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Trimmer's self-acting carbrake. patented April 15th, 1856. [Circular].

[French naval expedition to the Indo-Chinese archipelago: Entrance to the port of Toumhai]

Tsunohazu kumano jūnisha zokusyō jūnisō

Onagigawa gohonmatsu

Delivery of the President's letter / T. Sinclair's Lith., Philada.

Map of Allegany Co., N.Y. : from actual surveys /

Court of Shishak. Carnac

Scene on the Delaware River at Philada. during the severe winter of 1856 / from nature and on stone by J. Queen.

"Buck" taking the "pot"

Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas--in the hands of the "border ruffians"

The Pylon. Edfou

Jews in Cracow

Liberty. The fair maid of Kansas in the hands of the "border ruffians".

Sunny side: the residence of the late Washington, Irving near Tarrytown, N.Y.

Millard Fillmore. American candidate for the presidency


[Print speciman of custom house and post office, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.] / Designed by Ammi B. Young.

View of Hong Kong from East Point / from nature by Heine, figures by Brown ; lith. of Sarony & Co., New York.

This paper will be issued regularly, from and after Wednesday, December 3, and will be delivered to city subscribers at $2 per year, ... Vespasian Ellis. [Washington, D. C. 1856].

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Half-way house on road to San Juan ['American Hotel,' used as way station for travelers to Calif.]

View from Fort Putnam: West Point Hudson River, N.Y.

[Theodore Parker, 1810-1860, half length portrait, standing behind pulpit, lecturing in New York, facing right]

A serviceable garment--or reverie of a bachelor

Map of the rail-roads of the state of New York prepared under the direction of the Rail Road Commissioners, John S. Clark, William J. McAlpine, James B. Swain.

Hager Silsilis ... of the ...

First landing at Gorahama / W. Heine, Js. Queen, del. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Phila.

Mount Ararat, the resting place of the Ark after the flood

Dainihon rokujū yoshū meisho zue - mokuroku

Resumption of the fast express train Through to Pittsburg in 13 hours. Summer arrangement over the great Penna. Central rail road, for Pittsburg ... Thos. Moore. Agent. Pennsylvania railroad company. May 1856. New York Booth & M'Naughton, Steam

General Walker

Assessors' notice. The voters of the several wards will please take notice, that the assessors will attnd at the places designated below, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 3 o'clock P.M., every day, (except Sundays and Christmas day,) from the 15th to t

Map of York County, Maine /

Passenger route between New-York & Montreal and intermediate places, via Troy &Saratoga Springs ... Troy. May 1856.

Sitaya hirokōji

Memnonium. Thebes

Forcing slavery down the throat of a freesoiler.

The grand national fight 2 against 1 fought on the 6th Nov.1856; for one hundred thousand dollars.

Ditch of the Malakoff, battery gervais and rear of the redan / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

The death chamber

Plan of the Fairhaven Slate Quarry estate, the property of the Allen Slate Company, Vermont /

Hall of Columns. Carnac

Inokashiranoike benten no yashiro

[Gerf-Hossayn - Osiride portico of the Rock Temple]

The Haberstein

Fish Town at Bassau, Liberia

[Ashtabula County, Ohio].

This company was organized in Cincinnati, March 1856 ... W. Wrightson. Sec'y. [1856?].

Sussex Vale: "New Brunswick"

Hospital and cemetery at Scutari / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Important to travelers going South from Washington. Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac. ... Railroad & steamboat line via Alexandria Aquia Creek and Fredericksburg to Richmond ... Richmond, January 1st, 1856.

The May Festival of the Turnverein Association, San Francisco

Columbus, O., taken from the blind asylum / engraved by Felch.


Treasonable sentiments of the Buchaniers! Can you vote for the extension of slavery and the dissolution of the Union? Threats to dissolve the Union and seize upon the national treasury! Let every Freeman read and reflect before he votes for the

"If I am elected to the high office for which your partiality has nominated me, I will endeavor to administer the government according to the true spirit of the constitution, as it was understood by the great men who framed and adopted it, and i

Household treasures

Bear chase in Norway

Map of Richland Co., Ohio /

[Koum Ombos - the Temple]

The cottage by the cliff

Cathedral Rock, south peak of Guadalupe Mountains, El Paso Co., Texas / Middleton, Wallace & Co., Cincinnati, O.

Freedom's songs! For the Campaign of 1856! John C. Fremont. An Acrostic. Published by Higgins & Bradley, No. 20 Washington St., Boston

The Bower of roses

Wady Saboua

Map of the town of Braintree, Norfolk County, Mass. /

Coloured Sculpl[superscript]s. Abydus

Map of the State of Florida showing the progress of the surveys; from the annual report of the Surveyor General for 1856.

John Eliot preaching to the Indians

Soto-sakurada bennkeibori kōjimachi

The lovers walk

Prof. Hedrick's defence From the North Carolina Standard of Oct 8, 1856. Messrs. Editors. In the last "Standard," I see a communication, signed "Alumnus." Although my name is not mentioned therein, still I suppose there is little doubt that it w

Bay of Wodowara / from nature by Heine[,] shipping by Walke ; lith. of Sarony & Co. New York.

[Wilhelm Weber, half-length portrait, facing front] / Rud. Hoffmann, 1856 ; Druck v. J. Haller ; Nach einer Photographie v. Petri in Göttingen.

Thomas H. McAllister to Mrs. Thompson, June 9, 1856, Transmittal


Alfred Beckley's Private Memorandum Book, 1856-1865, including "Statements of Agency for the Mssrs Francis and John A Granger"


Fukagawa kiba

At Carnac

First exhibition Monday, January 28th 1856. Academy Hall ... China & Japan illustrated. A magnificient series of panoramic pictures sketches painted by George R. West and Wm. Hiene ... [New York] Herald Print 1856.

Brook trout--just caught

Molde, Norway

The Peabody Institute at the time of the address of welcome. South Danvers / photographed by W. Snell; L.H. Bradford & Co's. Litho.

The great fire at Philadelphia: Front page, illustration only

To the members of the National Kansas Committee. [1856].

San Francisco MDCCCLV

[Gen. Wm. Walker's Exp. in Nicaragua]: Street of Masaya in the city of Granada, Nicaragua

The Passport Bureau

Ceiling of the Vice President's room, north wing

Laura Keene's Varieties [Man and woman on stage; crowded theater in backgrd.]

United States "Auxiliary Screw" steam frigate "Merrimac" 60 guns. Off the entrance to New York harbour / T.G. Dutton, del et lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

The cook

Egypt - Karnak

View from Philœ

The Memnonium

Capitol construction, from north west. Progressive view of dome, no. 1

A topographical map of Essex County, Massachusetts /

The star spangled banner

Rail road map of the United States, showing the depots & stations.

Fillmore Schottisch