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Plan du Fort Condé de la Mobille, marqué en rouge dans l'Etat quil est presentement 1743, avec la partie de l'augementation [i.e. l'augmentation] proposée, marqué en jeaune [i.e. jaune].

Carte particulière d'une partie de la Louisianne ou les fleuve et rivierres [i.e. rivières] onts etés relevé a l'estime & les routtes [i.e. routes] par terre relevé & mesurées aux pas, par les Srs. Broutin, de Vergés, ingénieurs & Saucier dessinateur /

A plan of part of the rivers Tombecbe, Alabama, Tensa, Perdido, & Scambia in the province of West Florida; with a sketch of the boundary between the nation of upper Creek Indians and that part of the province which is contigious thereto, as settled at the congresses at Pensacola in the years 1765 & 1771.

Virginia Colonial Safety Committee; Edmund Pendleton, et al to Thomas Jefferson, September 26, 1775, Printed Commission as Commander of the Albemarle County, Virginia, Militia

Plano del Puerto de la Mobila Situado en latd. No. de 30⁰ 10ʹ m. tomado á los Ingleses el dia 14 de Marzo de 1780.

Plano del Pto. de la Movila situado en la latd. N. de 30⁰ 10ʹ tomado á los Ings., el día 14 de marzo de 1780.

A plan of Mobile Bar,

Costa desde la Mobila asta la Bahía de Sn. Josef.

[Map of Mobile Bay] /

Prospectus for publishing by subscription A map of the state of Louisiana, with a part of the State of Mississippi and Alabama Territory by Maxfield Ludlow. [181-].

The state of Mississippi and Alabama territory.

Survey from the bay of Perdido to Mobile Point made by order of Genl. James Wilkinson /

Andrew Jackson to Huntsville Alabama Citizens, May 10, 1814

Plan of Bend and breast works of Tohopeka, the battle of the 27th March 1814.

[Sketch map of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend of Tallapoosa River, 27th March 1814.].

[Plat of land along the Rio de la Movila near its juncture with Bayou Chataugé].

[Unfinished map of a portion of land along Perdido Bay, Spanish West Florida].

Rough sketches of the Creek Country : [Alabama].

Map by which the Creek Indians gave their statement at Fort Strother on the 22nd Jany, 1816 : [Alabama and Georgia].

A map of Mexico, Louisiana, and the Missouri Territory : including also the state of Mississippi, Alabama Territory, East and West Florida, Georgia, South Carolina & part of the Island of Cuba /

Map of Alabama /

Plano borrador de la parte de la Florida Occidental contenida entre el Rio Mississipi y Bahia de la Mobila inclusives /

To the friends of our country. [Alabama 1824?]

Alabama /

Report of the committee appointed to examine the state bank. Jan. 8th, 1827.

An abstract of the census of Alabama, taken in 1827.

To the public ... July 30, 1829.

[Campaign document.]

Andrew Jackson, with the Tennessee forces, on the Hickory Grounds (Ala.) A.D. 1814

A map of part of Alabama & Florida, showing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Rail Road, accompanying the report of Major J. D. Graham, U.S. Topographical Engr. Feb. 6th, 1836; drawn chiefly from the original surveys in the Gen. Land Office at Washington by Wm. R. Palmer, U.S. Asst. Civil Engr.

Alabama Legislature, January 2, 1836

New edition of MacBeth. Bank-oh's! Ghost

Map of Georgia & Alabama exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads & c.; by David H. Burr (Late topographer to the Post Office), Geographer to the House of Representatives of the U.S.

Dixon H. Lewis, Representative from Alabama

Clar de kitchen

Expansion & contraction

William R. King, Senator from Alabama

Jackson quelling the mutiny

[Jeremiah Clemens, half-length portrait, facing front]

Funeral obsequies of free-trade

Fantasia and variations on the Ethiopian air The rose of Alabama, op. 2

Map showing the N.E. & S.W. Alabama R.R. with its connections also the principal routes between New York and New Orleans.

Auburn College, Ala. / T.B.

