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[Air mattress made from animal skins]

Figures du traite de la pesanteur de l'air

[Air pump and glass receptacle demonstrating that a small animal will die in a vacuum]

[Illustrations of experiments proving air is a compressed substance and title page]

Physical air,-or-Britannia recover'd from a trance;-also, the patriotic courage of Sherry Andrew; & a peep thro' the fog

The Conquest of the Air

Avant L'Envol Vers Paris [La Vie Au Grand Air]

John Anderson, my Jo, a Scotch Air, sung by Sinclair, arranged by Kozeluch

[A man, sitting on the ground, is wearing several layers of clothing, a peaked cap, and sandals; three large disks topped with straw are on the ground in front, a long staff behind, and three fairies dance in the air overhead]

Dr. Chauncey's patent air tight cooking stoves

National temperance ode. Air- America

The jugglers processions and grand jubilee With gull traps and hard cider. Air "The flower of Dunblane." ...[Signed] Equal rights. Carroll County, Md., 1840.

Variations brillantes sur l'air favori "Happy land"

Fantasia and variations on the Ethiopian air The rose of Alabama, op. 2

Grand patent India-rubber air line railway to California: competition defied


L'air = El Aire = Die Luft.

Plan of floor of Hall of Representatives with the air ducts and registers

Plan of air ducts, heating and ventilating apparatus

Indian maid of the chapparal. Air- Mary Blane. Thomas M. Scroggy, Publisher, No. 443 Vine Street, above Twelfth, Philadelphia

Wonderful, unprecedented, and exciting exhibition! An aeroport of flying ship, 23 feet long and carrying an operative steam engine and freight, with automaton passengers and various kinds of merchandise, will fly through the air, in various dire

The great prize fight Air: Camptown races. Which took place at Boston, Oct. 12th, 1853. [1853?]

Original air line and United States mail route! 1857. Spring arrangement. 1857. St. Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad. The only direct route from Chicago or Joliet to St. Louis Kansas and Nebraska ... [Chicago? Ill.] 1857.

Map of the Iowa Central Air Line Rail Road and its connections.

Bradley & Rankin's prize fight for $1000 a side at Point Abino, Canada, August 1, 1857 by Saugerties Bard. Air Old Virginia's Shore. New York. J. Andrews, printer, 38 Chatham St. [1857].

Map of Texas showing the Sabine and Galveston Bay Rail Road, or Texas and New Orleans Air Line Rail Line, its connections in the U.S. and adjacent territories.

The Washington tragedy. Air, Vilikins and his Dinah. April 1859.

Salle de conférences ... Conférences experimentales sur la navigation aérienne par l'ingénieur Camille Vert, de la Drôme le plus léger que l'air par le poisson volant : le plus lourd que l'air par l'homme ailé ...

The Irish wide-awake. Air: Billy O. Rourke. By Harry M. Palmer. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y

Lines on the great calamity at Lawrence, and the fall of the Pemberton Mills, Jan. 10, 1860. Rhymed by O. K. Vates,----- air- Major's only son.

My true love is a butcher boy. Composed by J. J. Allen. Air: The saileur boy. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y

The Lily of the West. Air: Caroline of Edinburg-town. H. De Marsan, Publisher, No. 38 & 60, Chatham Street, N. Y

Major Andre's arrest and execution. Air: Dog and gun. H. De Marsan, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Adolpheus Snow. Air.-Blow, ye winds, I. O. H. De Marsan, Publisher, &c., 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N.Y

Nettie is no more. Composed by John Benjamin, and sung by H. Greenwood at the Chatham Theatre. Air: Nettie Moore. H. De Marsan, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y

The girl I loved best of all. Air: Harp that once though Tara's Hall. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Steph. A. Douglas and H. V. Johnson. Air: Dandy Jim of Caroline. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Streer, N. Y

The old bog-hole. Air: Old zip coon. H. De Marsan, Publisher, No. 38 & 60 Chatham St. N. Y. [c. 1860]

The press gang. Air: Tom Haliard. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 Chatham Street, N. Y. [c. 1860]

Bessie Lane. Air: Nelly Gray. H. De Marsan, Publisher, ... 38 Chatham Street N. Y. [c. 1860]

Our Yankee generals. Air: Dixie's land. H. De Marsan, Publisher, 38 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y

A voice from the old Maryland line. Air:- "Maryland my Maryland." Baltimore, Oct. 27th, 1861

Down-trodden Maryland. Air- "Tom Bowling." Baltimore, Nov. 18, 1861

The Darkey in the air

Southrons to arms! Air- "God save the South." Baltimore, June 1, 1862

The young conscript and his lady. By A. Anderson ... Air: Who will care for Mother now? ... A. Anderson, Philadelphia ... Oct. 1863

Lilly and her soldier. Air- Bony's awa. May, 1863

Washington, a birthday song. By Frank I. Jervis. Air: "Rule Britannia." Loag, Pr. cor. 4th. & Chestnut. [Copyright secured, February 20th, 1864]

