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[Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait, seated and holding his spectacles and pencil (retouched to stand out)]

Joshua F. Speed to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, February 15, 1865 (Prisoner exchange)

Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Dismounted gun

Turkestanskii krai. Prival na nochleg karavanov

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Chimkend i ego ulichnye tipy. [no caption]

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Evreiki. Lia.

Edmunds, Hon. Geo. F. of Vt.

Remeslennye instrumenty. Miednika (asbabi misgiari)

Emory, Gen. Wm. H. U.S.A. (not in uniform)

Washington, District of Columbia. Captain Chas. H. Tompkin's (A.Q.M.) and clerks

Tadzhikskie svadebnye obriady. Pereiezd neviesty iz roditel'skago doma k zhenikhu

Ashe, Hon. Thos Samuel, Rep of N.C.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Major George W. Brumm & Co F, (and horse), 50th Pennsylvania Infantry

[Petersburg, Virginia (vicinity)]. View of James river and photographic wagon of Engineer Corps

Jeff Davis on arming the nigger. By M. B. Ladd. Air--Happy land of Canaan. Johnson, printer, No. 7 North 10th Street. February, 1865

Knapp, Hon. Robert M. of Ill.

Military map of south-western Virginia & North Carolina /

Glass, Andrew

Isaac N. Arnold to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 28, 1865 (Seeks office)

Dalgren [i.e. Dahlgren], Admiral and his staff on U.S.S. Pawnee

Abraham Lincoln to John Evans, Thursday, March 16, 1865 (Correspondence with James M. Ashley)

Ray, Dr. Isaac (Brain Specialist)

Reception of the remains of President Lincoln.

MacDougall, Hon. of N.Y.

Plan and sections of Fort Fisher : carried by assault by the U.S. Forces Maj. Gen. A. H. Terry, Commanding, Jan. 15th, 1865 /

Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Virginia. Confederate fortifications on James River above Dutch Gap Canal

Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Grobnitsa sviatago Kussama ibni Abassa (Shakh-Zinde) i mavzolei pri nei. Mavzolei Sha-Arap

Richmond, Virginia. Burnt district

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev. Komicheskoe predstavlenie indieiskoi pliaski (maskarabazi-khindu)

Zhenskiia ukrasheniia i odezhda sredneaziiatok. Odezhda. (Kal'tacha)

Abraham Lincoln to William H. Seward, Tuesday, January 03, 1865 (Philip Figyelmessy)

Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Grobnitsa sviatago Kussama ibni Abassa (Shakh-Zinde) i mavzolei pri nei. Mavzolei Sha-Arap. Chast' otdielki stien vnutri mavzoleia

A large gun in the Rebel Works at Petersburgh (i.e. Petersburg), Va.

Fort C.F. Smith, Co.L., 2d New York

Gilmer, Col. Harry, C.S.A. (not in uniform)

John P. Usher to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, February 28, 1865 (Reappointment of John D. Defrees)

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev. Muzykanty. "Surnaichi"

Hanlan, Edward (Oarsman)

Khlopkovoe proizvodstvo. Voroba dlia razmotki priazhi (naichaandaz-zugutachi) samarkandskii sposob

Dead Confederate soldier, in trenches of Fort Mahone in front of Petersburg, Va., April 3, 1865

Ulichnye tipy sredneaziatskikh gorodov. Tsyganka (mazang-zen)

Andrew Johnson taking the oath of office in the small parlor of the Kirkwood House [Hotel], Washington, [April 15, 1865]

In memoriam, [Nahl & Nagel allegorical representation].

Torgovlia zhelieznymi izdieliiami. Veshchi iz zhelieza dlia domashnei utvari

Band of 107th U.S. Colored Infantry

Fenn, Hon. S.S. of Idaho

Remeslennye instrumenty. Instrumenty zolotykh diel. mastera (asbabi zargari)

Goncharnyia izdieliia. Domashniaia utvar'

Stseny na samarkandskoi ploshchadi (registan) i eia bazarnye tipy. Fokusnik (nairang baz) na ploshchadkie medrese Tillia Kari

Washington, District of Columbia. View of Harewood hospital

Everybody's favorite

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Battery B. (Robertson's) 2d U.S. Artillery

Clarenbach & Herder to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 27, 1865 (Send skates for Tad Lincoln)

Alvord, General Benjamin of Vermont, U.S.A. Commanded District of Oregon throughout war

Le Moyne, Hon. John V. of Ill.