[Poster offering fifty dollars reward for the capture of a runaway slave Stephen.]

The gladiators of the Senate! The bulley's of the House

Hon. W.R. King of Alabama

H. V. Poor's rail road map showing particularly the location and connections of the North East & South West Alabama Rail Road, by E. D. Sanford, Civil Engineer.

Snedecor's map of Greene County, Alabama, 1858.

[Design drawing for stained glass window "In the Temple," American style, beatific with architectural frame for Church of St. Michael and All Angels in Anniston, Alabama]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with Hannah presenting Samuel in Temple for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Brewton, Alabama]

The Alabama State Fair - the Amphitheatre

De Soto crossing the Tombigbee River / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

El Alabama fabrica de tabacos de las mejores vegas de la vuelta abajo

[Benjamin Fitzpatrick, Senator from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Williamson R.W. Cobb, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Jabez L.M. Curry, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[James F. Dowdell, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Sydenham Moore, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Eli S. Shorter, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[George S. Houston, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[James A. Stallworth, Representative from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

[Clement C. Clay, Senator from Alabama, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Hon. Charles Hays of ALA

Hon. Charles Hays of Ala

Anonymous. “Alabama” to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, December 22, 1860 (Urges Lincoln to resign)

Hon. George Eliphaz Spencer of ALA.

Andrew B. Moore, war governor of Ala.

Hon. Peter Myrident Dox of ALA

Hon. Peter M. Dox of ALA

Mr. W. H. Crisp, Lessee and manager of Crisp's gaiety, New Orleans; Savannah and Augusta, Georgia; Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Montgomery and Huntsville, Alabama; and manager of the Parodi grand Italian opera company. Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Cris

Hon. Alfred Eliab Buck of Ala.

Gen. John W. Frazer, Col. of 28th Ala Inf. CSA

Hon. Wm. Crawford Sherrod of Alabama

Hon. Robert Stell Heflin of ALA

Hon. Alfred Eliab Buck of Ala

Gen. John W. Frazer, Col. of 28th Ala Inf. CSA

Hon. Joseph Humphrey Sloss of Ala.

Alabama. Lists of claimants against the United States for property alleged to have been taken or furnished for the use of the Union armies: it being represented that during the late revellion the sympathies of these claimants were constantly wit

Hon. Charles Hays of ALA

Hon. Charles Hays of ALA.

Union / painted by T.H. Matteson ; engraved by H.S. Sadd.

Gen. Henry De Lamar Clayton of Ala

Gen. John W. Frazer, Col. of 28th Ala Inf. CSA

Colton's map of the southern states : including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas : showing also part of adjoining states & territories locating the forts & military stations of the U. States & showing all the rail roads, r.r. stations & other internal improvements.

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 4, "The schoolmaster abroad" at last

The Hon. Jefferson Davis, president-elect of the new southern confederacy, addressing the citizens of Montgomery, Ala., from the balcony of the Exchange Hotel, on the night of February 16th, 1861, and previous to his inauguration / from a sketch by our special artist.

The Southern Confederacy - Senate Chamber in the Capitol at Montgomery, Alabama, during open session - the Hon. Howell Cobb presiding

Confederate ram Tennessee, Mobile, Alabama

Birds eye view of Florida and part of Georgia and Alabama

Circular letter No. 4. Montgomery, May 20, 1861.

Letter to V. M. Randolph from S. R. Mallory, March 20, 1861.

Capture of Mobile, Alabama

The cabinet of the Confederate States at Montgomery / from photographs by Whitehurst, of Washington, and Hinton, of Montgomery, Alabama.

The fox without a tail

The city of Montgomery, Alabama, showing the state house where the congress of the Southern Confederacy meets on February 4, 1861

[Private Parris P. Casey of Company I, "Cherokee Rangers," 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, with bayoneted musket]

Secession exploded

Anonymous to Perry County Alabama Ladies, 1861 (Clipping)

A bill to be entitled an act to provide for the public safety. [s. l.]

[Enoch Hooper Cook, Jr., Pvt, Co. H. 38th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A., half-length portrait, facing front holding rifle]

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