McClellan campaign song. Air- "Wait for the wagon." Composed by John A. McSorley of New York City, and dedicated to Horatio Seymour. Theodore Dutton, 13 Spruce Street, N.Y

The fate of the pirate Alabama. Air- The heights of Alma

Our "Mac" shall march to Washington. Air-"Johnny fill up the bowl." ... J. F. Feeks, 26 Ann Street, and 636 Broadway, New York

How Sherman's veterans took Atlanta. Air- Lanigan's ball. ... No. 300 North 20th Street, Philadelphia. [c. 1864]

The old Union wagon. Air: Wait for the wagon. No. 300 North 20 St., Phila., Pa. [c. 1864]

The old Union wagon. Air: Wait for the wagon. By James D. Gay, the Celebrated Army Song Publisher &c., No. 300 North 20th street, Philadelphia, Pa

Death and burial of Abraham Lincoln [Cut of Abraham Lincoln A nation mourns his loss! By Humanities [pseud] Air:- "Sweet home." Boston: Morrill, Pr. [1865].

It was on one Monday morning ... By B. W. Dugan. Air Hoist up the flag. J. H. Johnson, Printer, No 7 North 10th street, Philada. July 1865

To the people of Portland. It is believed that a fair expression of public sentiment upon the question of giving further aid to the air line was not obtained at town meeting last Saturday, owing to the absence of a very large number of voters fr

To the public. A satisfactory arrangement is in progress, and will undoubtedly be made with the parties controlling the organization of the air line railroad co ... It is believed and promised that a subscription of $150,000 to the stock

Map showing the line of the Louisville, New Albany, and St. Louis Air Line Railroad and its connections.

[Pennsylvania Railroad advertising material: "Pennsylvania Air Line, between New York and Washington City"]

Republican star campaign song ... We'll go for Hayes and Wheeler. Air:- "Yankee Doodle" Melrose, Mass. 1876.

A lʹhippodrome - l'equilibre dans l'air / Lefman, sc.

Map showing the line of the Virginia, Tennessee, & Georgia Air Line composed of the Shenandoah Valley R.R., Norfolk & Western R.R. and the East Tennessee, Virginia, & Georgia R.R.

Song and dance air

The Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia Air Line; the Shenandoah Valley R.R.; Norfolk & Western R.R.; East Tennessee, Virginia, & Georgia R.R. (its leased lines,) and their connections.

There rose on the air

There's a song in the air

[Cures d'air dans la montagne] / A. Robida.

[Man on ship comparing temperature of the surface of the sea and the air in various parts of the world] / E. Gulland ; Pearson, sc.

Darktown Sports - Winning easy: I know'd i'd send him in de air!

Fine view of General Grant's mountain home, where he passed his last days in the bracing air of Mt. McGregor, at the Drexel Cottage--The General seen in repose on the side porch; Dr. Douglas and Col. Fred Grant in consultation on the front porch

Walking on air she was so proud

[Palace of Fine Arts, as seen from the side, with a hot air balloon in the distance, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Chalet Simard, Pavilion of Bolivia, and the Pavilion of Nicaragua, with base of the Eiffel Tower, and in the far background, a hot air balloon, Paris Exposition, 1889]

U.S.S. Vesuvius, air chambers of dynamite guns

[Am Hof, Vienna, Austria, with open air market and equestrian statue in foreground]

Part of the village of Johore -- open air theater at the left of the picture

Map of the Seaboard Air Line and its principal connections north, south, east & west, 1896.

Skirmishing near the "monasteries in the air," northern Greece

Detail of Air

Pumping air to the divers in Battleship Maine, Havana Harbor, Cuba

Down thro' the air each tiny sprite floats in a robe of filmy white

A musical farce comedy, The air ship by J.M. Gaites.

Open air school, N.Y.C.

[Part of air compressor at Ellison Hoist, Lead Homestake Mine]

Zeppelin Air Ship

Man posing next to propeller of Wellman air ship, Spitzbergen

Hodge Open Air School

Blimp-Wellman air ship, Spitzbergen

Rest period, Elizabeth McCormick Open Air School No. 2, on roof of Hull House boys club / Burke-Atwell Photo Chgo.

[Students in geography class at Thaddeus Stevens School, fresh air class]

[Futuristic air travel] / Harry Grant Dart.

[Seaboard Air Line docks, Savannah, Ga.]

Men in basket of Zeppelin Air Ship

Open air meeting, Berlin, protesting against Franchise Law at Treptow Park, Socialist, Fisher speaking.

Amundsen (blimp) Air Ship I - SAAN

Open - air theatre at Sarka (Prague, Bohemia)

Open air school, N.Y.C.

Site of first year round open air school, Chicago, Ill.

Bon Air Hotel, Summerville, [i.e. Augusta] Ga.