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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

[A popular beauty]

[The spear dance]

[Two lovers under an umbrella]

Iwai sagenta [to] katsuyama matagorō

The drunkard's coat of arms

Nami ni goshoguruma moyō no tachi bijin

Daimyō gyōretsu no ezu

Tekkai sennin

[Reading a love letter]


Tōjin gyōretsu no ezu ichi

Takenuki gorō

Taka no ha moyō no tachi bijin

[Preparing for the first battle]

Francis Eugene, Prince of Savoy, &c. / M.V. der Gucht, fecit.

[A popular hero, Shibaraku]

[A beauty with an umbrella]

Yūjo chōkarō

Benkei to kodomo (ataka no matsu)

Kage e


Kaya no uchisoto

Haha to ko


Sannin no yakusha

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] ichikawa monnosuke

By veele zit de kei in't Hooft om dat men in de Wind gelooft

A touch of the times

[Soga Goro making puns]

[A lover's quarrel]


Ueno ikenohata sakura no hanami no kei

[Moon viewing at Shinagawa]

Hidari izutsu no mae

San katada no rakugan

[Rivals contending for a beauty]

Chemical vessels

Chemical furnaces

Setsubun mamemaki

Mr. Alexander Pope

[A willing letter writer]


[Oman the seller of cosmetics]

[The beauty Osome]

[Beauties of the three capitals triptych]

Enthusiasm display'd: or, the Moor Fields congregation

William Harvey M.D. / Bemmel pinx. ; J. Houbraken sculps. Amst. 1739.

[Williamsburg, Virginia, ca. 1740]

Ale Porte del Dolo / A. Canal. f.

[Imaginary view of S. Giacomo di Rialto]

Al Dolo / A. Canal. f.

Le Preston. V / A. Canal. f.

Sugawara no michizane zō

[Hanging poems on a cherry tree]

[Playing with a puppet]

[Beauty holding a book]

[Two lovers in a boat]

[The black knight]

[Two girls whispering]

[Passing a love letter]


Sawamura kodenji to otoko

Ichikawa ebizō no kinzaemon yorikata

[First chapter opening of Methodus inveniendi ...; with headpiece of sphinxes, cherubs, and open book with crossed trumpets, and decorated initial M showing stormy sea]

[View of Boston] / J. Turner.

A Race from Preston Pans to Berwick

Veduta dell' arco di Costantino, e dell' anfiteatro Flavio detto il colosseo

Veduta de Campo Vaccino

Veduta del tempio de Bacco

Kaki mogi[tori?]

Ito zukuri


Whipping John of Islington

A representation of the sugar-cane and the art of making sugar

[Ito nishiki (yarn brocade)]


[Two musicians seated on a bench, wearing geta]

Philip Earl of Chesterfield / Chambars sculp.

Chūgoku hanga

The prodigals nurse, or modern heir / M. Iackson, invt. ; Boitard sculpt.

The harlots nurse, or modern procuress / Boitard sculpt.

Onoe kikugorō [to] nakamura kiyosaburō

Agriculture, labourage

Sawamura Sōjūrō no Soga no Jūrō to Ichikawa Yaozō no Soga no Gorō

Ichimura kamezō nakamura kiyoza[sa?]

Ane otōto no isakai

Imprimerie en lettres, l'opération de la casse / AB s.

Mari arasoi

Flagellation / L'Agneau inv. ; June sc.

A poor man loaded with mischief, or matrimon[y] / drawn by Experience ; engrav'd by Sorrow.

A sceene of sceenes. Elizabeth Cannings dream for ye good of her native country, which she dreamt soon after her arrival in America / J. June, sculp.

British resentment, or The French fairly coopt at Louisbourg / L. Boitard, invt. et delin. ; J. June, sculp.

Britain's Rights maintained; or French ambitions dismantled. Addrest to the Laudable Societys... / L. Boitard, invt..

[The harmonic couple]

Major General James Wolfe, commander in chief of his majesty's forces in the expedition against Quebec / H. Smith Esqr. pinxt. ; C. Spooner fecit.

[Beauties from Fukagawa]

Sir William Johnson, Major General of the English forces in America / T. Adams, delin.; Spooner, fecit.

The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

[The ruins of Balbec] / [Bo]rra Arch del. ; T. [Major sculp].