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Circular of the State Historical society of Wisconsin ... Madison Wis April 1, 1855.

Harry and Aggie; or, the ride ... Published by Crosby, Nichols & Co. Boston. [c. 1855].

Fontaine du Congrès. source de Congress etat de New-York, Etats-Unis ... Saratoga Springs. N. Y, [c. 1855].

Officers of the South-Carolina historical society elected June, 1855.

Correspondence---Huger, Benjamin, 1855

Valuable invention! Highly important to farmers! C. H. Dana's premium hand corn planter. [1855].

To southerners, drinkers of Congress water ... Clarke & White, Congress Springs, Saratoga Springs, No. 13 Thames street, New York City. [c. 1855].

The First mass in the temples of Yucatan, Mexico

Central Academy, Washington City ... This institution has been in successful operation for nearly six years, and is permanently located in the building formerly known at the Medical College, corner of E. and 10th streets ... [Washington] H. Polk

Salute to New York

General map of a survey in California : in connection with examinations for railroad routes to the Pacific Ocean /

Map of Gallia and Meigs County oil field

R. C. McNairy & Company to Sarah Yorke Jackson, October 27, 1855

Miss Brooke's English and French boarding and day school, Washington, D. C. [Circular] [Washington, D. C. 1855].

Map of the three Earls, Lancaster County, Pa. : from actual surveys /

Map of Elk County : [Pennsylvania].

Map of the Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Railroad.

Map of Chenango County, New York : from actual surveys /

Map of Erie County, New York : from actual surveys /

Georgetown and the city of Washington : the capital of the United States of America.

From the Humboldt Mountains to the Mud Lakes.

Interoceanic river aqueduct connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans : [Colombia] /

Colton's railroad & township map of the State of Maine, with portions of New Hampshire, New Brunswick & Canada /

Union des deux ocʹeans Atlantique et Pacifique, par le transit ouvert à travers la rʹepublique De Nicaragua : carte dʹetaillʹee des cinq dʹepartements avec indication des principaux tracʹes du Canal Interocʹeanique ... /

Canton de Genève /

The United States Senate, A.D. 1850 / drawn by P.F. Rothermel ; engraved by R. Whitechurch.

Gen. R.K.[?] Scott, U.S.A.

Gen. D.B. Birney, U.S.A.

Gen. R.K.[?] Scott, U.S.A.

Capt. H. Moore, U.S.A.

Levi Sweetzer, U.S.N.

Gen. Tom Thumb, Miss Lavinia Warren, Commodore Nutt and The Giant

Gen. U.S. Grant

Gen. U.S. Grant

Gen. U.S. Grant

Gen. John Gordon, C.S.A.

Major Gihl, U.S.A.

Gen. Weitzel, U.S.A.

Gen. O.B. Wilcox, U.S.A.

Gen. E.V. Sumner, U.S.A.

Gen. Jefferson Davis, U.S.A.

Gen. William Cogswell, U.S.A.

Gen. Howe, U.S.A.

Gen. W.B. Hazen, U.S.A.

Gen. Wesley Merritt, U.S.A.

Gen. Fred. Hutchinson, U.S.A.

Gen. George Custer, U.S.A.

Gen. J.W. Revere, U.S.A.

Gen. Weitzel, U.S.A.

Gen. Abner Doubleday, U.S.A.

Gen. Palmer, U.S.A.

Gen. George Custer, U.S.A.

Gen. Foster, U.S.A.

Robert Anderson, U.S.A.

Gen. August Kautz, U.S.A.

Maj. Gen. T.C. Devin [?], U.S.A.

Adm. D.D. Porter

Adm. D.D. Porter

Adm. Milne and Wife

Prince of Wales group in 1861

Col. J.R. Broadhead, U.S.A.

Col. F.G. D'Utassy & Brother

Col. Jas. Y. Thomas, U.S.A.

Gov. Col. Tracy

Col. Baxton

Col. T.A. Cannuim

Lt. Col. W.H. Sackett

[Panel details from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitoll]

Mrs. Abraham Lincoln

Tree of intemperance / [Archibald] Macbrairs, lith.

Pres. Franklin Pierce

President James A. Polk

Gov. Andrew Curtin, PA

Head of the harbour, Sebastopol / W. Simpson del. ; T. Picken lith.

Major Pipon, Royal Artillery

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south / / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.


J.C. Breckenridge of KY.

Carlo Orlandine[?]

Hon. Andrew J. Rogers

Hon. John B. Henderson

N.P. Willis

Madame La Grange

Hugh McCollough

Thomas B. Thorp

Alexander Stewart

C.B. Denis

Sir Frederick Bruce

Richard O'Gorman

John Nicholay

Mrs. Chas. Keen

Hon. Townsend Harris

John C. Fremont

Madame La Grange

Hon. Francis Granger of N.Y.

F.E. Rea

Judge A.D. Smith

Hon. Silas Wright of N.Y.

Prof. Chas. [i.e., Charles] Anthon

Gen. G.P. Cluseret