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The Eugenie garter--Manufactured by the American Garter Company / Rae Smith lith. N.Y.

[Mrs. Miller, head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman, facing front]

[Unidentified man, possibly John Bannister Gibson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

Andrew Jackson, Jr. to William Nichol, July 11, 1840

Francestown. She welcomes the friends of Old Tip

Der Gärtner

[Entrance to Independence Square, Philadelphia]

The death of locofocoism

[Indian on horseback, two buffalo]

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait]

A card. This morning, attention was directed to an anonymous call in the columns of the Madisonian, to wit: "Political meeting. A public meeting, for the purpose of discussing the measures of the administration and the principles of the Whig par

[Two horses]

Map of the canals and rail roads connecting the Broad Top Coal Region with the Atlantic.

Der Buchbinder

Trueman Stillman to Andrew Jackson, January 8, 1840

Robert Carter Nicholas, Senator from Louisiana

Prospectus for Kendall's expositor ... [1840?].

Circular. Washington, November 9th, 1840 Dear Sir: In the full conviction that the bill providing satisfaction for the French spoliations prior to 1800, which is now pending in Congress, would be greatly aided and indeed voted at the coming sess

[Shepherd with dog and lambs]

A hard road to hoe! Or, the White House Turnpike, macadamized by the north benders

Patriot's Quick Step

By permission and under the patronage of the worshipful the mayor ... Mr. Gypson, will make his 26th ascent, and first from Daventry on Monday, August 31st, 1840 ... with his magnificent silk balloon

[Three hunters by a camp fire]

To the public!! Strayed from the subscriber, on or about the first of May, a gray horse, about 15 1-2 or 16 hands high, dark legs and white snip ... Joseph Lappell. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" Office May 13, 1840.

Order of procession of the Harrison convention at Carlinville, July 25th, 1840. [Carlinville? Ill.].

[Joseph Jenkins Roberts, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to right]

Ein Neues Trauer-lied ...

[Unidentified man wearing spectacles, half-length portrait, seated, facing front, arm on table with tablecloth]

Matty's perilous situation up Salt River

Wayne's defeat of the Indians / Lossing-Barritt.

[Castle Garden from the water]

Andrew Jackson to Robert Gibson, July 22, 1840

Felix Robertson Rains to Andrew Jackson, January 11, 1840

Castle Garden in New York

Camp of the Gros Ventres of the prairies on the upper Missouri Lager der Gros Ventres des prairies / / Carl Bodmer, pinx ad nat. ; Himely, sculp. ; Arthus Bertrand, éditeur.

Log cabin march and quick step

Map of the River Jordan & Dead Sea : and the route of the party under the command of Lieut. W.F. Lynch, U.S.N. under his superintendence constructed from the joint labours of Lieut. Dale & himself by Passd. Midn. R. Aulick U.S.N. /

[John Sherman, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Three unidentified women, two seated, one standing, facing front]

[Still life with tree and two small, stuffed mammals]

A new society, called the self-examining society ... The constitution. [s. l., 184-?].

Map of the state of Maine /

Memorial. To the Honorable, the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, now in General Assembly met: The undersigned, your memorialists, Citizens of Pennsylvania, respectfully represent That they have been examin

Funérailles de l'Empereur Napoléon. Intérier de l'église des Invalides pendant la Cérémonie religieuse, 15 Décembre 1840 / Dessiné par Férogio et Girard ; Lith. Coulon.

[Electoral ticket, "Jackson and liberty"; Maryland, 1840?]

Lost money!! Lost, on Monday last either in the City of Alton, or on the road leading to Springfield, via Carlinville, a sum of money, consisting principally of bills of the State Bank of Illinois, of the denominations of $20 and $

[Two women standing over seated reading woman]

The last card. Tip overthrown

Asia Coulter to Andrew Jackson, Jr., January 12, 1840

[Isaiah Lukens, half-length portrait, facing front]

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, February 3, 1840

Constitution of the Central Tippecanoe Club of Harford County [1840?].

Morning Post extra. Boston, Wednesday Nov. 4, 1840. The elections. [Boston, 1840].

[Farmer with scythe walking down road after livestock]

Corner loungers

[Man shooting from horseback]

Loco Foco consternation or the orful kat-ass-trophe

[David and Ellen Bell, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

[Erasmus Darwin and Emily Cooper, three-quarter length portrait, seated]

The political dancing Jack: a holiday fift for sucking Whigs!!

[Winter scene]

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, February 27, 1840

[Henry and William Pinkney Rodgers, three-quarter length portrait, seated, holding hats]

Slaughtering Sam'l Work; on his own hook. Alton, Ill's. The subscriber has erected a large and convenient house and pens, in the city of Alton, near Shields' Branch, for the purpose of carrying on the slaughtering and dressing of beef, hogs and

Map shewing [sic] the several routes, examined with a view to the extension of the route of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail-Road through north western Virginia from the Potomac to the Ohio river; as well as the different railways and canals completed and projected within that state,--and also the various lines of improvement existing and proposed between Cincinnati on the Ohio and Richmond, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston on the Atlantic coast.

[Unidentified woman, possibly Jane Fiske, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

To the Freemen of Rhode-Island! You are invited as Friends of peace to come out on Wednesday, the 20th of April, and cast your votes for the Freemens' Republican ticket of state officers which will be submitted to you ... Come out, therefore, on

Maunsel White & Co. to Andrew Jackson, December 28, 1840

[Fort Edward to Putnam's Creek, incidents of the French War.

Gen. Wm. H. Harrison

New Custom House in Boston / Drawn by C.H. Billings; engraved by G.G. Smith.

[Algerian horsemen firing off guns] / Paul Delamain.

M. Washington / G. Stuart ; J.C. Buttre.

[Revolutionary War battle scene]

Going up Salt River

[Unidentified man, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face, seated, holding a printed sheet]

The shipwreck

[Mother & child at bedtime] / painted by W.P. Frith, R.A. ; etched by Lumb Stocks, A.R.A.

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

North Bend game cock

To the voters of Greene and Jersey. E. M. Daley and his certificates! proved false. Fellow citizens ... Jacob Van Dike. Jerseyville, August 1, 1840.

Banque, Bourse et palais du Lord Maire, Londres The bank, the exchange, Mansion House, London / / Tuonra [Arnout spelled backwards] ; dessiné et lith. par Jules Arnout ; imp. par Lemercier à Paris.

U.S. Treasury, [Washington, D.C.], 1840 to 1855

Farmer's! keep out of debt! The undersigned has made arrangements to purchase his entire stock of fall and winter goods in the eastern cities - and his groceries in New Orleans - and will sell for a less profit than has ever been done in this ma

[Unidentified copy of a painting showing a man, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Group portrait of two unidentified girls, three-quarter length, seated, facing front]

$10 reward! lost, either in Alton City, or on the road between this place and Upper Alton, yesterday, a calf skin pocket book ... Lewis J. Clawson. Alton, Aug. 4, 1840.

[Emlen Cresson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

Ohio waltz

London pride

Back of the State House, Philadelphia / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800.


[James Duncan, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

The Tippecanoe quick step / J.B.N. ; John Bufford's Lith. Boston.

Andrew Jackson to Amos Kendall, June 2, 1840

[William Pinkney Rodgers, half-length portrait, seated, holding white hat]

[Autumn scene with castle]

Der Gärber

South West gate leading into Indapendance [i.e., Independence] Square, Philada.