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How free ballot is protected!

[Small illustration of a sled]

Lincoln oder McClellan? An die Deitschen in Amerika.

Brandy Station, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George G. Meade and staff

George H. Thomas to Robert H. Milroy, Thursday, August 11, 1864 (Milroy's request for a command)

John Shankland to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, September 03, 1864 (Politics)

Hanson A. Risley to John G. Nicolay, Thursday, September 29, 1864 (Cotton trade)

Stone blockade off Charleston

Dead of Ewell's Corps, Spotsylvania, May 1864

Camp of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, February 1864

[Eagle lifting veil from cameo of Empress Carlota and Emperor Maximilian]

Map of Greensville.

14 Mass heavy Arty

Major General James H. Wilson and staff, City Point, Va., July 1864

Brandy Station, Virginia. Winter quarters of Col. J.B. Howard, Chief Quartermaster, 3d Army Corps

Chart of the battle off Cherbourg.

John W. Davidson to War Department, Friday, February 26, 1864 (Telegram concerning dispute with General Steele)

[Bird Rock in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Labrador]

Levee at Memphis, Tenn., 1864

Andrew G. Curtin to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 25, 1864 (Telegram concerning rumor that three rebel states have offered to return to the Union)

Photographers and wagon

Ft. Brady, James River, Va. View showing battery ready for action

Prison at Andersonville, Ga.

[Circular, Washington, D. C. 1864-65].

[Sketch of the Battle of Winchester, September 19, 1864].

[John B. Gallie gun, Fort McAllister, Georgia]

Railway and county map of the Southern States; embracing the States of N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee exhibiting all the towns, villages, stations, & landings; the rivers, railways, common roads, canals throughout these states.

Senate to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, March 25, 1864 (Senate order)

George H. Boker to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 08, 1864 (Telegram reporting Pennsylvania election results)

Think before you vote! November 8, 1864.

Map of Powhatan County, Virginia /

Daniel Clark to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 09, 1864 (Telegram reporting New Hampshire election results)

Field works at Franklin, Tenn., occupied by the 23d and 4th corps during engagement of Nov. 30th 1864, Maj. Gen. J. M. Schofield, comdg.

Letter from General Meade .... April 8, 1864.

Grant's the man. Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. 10th St., Phila

William G. Leonard, Tuesday, February 16, 1864 (Printed census form for slaves in Maryland)

[Printed.] Letter of Geo. B. McClellan in acceptance of the nomination Chicago Convention.

Copy of section of photograph map captured from the enemy, showing country adjacent to Richmond and lines of defensive works surrounding the city.

Double turreted monitor, Onondaga, James River, Va.

F. B. Fisher to James Terwilliger, Friday, January 08, 1864 (Telegram concerning William Wakeman)

Brandy Station, Virginia. Col. G.H. Sharpe's quarters. Headquarters, Army of the Potomac. Bull ring in the distance

Map of Devaux Neck on Broad River, South Carolina.

[Battlefield in front of Franklin, Tenn., November 30th, 1864].

George G. Meade to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 02, 1864 (Telegram concerning case of James Whelan)

Winter quarters headquarters Meades Station nr. Petersburg--1864

William H. Smith to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 22, 1864 (Ohio election results)

[Drift ice in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Labrador]

Hare house, Petersburg

The Rebel position at Mine Run [Arnold's Battery at left, Roe's farm in center and Pa. Batteries F and G in foreground]

Tobias Avery Plants and V. B. Horton to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, October 14, 1864 (Telegram recommending Chase for Chief Justice)

Co. "B", U.S. Engineers, in front of Petersburg, Aug. 1864

New national hymn. Composed by an American widow, A. B. Clark. Tune--America. J. H. Johnson, Printer, ... Philad'a. April, 1864

R. Shannon to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, May 07, 1864 (Case of William L. Shurburne)

Robert K. Stone to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, May 02, 1864 (Introduction)

Petersburg, Virginia. Capt. John S. Crawford, 114th Pennsylvania Infantry

Guangxi quan tu /

Alonzo Potter to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, June 08, 1864 (Cover letter)

Map of Botetourt County, Va.

Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, December 22, 1864 (Pass for James Harrison)

Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, March 23, 1864 (Appointment)

Cuthbert Bullitt to Simeon Draper, Tuesday, February 23, 1864 (Election of pro-Lincoln ticket in Louisiana)

Abraham Lincoln, 16th president

[Map of the vicinity of Richmond, north and east of the James River].

[Union troop positions east of Dallas, Georgia, May 25-June 5, 1864].

Changjiang shui shi Guazhou zhen biao zhong ying jiang xun quan tu.

City Point, Va., July 5, 1864

Hospital Stewards of 2d Division, 9th Army Corps. in front of Petersubrg, Va., November, 1864

Views at Belle Plain Landing, Va., May, 1864

The army map of Georgia.

Hubei Henan he tu.

Simon P. Hanscom to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 09, 1864 (Telegram reporting New York election results)

View at the hot springs / photographed and published by John H. Fouch.

Napoleon J. T. Dana, Tuesday, September 13, 1864 (Printed general orders)

George B. Senter to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, November 07, 1864 (Telegram concerning political affairs)

William Whiting to John G. Nicolay, Monday, March 28, 1864 (Cover letter)

Sinclair Tousey to Benjamin Field, Monday, February 22, 1864 (New York customs house)

Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, January 02, 1864 (Sends report on San Francisco Mint)

John Sherman to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 19, 1864 (Telegram recommending Chase for Chief Justice)

[Edward W. Flower, bust portrait, facing front]

L. J. Cist to Henry T. Blow, Monday, May 09, 1864 (Autographs for St. Louis Sanitary Fair)

The defenses of Richmond, 1864

[Abraham Lincoln]

The Supreme Court of the United States / A. Gardner, photographer.

Lecture on Cuba, for the Great Central fair. Applications for tickets should be made as early as possible to either of the following committee ... May 13, 1864.

South Carolina Delegation, [1864] (List)

Federal earthworks on north bank of North Anna River--Confederate earthworks on south bank--in distance

Discussing the probabilities of the next advance. Feb. 1864

[Troop positions in Georgia].

John P. Usher to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, July 07, 1864 (Sends proclamation)

Edward G. Steele to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, June 14, 1864 (Recommendation)

Outer line of Confederate fortifications, in front of Petersburg, Va., captured by 18th Army Corps, June 15, 1864

Salmon P. Chase to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, March 03, 1864 (Sends commission)

Northern Mississippi and Alabama

Jericho Mills, Virginia. 50th New York Engineers constructing road on south bank of North Anna River

Edward D. Townsend to Edwin M. Stanton, Monday, June 27, 1864 (Cover letter)

Wisconsin Adjutant General, Monday, May 02, 1864 (Printed general orders)

[Two pages of text from Jane Andrews' "Seven little sisters"]

L. Truman to Benjamin F. Tracy, Friday, February 05, 1864 (Recommendation)

Jesse K. Dubois to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, November 08, 1864 (Telegram reporting Springfield, Illinois election results)

Knoxville, Tenn., view from the cupola of University of East Tennessee, March 19th, 1864