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Religious worship. Chapman (large) Hall is open every Sunday morning, afternoon and evening for religious worship. Preaching at 10.5 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M., by Rev. Edwin Burnham ... Come and worship the Lord with us, when you may be

Pulpit Rocks, Warrior Ridge, Huntingdon Co. / Lehman ; printed in colours by W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh.

View between the Similkameen & Fort Shepherd in the Nehoialpity Valley no. 1

Frightful accident on the Lehigh Valley Railroad, near Allentown, Pa., July 21

J. Sage & Son's new & reliable rail road map comprising all the railroads of the United States and Canadas with their stations and distances,

Map of Orange County, Vermont /

W. H. Gray to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, May 31, 1858 (Invitation)

To the voters of Boston! Resolutions adopted at a meeting of the Peoples' Union, December 10. 1858 ... Per order of the Executive Committee.

Musashi noge Yokohama

Literary club. Ninth anniversary October 29th, 1858 ... Cincinnati Gazette Co. Print. [1858].

[Fountain of the Innocents, Paris, France] / Ch. Marville.

Abraham Lincoln to James T. Thornton, Thursday, December 02, 1858 (Recommended readings for John Widmer)

[Construction of the United States Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.]

... Democratic caucus! A meeting for the election of delegates to attend the "Democratic District Convention" ... [Lynn, Mass.] From the Boston Post Job Office [1858].

Boston Saturday evening gazette Established 1814 ... We adopt the present mode of calling your attention to the gazette as an advertising medium ... Wm. W. Clapp, Jr. Editor and proprietor. [Aug. 17, 1858].

S. W. True and E. W. True to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, December 24, 1858 (Telegram; legal matters)

... This new magazine has rapidly risen in favor, and its success is established beyond contigency .... The publication began in November, 1857. Terms $3 per annum, payable in advance. Fairmen & McFarlane, subscription agents for Philadel

Haneda no watashi benten no yashiro

Washington City, May 10, 1858. Dear Sir: At a meeting of the Quarantine and sanitary convention held in the city of Baltimore, on the 29th of April, 1858 the following resolutions were adopted ... Tho. Miller, M. D. Chairman.

Carta corográfica de la Republica del Ecuador : delineada en vista de las cartas de Don Pedro maldonado, el Baron de Humboldt Mr. Wisse, la de las sontas de las costas por M.M. Filzroy i H. Kellet i las particulares del autor /

The State of New Hampshire. A proclamation by the Governor ... appoint Thursday, the twenty-fifth day of November next, to be observed throughout the state as a day of thanksgiving and praise ... Given at the Council Chamber, in Concord, this tw

First party of Boundary Commission prepared to embark at Esquimalt for the Frazer River, British Columbia

Map of Adams Co., Pennsylvania /

Suruga satta no kaijō

$500 reward to the police and others. The above reward will be paid to any one who will furnish information as the whereabouts of a young lady who saved the life of an English Baronet, at St. Valerre sur Somme, in France, and who is now s

Little rose

Dentistry and Thomsonism. Lahaska, Bucks Co,, Pa. Printedby F. P. Sellers, Lambertville and New Hope job and newspaper office. 1858.

The Atlantic Telegraph

Map showing route of Norfolk & Petersburg Rail Road and its connections with Ohio & Mississippi Rivers, William Mahone, Chief Engineer, F. Bourquin & Co., Philada.

Town & village of Ovid, Seneca Co., N.Y. /

The Fireman. No. 4, At a fire. What boys may expect when they get in Firemen's way

Letter to Hon. Henry A. Wise from S. A. Douglas, November 7, 1858.

Map of Oxford County, Maine /

[Construction of the United States Treasury Building, Washington, D.C., showing construction equipment and building materials]

Burning a Peruvian to make him tell where the gold is / J.W. Orr.

Map of Saginaw and Tuscola, with part of Genesee, Lapeer, Huron, Midland counties, Michigan /

Map of Washington County, Ohio : from actual survey & records by Wm. Lorey.

Map of Cheshire Co., New Hampshire /

The Alabama State Fair - the Amphitheatre

Map of the rail roads of the state of New York showing the stations, distances & connections with other roads; Thos. Pentingale, L.P. Behn.

The self-propelling steam fire-engine, "J.C. Cary"

Map of Calhoun County, Michigan /

[Person in a horse-drawn vehicle in front of a house] / Stacy 143 Madison St.

