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Invasion of Maryland - General Meade's army crossing the Antietam in pursuit of Lee, July 12 / from a sketch by our special artist, E. Forbes.

Royal Hiram Waller and Frederick Billings to Solomon Foot, Saturday, July 11, 1863 (Telegram concerning New Almanden mine)

Home from the war

[Signal tower on roof of house]

The picket

Black Valley railroad! Great central, broad gauge, fast route, from Sippington, through Tippleton and Topersville via Beggars-town, Demonland and Black Valley, to destruction! Accidents by collisions entirely avoided as no trains are run over th

Abraham Lincoln to Samuel P. Lee, July [4] 1863 (Alexander Stephens' request to pass military lines)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Middlesex ss. To either of the constables of the Town of Reading,- Greeting: In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants of the Town of Reading, qual

Nehemiah G. Ordway to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, July 24, 1863 (Requests another interview)

The results of slavery.

The following additional instructions in reference to income tax will be observed by collectors and assessors of Confederate taxes ... Richmond, Dec. 23d, 1863.

Approaches to Fort Butte La Rose, Louisiana,

Caucus!! 21st Middlesex representative district. Republicans and all others who stand by the national and state administration, in their endeavors to put down a wicked rebellion, will meet in North Reading, at Town Hall, Saturday evening, Octobe

An army mule. September 28, 1863

129th Reg + ILL Volls. [sic] at camp "Lady Polk," Nashville, Tenn

Pontoons near Kelly's Ford Va. Nov 7- 63

Battle hymn of the Republic / by Mrs. Julia Ward Howe. [Philadelphia] : Published by the Supervisory Committee for Recruiting Colored Regiments, [1863?]

Railroad train crossing Potomac Creek bridge

A Proclamation, for a day of national humiliation, fasting and prayer!

Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Middlesex. ss. To either of the constables of the Town of Reading.- Greeting.- In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are hereby required to notify and warn the inhabitants ... qualified to vote ...

Plan showing the defences of the fort on Red River,

The rebs lament on leaving Penn., "You want us back in the Union, and now we've come you won't let us stay"

A settlers hut on the Red river

The Emancipation proclamation

George McDenate to John Conness, Monday, July 20, 1863 (Recommendation)

Thanksgiving festivities at Fort Pulaski, Georgia, Thursday, Nov. 27 / from a sketch by our special artist, W.T. Crane.

Rappahannock River near Beverly Ford, Va. Sept. 9, 1863

Lancaster Missouri Citizens to J. T. Hayward, Saturday, January 17, 1863 (Petition requesting military protection)

John A. McClernand to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 06, 1863 (Telegram requesting permission to publish his protest)

Richard B. Dorsey, Monday, December 28, 1863 (Statement)

Abraham Lincoln, [January 1, 1863] (Memorandum on New York Herlad)

J. M. Cummins, Tuesday, January 13, 1863 (Certifies poor health of Charles B. Sloan)

Gideon Welles to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, December 09, 1863 (Sends nominations)

Uriah Biggs to Albert S. White, Tuesday, January 27, 1863 (Requests continuation of martial law in Missouri)

Frederick Steele, Saturday, November 07, 1863 (Printed general orders)

Edwin M. Stanton to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, November 19, 1863 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

New York Union League, Friday, November 27, 1863 (Printed circular)

Ozias M. Hatch, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 25, 1863 (Write in favor of General Curtis)

John O. Fuller to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, March 21, 1863 (Telegram regarding removal of General Curtis)

Hagar J. Weston to Mary Todd Lincoln, Saturday, May 30, 1863 (Requests Mrs. Lincoln to show papers to her husband)

Charles Wiegand to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, March 26, 1863 (Seeks commission)

John A. Dix to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 17, 1863 (Telegram reporting news from Virginia)

Abraham Lincoln to Andrew Johnson, Saturday, September 19, 1863 (Reconstruction in Tennessee)

P. Deardorff to Robert Schenck, Monday, September 14, 1863 (Cover letter)

B. R. Barlow to Hiram Barney, Friday, October 16, 1863 (Cover letter)

Edwin M. Stanton to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, September 18, 1863 (Sends telegram from General Meade)

Richard Yates, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, October 06, 1863 (Recommendation for Uri Manly)

Arthur H. Boreman and A. S. Garretson to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, October 31, 1863 (Request reply to their letter)

Harvey H. Woods to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 14, 1863 (Seeks office)

Robert Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 26, 1863 (Recommendation for Uri Manly)

B. C. Sawyer to Alexander Montgomery, Tuesday, September 08, 1863 (Writes on behalf of D. O. Neal)

Abraham Lincoln to Clinton B. Fisk, Thursday, October 29, 1863 (Acknowledgment of Clinton's October 24 letter regarding affairs in Missouri)

Cassius M. Clay to Samuel Hallett & Co., Wednesday, April 08, 1863 (Printed letter)

