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Ierusalem, cum suburbiis, prout tempore Christi floruit, accurate notatis omnibus insignibus et praecipuè iis locis... /

Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

Per. receüil [sic] de danses de bal pour l'année 1703.

Mutus liber, in quo tamen ...

[Cosmological scene showing concentric circles depicting creation]

[Alchemical scene showing two putti holding philosopher's stone containing image of Hermes, below which are a man and a woman kneeling before furnace where transmutation is to take place]


[A popular beauty]

[The spear dance]

["Building of the Griffin," Canada, ca. 1690]

[Diagrams of optical phenomena, including the rainbow, the double Icelandic spar, and prism refraction]

[Two lovers under an umbrella]

An explanation on the prospect draft of the Fort William and Mary on Piseatagua [sic] River in yr. province of New Hampshire on the continent of America

Iwai sagenta [to] katsuyama matagorō

The drunkard's coat of arms

Gregorius I, the Great, Saint, Pope, 540(ca.)-604

Izobrazhenie preslavnoi batalii...

The royal Portuguez : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majesty's birth day 1709 /

Nansenbushū bankoku shōka no zu /

The royall gailliarde : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majesty's birth day 1710 /

Algernoon Piercy [i.e. Algernon Percy], Earl of Northumberland & c. / Sr. Ant. Vandyck pinx. ; Vertue sc.

Nami ni goshoguruma moyō no tachi bijin

The rigadoon royal : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1711 /

Daimyō gyōretsu no ezu

[Reading a love letter]

New river water

Oh--You shall see, vat you shall see

Tekkai sennin


Tōjin gyōretsu no ezu ichi

A compleat description of the province of Carolina in 3 parts : 1st, the improved part from the surveys of Maurice Mathews & Mr. John Love : 2ly, the west part by Capt. Tho. Nairn : 3ly, a chart of the coast from Virginia to Cape Florida /

Takenuki gorō

The royal Ann : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1712 /

Taka no ha moyō no tachi bijin

The Pastorall : Mr. Issac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1713 /

[Preparing for the first battle]

Francis Eugene, Prince of Savoy, &c. / M.V. der Gucht, fecit.

The Godolphin : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1714 /

[A popular hero, Shibaraku]

[A beauty with an umbrella]

[Page in Lezioni accademiche; with early barometer created by Torricelli]

Yūjo chōkarō

[Tubes containing mercury with vacuum at top showing development of first barometer capable of measuring atmospheric pressure, includes page of text]

[Robert Powel the Puppet Show man]

Louis Quinze--Roy de France et de Navarre

A view of ye great clock in St. Mark's place at Venice / [Can]aleti pinx ; Jos. Baudin, del. ; H. Fletcher [sculpsit].

Benkei to kodomo (ataka no matsu)

Kage e


Haha to ko

Arbre du café dessiné en Arabie sur le naturel

Kaya no uchisoto


Sannin no yakusha

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] ichikawa monnosuke

[Busts of Frederick I and Ulrica Eleonora, King and Queen of Sweden, with allegorical figures]

Lycopersicon, apples of love

[Wild horses running in water, across a river or in surf]

[Wild boar sleeping beneath bushes during autumn]

[Two oxen, one under a willow tree and one under a plum tree]

By veele zit de kei in't Hooft om dat men in de Wind gelooft

Missisippi of 't wydbefaamde Goudland door de inbeelding der Windnegotie

[Paris and Oenone]

[A large bull or ox]

General view of Covent Garden looking north, circa 1720, from an engraving by Sutton Nicholls

De inventeur der windnegotie, op zyn zegekar

De eklips der zuider zon doet veele in't duister zitten veroorzaakt door de onpolitike maan der brn...

[St. Jerome dying in solitude] / L.C.

[Fracischina with tamborine dancing with Gian Farina who is holding sword]

[Tiger near a cataract]

[Cat with black markings on its fur and a fragrant rose mallow]

[Domestic cat nursing kittens]

La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline : teatro de los trabajos, Apostolicos de la Compa. e Jesus en la America Septe. /

La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline : teatro de los trabajos, Apostolicos de la Compa. e Jesus en la America Septe. /

[Ram and autumn mallow]

[Foxes and chrysanthemums]

[Wild boars running, on cliffs, and near pine trees]

A touch of the times

[Wolves and winter reeds]

[Deer, two bucks fighting, next to a stream]

De verslagen actionist in de stoel met rinkels, overreeden geweest van't geLauwerd Paard van Troje

[Male and female musk deer]

[Knight on horseback - an example of the elaborate ornamentation found in books of calligraphy in the 18th Century]

[Soga Goro making puns]

[A lover's quarrel]

Jacobus Benignus Bossuet, Episcopus / Hyacinthus Rigaud pinxt. ; Petrus Drevet sculpsit.

Ogawa zengorō, ichikawa danjūrō, yamashita kinsaku

[Native American mortuary customs: row of Indians carrying bodies over their shoulders to fires, platform with skeletons hanging above and bones below on benches, and groups of Indians standing around fires and poles hung with cloth or skins]

[Native Americans collecting sap and cooking maple syrup in pots, tilling soil into raised humps, and sowing seeds, North America]

Ann Bonney and Mary Read convicted of piracy...


Captain John Rackam

[Blind Justice holding sword and scales; 7 men on gallows in bg; Brit. warship and pirate ship in close combat below (frontispiece)]

[The mechanical system of a clock driven by weights and pendulum]

Ueno ikenohata sakura no hanami no kei

[Moon viewing at Shinagawa]

Hidari izutsu no mae

[Types of drawbridges]

San katada no rakugan

[Three trees undergoing plant physiology experiments, including demonstration that suction of roots can overcome the force of gravity] / S.G.