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[Actors portraying Jupiter and Alcmena in a stage setting]

[The captain]

Iwai sagenta [to] katsuyama matagorō

Takenuki gorō

[A popular hero, Shibaraku]

[A beauty with an umbrella]

Sannin no yakusha

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] ichikawa monnosuke

Ogawa zengorō, ichikawa danjūrō, yamashita kinsaku

Ichikawa ebizō no shinozuka goseki yaburi

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] sakata hangorō

Ichikawa monnosuke

Sanogawa ichimatsu no shakkyō

[The black knight]

Sawamura kodenji to otoko

Ichikawa ebizō no kinzaemon yorikata

Ichikawa ebizō nakamura denkurō ichikawa yaozō

[Warrior or actor with long hair and bracelets around wrist and ankles, full-length, seen from behind, holding a sword]

Onoe kikugorō [to] nakamura kiyosaburō

Sawamura Sōjūrō no Soga no Jūrō to Ichikawa Yaozō no Soga no Gorō

Ichimura kamezō nakamura kiyoza[sa?]

Ichikawa danjūrō no sukeroku

[Caricature of musician or actor dancing, with a cat at his feet]

[Caricature of a woman dancing]

Onoe kikugorō no sanjō kokaji munechika

Bandō hikosaburō

Nakamura matsue

Ichikawa danzō no shinozuka gorō [to] sakata hangorō no omo

[Two men, possibly actors]

Nakamura nakazō

Ichimura kamezo no kyo no jirō

Ichikawa raizō no umeōmaru to nakajima mihoemon no shihei

Ichimura uzaemon no osugi

Ichimura uzaemon no kidōmaru

Onoe matsusuke no odamakihime to ōtani hiroji no okabe no ro

Arashi hinaji no jōrurigozen

Iwai hanshirō no shirabyōshi

Segawa kikunojō [to] ichikawa yaozō

Yamashita kinsaku no yoshitomo no shōjin tokiwagozen

Ichikawa komazō no sano no genzaemon segawa kikunojō no keisei tamagiku

Segawa yūjirō to onoe tamizō

Ichikawa yaozō

Nakamura matsue no kyōmachi no oman to sawamura tanosuke no tsunewakamaru

Sawamura sōjūrō no kudō suketsune [to] ichikawa danzō no soga no gorō

Yamasita kyōnosuke

Sugawara no michizane

Segawa kikunojō

Nakamura kanzaburō

Tomizawa hanzaburō

Nidaime ichikawa monnosuke

Yamashita kinsaku no senjichauri omiya

Nidaime ichikawa monnosuke

Nakajima mihoemon

Sanogawa ichimatsu

Nakajima kanzaemon

Ichikawa danzō

Onoe matsusuke

Onoe matsusuke

Fumi o kaku onoe tamizō

Nakamura tomijurō


Nidaime bandō mitsugorō

Onoe tamizō

Nakamura nakazō

Ichimuraza no mae no iroko

Hako chotin o motsu nidaime ichikawa monnosuke

Yodaime ichikawa danzō

Nakamura kumesaburō

Yodaime iwai hanshirō

Nidaime ichikawa monnosuke no soga no gorō

Sandaime segawa kikunojō

Nidaime ichikawa monnosuke no soga no gorō

Godaime ichikawa danjūrō

Iwai hanshirō

Nidaime ichikawa monnosuke

Segawa Kikunojō

Komekitte o motsu nakamura nakazō

Onoe matsusuke no bikuni

Sandaime sawamura sōjurō

Onoe matsusuke

Nidaime yamashita kinsaku

Onoe matsusuke no raikō sitennō

Ichikawa danjuro no kudo suketsune

Nidaime bandō mitsugorō no anno heibei


Senjō no sarumawashi

Fūryū onna shikisanba

Seki no matsugae

Theatrical portraiture no. 1 - Henry V


Theatrical portraiture no. 6

Theatrical portraiture no. 4 - King Dick

Kataoka nizaemon

Sawamura sōjūrō [to] segawa kikunojō

Bandō Hikosaburō

Segawa tomisaburō [as yadorigi, wife of ogishi kurando]

Tachibanaya ōmiya

Yodaime matsumoto kōshirō [no yamato no yabodaijin to] shodai nakayama tomisaburō [no shinmachi no keisei umegawa]

Ichikawa ebizō no takemura sadanoshin

Sandaime sanogawa ichimatsu (no gionmachi no hakujin onayo to) ichikawa tomiemon (no kanisaka tōma)

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