U. S. Frigate Constitution, (Old Ironsides) ready for launching after repairs on dry dock railway, U. S. Navy yard, Portsmouth, N. H. May 27, 1858

Dedicated to the city of Philadelphia through the directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company; plan no. 2. exhibits the streets with the present railroads removed; the red lines show the proposed location of the different railroads entering the city ... 1857-58.

Young navigator

Abraham Lincoln, November 1858 (List of Votes by County, Illinois Ninth Congressional District, 1856 and 1858)

[Construction of the United States Treasury Building, Washington, D.C., showing construction equipment and building materials]

Map of Fayette Co. Pa.

[Holy Sepulchre, interior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

Millard Fillmore

[5 labels from soap and perfume pasted on sheet of paper with copyright entry, Deposited in Clerk's office, Southern District of New York, September 30, 1858].

Map of Jefferson County, Kentucky : showing the names of property holders, division lines of farms, position of houses, churches, school-houses, roads, water-courses, distances, and the topographical features of the county : distinctly exhibiting the country around the falls of the Ohio, including New Albany and Jeffersonville, Inda. /

Hot Sprints, [Bath Co., West Va.]

Abraham Lincoln to Elihu B. Washburne, Monday, May 10, 1858 (1858 campaign)

To Miss Mary E. Taylor. The Supper Bell Polka. Companion to the dinner & breadfast bell / J.H. Bufford's Lith.

State of New Jersey. Names of persons appointed and sworn as Commissioners for the State of New Jersey, residing in other states, since the publication of the last list ... Trenton, July 26, 1858.

30 physicians of lunatic asylum

Map of Washington County, Vermont /

A curious piece of antiquity on the crucifixion of Christ and the two thieves. For sale by J. H. H. Vehslage. New York. Hy. J. Crate, printer. 181 William Street. [c. 1858].

The telegraphic messages of Queen Victoria and Pres. Buchanan

Map of St. Joseph Co., Michigan /

Map of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania : from actual surveys /

Map of Butler County, Pennsylvania /

Turn out of the employees of the American Express Company. Cor: Hudson Jay & Staple Streets New York City June 21, 1858

Sanford B. Perry to Lincoln & Herndon, Monday, December 13, 1858 (Legal matters)

John M. Allen to Ozias M. Hatch, Friday, October 29, 1858 (Senate)

W. F. Shaw's patent gas cooking & ironing apparatus. Gas smoothing-iron and miniature gas furnace. W. F. Shaw's patent ... 174 Washington Street Boston. [1858].

[La vieille aux loques]

Thomas Hart Benton, 1782-1858

Indian princess presenting a necklace of pearls to de Soto / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

A Congressional Scene

[Interior view of the main floor of the Boston Public Library] / John Andrew.

The Fireman. No. 3, Near a fire. Say! Just hold this while I fetch another section, will you. (Likely?)

Map of the county of Berkshire, Massachusetts /

Young America denims

B.L. Fahnestock's vermifuge / designed and engraved by Toppan Carpenter & Co., New York.

[The Acropolis, Athens]

Map of Warren Co., New York /

Ipotesi relativa alla sviluppata origine del Creato Sulla Teoria Fluidale Elettro-Magnetiga : con il nuovo planisferio celeste che da a conoscere in ogni istante I passaggi di ogni costellazione boreale ed Australe per Tutti I meridiani del mondo /

Tabako wo suu yakusha

Corinthian column - U.S. Post Office Dept.

Bartlemy's house, Esquimalt Harbor

Atlantic cable celebration, Walpole. N. H., August 19, 1858. Hymn, to be sung at the conclusion of the exhibition, to the tune of "God save the King."

A topographical map of Androscoggin County, Maine /

De Soto preparing to cross Long Swamp / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

Map of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania : from actual surveys /

Raising and setting monolithic column, Genl. P.O. Building

Interior of an Officer's Tent - Utah Expedition [Gen. Albert Johnston's Exped.]

Exhuming the remains of President Monroe in the Second Street Cemetery, NYC [Funeral of Pres. James Monroe]

Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean; ordered by Jeff'n Davis, Secretary of War to accompany the reports of the explorations for a railroad route.

Map of Champaign Co. O. /

Johnson's map of Indiana showing the rail roads and townships compiled from the latest & best authorities.

Notice! to purchasers of carpets. The subscriber having determined to make a change in his business, has disposed of his entire stock to Messrs. Geo. W. Chipman & Co., Cor. Hanover & Union Sts. Boston ... Dudley Williams, 234 Washington Street.

Monolith in lathe

Genl. P.O. Building

Cod-fishing on the Newfoundland shores

Boushū hota no kaigan

A Presidential reception at the White House, Washington

Kansas sketches