Burch, Hon. John T. of Tenn.

Chinn, Hon. John T. of Ky?

Raymond, John T. Actor

Young, Rep. Hon. John D. of Ky.

Washington, District of Columbia. View from Georgetown Heights

Grayson, Dr.

Parsons, Gov. Lewis E.

Washington, District of Columbia. Crowd at President Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration

Columbus Delano, Hon. of Ohio. Delegate to Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1860. Second the nomination of Abraham Lincoln as a candidate for Pres. U.S. State Commissary General of Ohio in 1861

Patterson, Hon. John James of S.C. (Born in PA. 1830) Delegate to Nat. Republican Convention at Chicago 1860, Capt in 15th U.S. Vol. Inf.

Ochiltree, Hon. Thomas Peck of Texas. Private in Capt John G. Walker's Texas Rangers in campaign against Indians in 1854-55. Delegate to the Democratic National Convention at Charleston S.C. and Md - 1860. Major in 1st Texas Regt. CSA.

White, Hon. Joseph Worthington, Rep of Ohio, Delegate to Democratic National Convention at Baltimore in 1860

Prospect Hill, Virginia. Camp of the 13th New York Cavalry

Scene showing deserted camp and wounded soldier (Zouave), 1865(?)

Camp of U.S. Military R.R. Construction Corp near Manchester, Va., April, 1865

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Camp of Captain John J. Hoff

Appalling circumstance! The President dead! Escape of the Murderer!

Ulysses S. Grant to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, March 31, 1865 (Telegram reporting military situation)

Ulysses S. Grant to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, February 24, 1865 (Telegram concerning Roger A. Pryor and Robert T. Lincoln)

Group of Sioux Indians "Spotted Tail" (photo c. 1875) Standing: Joe Merrivale; Young Spotted Tail; Antoine Janis; Seated: Touch-the-Clouds; Little Big Man; Black Cool; last two are rapoves[?] indentified by George E. Hyde 4229 Dangler[?] St. Omaha, Neb.

Randall, Hon. Samuel J. of PA

Jamestown Journal Extra. The President's death. Second edition. 10 o'clock A. M. Third Edition. 11:40 A. M.

The ship GLAD TIDINGS, with a cargo of American Cotton, entering the port of Liverpool.

Piccadilly, looking east / By Valentine Blanchard.

Ulysses S. Grant to Edwin M. Stanton, Wednesday, March 08, 1865 (Telegram concerning military affairs)

[Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant (Julia Dent Grant), head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

Ulysses S. Grant to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, April 06, 1865 (Telegram forwarding dispatch from Gen. Sheridan)

Grave of John C. Calhoun, in front of St. Philip's church, Charleston, S.C.

Richmond, Virginia. Tredegar Iron Works

Promysly u kirgiz. Prigotovlenie liesin dlia kibitok

[Gettysburg, Pennsylvania]. Lt. Col. Samuel K. Schwenk, 50th Pennsylvania Infantry (seated on horse)

Key, Hon. D.M. of Tenn. Postmaster General

Riley, Hon. Jas. B. of Pa. Rep. James B. Reilly from Pa.

Hodges, Hon. Asa of Ark.

1) The President's funeral car, on a steam lighter, approaching New York from Jersey City; 2) View of the funeral car containing the remains of President Lincoln; 3) Interior of the President's funeral car with the coffin and guard of honor

Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Virginia. Confederate battery

Blair, Hon. Henry W. of N.H.

Bermuda Hundred, Virginia. Lookout tower on left of Bermuda Hundred line

Julian, Hon. Geo. Washington of Indiana

Forney, John W. M.C.

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, [January 31, 1865] (Seward's mission to Hampton Roads)

Negley, Hon. James S. of Pa Rep. General in Union Army

Longstreet, Gen. James CSA (Not in uniform, seated in Lincoln chair)

Ruins of Chancellorsville house in 1865

Richmond, Virginia. Governor Street

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