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Adrienne Le Couvreur / peint par Ch. Coypel, gravé par P. Drevet.

Mrs. Merry as Alzira / De Wilde pinxt. ; Leney sculp.

[French actress, full-length portrait, seen from behind, right hand raised, skipping or dancing, wearing a plumed headdress]

Charlotte Cushman, three-quarter length studio portrait, facing right, seated with her left arm resting on the arm of the chair

Jean Margaret Davenport, three-quarter length studio portrait, facing front, seated with hands on lap

[Charlotte Cushman, three-quarter length portrait, facing right]

Pauline Markham Actress, "Ixion" original British Blonde

[Olive Logan, actress and feminist, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

The devil's auction / J. Gurney & Son.

"Humpty Dumpty" 1868 Pantomine, Ada Harland

[Lotta Crabtree, three-quarter length portrait, facing left, behind chair]

[Lotta Crabtree, half-length portrait, facing left, leaning on table, looking down]

[Lotta Crabtree half-length portrait, facing right]

[Lotta Crabtree, half-length portrait, facing right, holding cigar]

[Lotta Crabtree, full-length portrait in costume for a theatrical role, smoking a cigar]

[Lotta Crabtree, full-length portrait in costume for a theatrical role, facing front]

[Lotta Crabtree, full-length portrait, facing right, with small keg]

[Lotta Crabtree, full-length portrait, facing right, smoking cigar]


Charlotte Wolter

[Maud Granger, actress, in costume as Rosalind, full-length portrait, facing front] / Murray, New York & Boston.

Clara Ziegler

Hedwig Raabe

Charlotte Cushman Sarony & Co., 680 Broadway ; Sarony & Co., photographers, 680 Broadway, N.Y., Napoleon Sarony, Alfred S. Campbell

Adelaide Neilson Actress

Rice's Extravaganza Combination

Janauschek as "Meg Merrilies"

[Pauline Cushman in military-style costume]


Jocasta's offering

Margaret Mather no. 16

Margaret Mather no. 20

The miniature Patti, Louise Marguerite the wonderful child singer & actress.

Minnie Palmer

Georgie Drew Barrymore

Miss Maxine Elliott

[Miss Beatrice Cameron as Lady Anne]

Julia Arthur

Miss Margaret Robinson

Ada Rehan as Rosalind

Sara Bernhardt / Sarony, N.Y.

Marie Tempest in the "Fencing master" / Sarony, 37 Union Sqr., N.Y.

Edwin Rostell as Richelieu, Elsé Tourny as Julie

Yours, Fanny Rice

[Molly Fuller, full-length portrait, standing, facing left, in costume]

Julia Marlowe

Doing the split

[Fanny Rice, full-length portrait, standing, facing left]

Actresses as bicycle riders [7 illustrations of actresses with bicycles: 1. Effie Ellsler; 2. Cissy Fitzgerald; 3. Anna Held; 4. Queenie Vassar; 5. Mrs. James Brown Potter; 6. Miss Georgia Cayvan; 7. Miss Lillian Russell]

Rice's production of the latest London novelty, The girl from Paris written by George Dance ; music by Ivan Caryll.

Mrs. Fiske, "Tess of the D'Ubervilles" / Sarony, New York.

Georgia Waldron / from photo by C.M. Hayes & Co., Detroit.

Fanny Rice

[Maude Adams, actress, full-length portrait, facing left in costume(?)]

Mathews & Bulger presenting rag time opera, By the sad sea waves

A.Q. Scammon's The sleeping city

Selden's funny farce, A spring chicken

Harry Howard's latest success The doctor's warm reception

Blanche Walsh

Julia Arthur

Gertrude Shipman, Lawrence B. McGill

Blanche Walsh and Melbourne MacDowell

A.Q. Scammon's The real Widow Brown

Georgia Gardner

Lydia Barry

Waite's Stock Co. and grand orchestra the best for the least money.

Annie Russell

Miss Maude Adams

Blanche Walsh

Mamie Sheridan Wolford

Anna Held

The idol of the south, Mabel Paige supported by Marshall's Musical Comedy Company.

Julia Arthur

Gertrude Shipman

Hoyt's new A trip to Chinatown

Julia Marlowe

Lady Essex as Juliet, full-length portrait

Sapho New York's raging sensation.

[Lady Essex as Juliet, full-length portrait]

Lady Gregory, one of the founders of the Irish theatre

Dick Ferris presents The Grace Hayward Co.

Actress Julia Marlowe standing on a platform above a lake Burr McIntosh Studio, 18 West 33rd Street

The rage of London, Shaftesbury Theatre, The Belle of New York

[Sarah Bernhardt dans Gismonda]

Edward C. White's dramatic production, Two little vagrants

Dick Ferris presents The Grace Hayward Co.

Mrs. Siddons

Bob Manchester's The Cracker Jacks a 20th century idea.

Mrs. Siddons

Hoyt's A brass monkey

Minnie Fiske / drawn by Ernest Haskel.

Lady Gregory, one of the founders of the Irish theatre

Anna Held

Miss Elsie de Wolfe / Photo by Miss Ben Yusuf.

[Maxine Elliott, actress, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, dressed in role of Portia]

Henrietta Crosman

Miss Doro, no. 4

Miss Kathryn Kidder

Studies in expression. The author and the soubrette

Miss Doro, no. 8 / Burr McIntosh Studio.