Letter from Tilton C. Reynolds to Juliana Smith Reynolds, August 14, 1863

Edwin M. Stanton to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, April 07, 1863 (Telegram informing Lincoln that he will attend his brother-in-law's funeral)

Samuel W. Crawford to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, August 20, 1863 (Invitation to attend ceremony in honor of General Meade)

Abraham Lincoln, [April 23, 1863] (Memorandum on West Point Recommendations)

Abraham Lincoln, [June 19 1863] (Memorandum on Louisiana)

Joseph Hooker to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, June 22, 1863 (Telegram reporting news from General Pleasonton)

Schuyler Colfax to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, April 21, 1863 (Conscription)

Abraham Lincoln, April 6-10, 1863 (Memorandum on Military Tactics)

Charles V. Dyer to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, April 26, 1863 (Martin R. Delany)

Edward Wallace to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, May 13, 1863 (Telegram concerning appointment of provost marshal)

Peter Page to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, May 01, 1863 (Introduces Martin Delany)

Erastus Corning to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, July 03, 1863 (Sends response to Lincoln's letter of June 12)

Edwin M. Stanton, Wednesday, May 13, 1863 (Order concerning purchase and sale of horses)

Edwin M. Stanton to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, May 29, 1863 (Communication with General Rosecrans)

Abraham Lincoln to Edwin M. Stanton, Saturday, May 09, 1863 (Appointment for William Lilley)

Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 10, 1863 (Memorandum on Philip Read)

Letter from Tilton C. Reynolds to Juliana Smith Reynolds, February 4, 1863

W. B. Wynkop to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, February 26, 1863 (Case of Isaac Fowler)

Peter H. Watson to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, February 20, 1863 (Cover letter)

Circular. Office of state collector of Virginia. Richmond, September 22d, 1863.

Hear us again for the wounded soldiers. They are suffering! They are dying!! Read what an earnest woman says! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets is open every day from 8 A. M., until 10 P. M., to receive your of

Tourists' tickets to Niagara Falls, Rapids of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, Saratoga, Hudson River, and other popular resorts; or Round trips including all the above, at prices to suit the times ... Vt. Central R, R. Line. [Boston] Fred Ro

An U.S. baggage train on its way to the Army at Falmouth, Va.

Nashville, Tennessee Telegraph Office to War Department, Tuesday, March 17, 1863 (Telegram sending corrections to the telegram of General Rosecrans)

Tell Mother, I die happy. Words by C. A. Vosburgh, Music by Jabez Burns

Sheridan Shook to Joseph J. Lewis, Wednesday, July 15, 1863 (New York draft riot)

Letter from Abraham Lincoln announcing the draft of 1,968 from New Hampshire.

Who shall be vice-president? Shall he be a loyal or a disloyal man? ... Andrew Johnson. New York. Published by the National union executive committee, Astor House. [1863].

Drum Corps, 93d New York Infantry, Bealton, Va., August, 1863

Phelps and Watson's historical and military map of the border & southern states.

Historical sketch of the Rebellion : [United States] /

Interest on $10,000, from date of coupon to November 1st - Current six months, containing 184 days ... Jay Cooke, Subscription agent. 114 South Third Street, Philad'a [1863?].

The Union League of Philadelphia has appointed a committee of its members for the purpose of obtaining employment for disabled soldiers and seamen ... Philadelphia, June 1st, 1863.

Preliminary chart of main entrance to Charlotte Harbor, Florida

[Map of Catoosa County and parts of Whitfield, Murray, and Walker counties, Georgia] Chattanooga, Sept. 12 [1863?] /

Map of the cost [sic] of Georgia & Florida.

Plan of position of the 12th Corps and part of the 3rd Corps, covering the ground in front of Chancellorsville during May 2nd and 3rd 1863.

John Potts to John G. Nicolay, Monday, January 26, 1863 (Book of military laws)

Francis J. Herron to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, March 21, 1863 (Telegram recommending re-instatement of General Curtis)

Andrew G. Curtin to John G. Nicolay, Thursday, December 31, 1863 (Promotion for his brother-in-law)

Abraham Lincoln to Francis P. Blair, Sr., Thursday, July 30, 1863 (Expedition to Texas and William Alexander)

Joseph C. G. Kennedy to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, June 30, 1863 (Offers his house to Lincoln)

Chicago German Union League to Isaac N. Arnold, Friday, June 05, 1863 (Resolutions protesting suppression of newspapers)

Letter to Major General Meade from Abraham Lincoln, October 5, 1863.

Topographical sketch of the battlefield of Stone's River near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, December 31st, 1862 to Jan. 3d, 1863 : Major General W.S. Rosecrans, Commanding of the Forces of the United States : General Braxton Bragg, Commanding the enemy's forces.

Plan of the Battle of Bristoe Station, Orange and Alexandria Railroad, Va., Octr. 14th 1863.

[Map of Nelson Co. and part of the counties of Albemarle, Amherst, Augusta, Fluvanna and Louisa, Va.].