamin Joy, May 6, 1822.

Habitans des iles Aleoutiennes

State of New Jersey. An additional supplement to an act entitled An act establishing a militia system. [1822?].

(Circular.) Washington, Pa. Jan. 1st,1822 Madam. You are now addressed as a member of a republic, blest by nature with all the necessaries and many of the luxuries of life [Requesting the women of America to confine their purchases for apparel t

Thomas Jefferson to Nicholas Biddle, February 20, 1822

Andrew Jackson to Catalina Mir Satorios, May 22, 1822

Vue du port d'Ounalashka

Map of Pennsylvania : constructed from the county surveys authorized by the state and other original documents /

This plate of the town of Fayetteville North Carolina, so called in honor of that distinguished patriot and philanthropist, Gen'l La Fayette, is respectfully dedicated to him by the publisher.

Plan of squares marked A. & B. in Mr. Bulfinch's plan, divided in lots : [now part of the Mall, N.W. Washington D.C.] /

Proposals, by Judah Delano, for publishing a directory for the City of Washington, showing the name, occupation, and residence, of each head of a family, and person in business. To which will be added, a complete city register ... Washington, Ju

Henry Clay, late Speaker of the United States House of Representatives; the advocate of South American independence / painted by Charles King ; engraved by Peter Maverick, New York.

[Civil War envelope showing Columbia with shield and American flag and White House]

Honour to the brave ... It is an act of justice to our worthy candidate for mayor, Captain Carberry, to narrate to our fellow citizens a few of the distinguished acts of his military career ... The better part of valor is discretion and so ends

[Obituary of Martha Williams, inscriptions from the tombstones of Martha & William Williams at Brooklyn, Connecticut cemetery. Together with an extract of a letter from Joseph May to Nathaniel F. Williams, regarding Martha Williams.] [n. p. 1822

A solemn Tragedy. Tune of the Batten Kill mourners. Lines composed on the death of Hiram Cornell, of White Creek, who was drowned while bathing in Bennington River on the twenty-ninth of June, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two ....

Thomas Jefferson to John Campbell, November 10, 1822

Cpt. D. Porter to James Madison, November 28, 1822.

James Monroe to Thomas Jefferson, November 25, 1822

James Madison to Unknown, November 30, 1822. Addressed To Mr. H.

Thomas Jefferson to John Laval, June 22, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Roger Sherman Baldwin, March 9, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to John Laval, June 5, 1822

Unknown to Catalina Mir Satorios, May 16, 1822

James Madison to R. Forrest, May 4, 1822.

Samuel Brooks to Andrew Jackson, June 5, 1822

Daniel Brent to Andrew Jackson, April 18, 1822

Andrew Jackson to Fountaine Maury, March 16, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to John Laval, January 25, 1822

Theatrical reflection, or a peep at the looking glass curtain at the Royal Coburg Theatre

Plan of the city of Baltimore

Wheat Fan [and] Sinclair's Sowing Machine

Patent Hay and Grain Rake

James Madison to George Tucker, July 15, 1822.

J. M. Pavia to William Taylor, July, 1822. Accounts on the coinage of the mint of Mexico from 1802 to 1821.

Musician with marionettes

Regimental orders. Third regiment, first brigade, fourth division. Bowdoin, July 20th, 1822.

John Coppinger Connor to Andrew Jackson, January 28, 1822

Fontaine Maury to Andrew Jackson, March 5, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Whittemore, June 5, 1822

Egbert Harris to J. Lecress, October 18, 1822

Stephen Pleasonton to Andrew Jackson, August 14, 1822

Benjamin Ruggles to Thomas Jefferson, April 28, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Ruggles, May 3, 1822

James Madison to L. Hill, April 18, 1822.

James Madison to Benjamin Joy, May 30, 1822.

To the voters of the City of Washington. Some vile incendiaries, who have no regard either for truth or decency, having labored to calumniate Captain Thomas Carbery, for the purpose of injuring his election, it is deemed proper by some of his fr

Jeu des habitans de Californie

This plan of the city of Baltimore

The cunning and happy family / J.L. Marks, fect.

Habitans du Golfe de Kotzebue

Monstrosities of 1822

Marchand de cartons

Mr Way's case. Doubts of the eligibility of this gentlemen, to the mayoralty, having been started, it was expected by every one who knew him, that he would immediately publish to his fellow citizens, under his proper signature, a plain unsophist

Robert Walsh, Jr. to Thomas Jefferson, December 10, 1822

Nicholas Biddle to Thomas Jefferson, February 9, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., February 3, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Ritchie, June 10, 1822

James Madison to Johnson, December, 1822.

Joseph Inslee Anderson to Andrew Jackson, August 20, 1822

Mapa topográfico de la provincia de Texas.

Steam engine - Mr. Watt's double steam engine from his specification of 1782

The sailor's description of a chase & capture / J Sherm, invt. [Lieut. John Sheringham, R. N.] ; G Cruikshank, fect.

View of the insulated table lands at the foot of the Rocky Mountains / S. Seymour, del. ; C.G. Childs, sc.

Jul Boilly to David B. Warden, 1822, in French

North front of the President's house / etched by W.I Stone, Washn.

Thomas Jefferson to George F. Hopkins, September 5, 1822

Charles S. West to Andrew Jackson, March 2, 1822

Grand Buffet de la Cuisine moderne

The question settled. Mr. Way is eligible for the mayoralty .... [Signed] Wm. Wirt. Washington June 3, 1822.

In the session of 1821, the Committee of pensions and revolutionary claims made the following report on the petition of Sarah Dewees and others ... [Washington, 1822].

Notice to all interested. That at the public sale of non-residenter's r al property in Trenton, on the 5th day of May, 1818, to satisy the direct tax of the general government for the year 1816, I did purchase from General N. Price, Collector ..

Habitants des Iles Aleoutiennes

Map of Pennsylvania : constructed from the county surveys authorized by the state and other original documents /

[Cadastral survey map of Squares A and B adjacent to Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. : new part of the Mall] /

Geographical, statistical, and historical map of the District of Columbia /

George G. Leiper to Thomas Leiper & Son, April 11, 1822, Payment

Declaration of independence published by John Trumbull, New York, Sept. 10th, 1822.

Plan of the city of Washington : seat of government of the United States.

Fair play on both sides. Mr. Wickliffe pleads the statute too!!! [Kentucky] August 5, 1822.

George Tucker to James Madison, May 16, 1822.

Andrew Jackson to Henry Middleton Rutledge, May 16, 1822

Fontaine Maury to Andrew Jackson, June 5, 1822

Thomas Jefferson to Cornelius Camden Blatchly, October 21, 1822

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