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Tabula geographica generalis Imperii Russici ad normam novissimarum observationum astronomicarum concinnata /

Karta morskikh otkrytīĭ Rosīĭskimi moreplavateli︠a︡mi na Tikhom i Ledovitom mori︠a︡kh : v raznykh godakh uchinennykh /

Ansicht des Etablissements der R.A. Compagnie in Norfolk-Soundoder Sitcha

[Plan of layout of Russian fort in Alaska, 1803-1806] / Capt'n. Lisiansky, del. ; Smith, sculp't.

[Architectural plan of Fort Sitka, Alaska]

Vue du port d'Ounalashka

Intérieur d'une cabane de Caloches (Ile de Sitkha, Côte N.O. de l'Amérique) / dessiné d'après nat: par A. Postels ; lith. de Thierry frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

Karta Ledovitago mori︠a︡ i Vostochnago okeana /

Merkatorskai︠a︡ karta Proliva Kuprei︠a︡nova : nakhodi︠a︡shchagosi︠a︡ mezhdu ostrovami Kadʹi︠a︡kom i Afognakom /

Map of Russian America or Alaska Territory.

North western America, from Port Clarence to mouth of Kvichpak [sic] River /

A letter from home - on the Allenkaket River, Alaska

Northwestern America showing the territory ceded by Russia to the United States.

[Full page of advertisements and a political cartoon "Preparing for the heated term; King Andy and his man Billy lay in a great stock of Russian ice in order to cool down the Congressional majority"; caricature of Pres. Andrew Johnson and Sec. of State William Seward carrying huge iceberg of "Russian America" in a wheelbarrow "treaty"; refers to Seward's purchase of Alaska in Dec. 1866]

Shajō no byōchi : chizu ni iwayuru Rōkyōwan nari = Sialiao anchorage : the Liang Kiau Bay of the maps.

Fishing for and drying of halibut, Haidah village, Prince of Wales Island, Sitka Archipelago, Alaska

Carved doorpost in Alaska

Shultze Glacier, Takou Inlet, Alaska / H. H. Brodeck.

Shamans graves, Alaska

Glacier in Alaska

Floating ice, Frederick Sound, above Horn Cliffs, S.E. Alaska / photographed by Ensign A.P. Niblack, U.S. Navy.

View of the Devil's Thumb tipped with clouds, looking down Frederick Sound, S.E. Alaska / photographed by Ensign A.P. Niblack, U.S. Navy.

Totem poles, Alaska / W. Seward McClure, San Francisco, California.

S.S. Alaska

Avalanche of snow across railroad tracks

Alaska Indian baskets

The route of the Alaska excursion steamers.

Hon. John W. Clark, after whom Lake Clark is named

Alaska - Sitka - Indian Ranch (view along rocky beach)

Steamer TOPEKA at Muir Glacier, Alaska

Miners' meeting at Sheep Camp, Alaska. Trial of camp thieves

Chilkat Indians gathering for Potlatch Dance, Alaska

Indian visitors attending Potlatch at Kok-wol-too village, Chilkat River, Alaska

Potlatch dance on Chilkat River, Alaska

Totem poles, Kake, Alaska

Saginaw Jake, of Killisnoo, Alaska

[Alaska - Juneau - native women seling curios]

[Alaska - Klondike - "Devil's Bluff portage in the canyon near Sheep Camp"; group of 8 African Americans and Whites making portage]

[Kah-chuckte, of Killisnoo, Alaska (Chief of Neltusken)]

Old totem poles in chief's house

Exterior of Chief Klart-Reech's House, Chilkat, Alaska

Images on Indian doctor's grave, Chilkat, Alaska

Totem poles, Chief Kat-a-shan's house, Fort Wrangel, Alaska

Image on Chief's Grave, Chilkat, Alaska

Chilkat Indians in dancing costumes, Alaska / Winter & Pond, photographers, Juneau, Alaska.

Indian dancers at Potlatch, Chilkat, Alaska

Juneau Fire Department

Old Tlingit Indian, Alaska

Hose co. no. 1, Juneau [Alaska] Fire Dept.

Section of Muir Glacier, Alaska

Eskimo cutting head off walrus at Ice Cape, Alaska

Str. WILLAMETTE discharging freight at Skaguay, Alaska

Shoeing horses in the woods, Skaguay (sic), Alaska / Winter & Pond, Juneau, Alaska.

[Alaska - Unloading freight on Skaguay beach]

A record moose, head 69? inches, killed in Alaska by Dall De Weese?, Canon City, Colo., 1887?

[Native women weaving baskets, Sitka, Alaska]

[Four prospectors posed on trail, Alaska]

Foot of summit, Yukon Trail, Alaska

[Alaska]: Towing provisions up Dyea River

"Judge" "Judge" afterward stole Cleveland's stow[?] of whiskey on the Yukon and cleared $10,000.

[Alaska]: Rapids between Lakes Linderman and Bennett

Street in Juneau

Patient waiters are no losers / Dalrymple.

[Scavatka, Yukon guide, Alaska, three-quarter-length portrait, standing, facing front]

Skaguay (sic), Aug. 12th, 1897 / LaRoche, photo, Seattle, Wash.

[Alaska]: Dyea Trail blocked by falling horse

Skagua (sic), Alaska / LaRoche, photo, Seattle, Wash.

Map of the Alaskan gold fields.

Native children on the beach, Sitka, Alaska

Millroy's map of Alaska and the Klondyke gold fields.

Patient waiters are no losers / Dalrymple.

Camp of Yukoners near the Dyea Canyon, Alaska

Going to Klondyke.

[Alaska - "Inorah family"]

On Dyea Trail, Alaska

Gold miners and their dog teams, Dyea Trail, Alaska

Gold miners and packers on Dyea Trail, Alaska

Miners and packers climbing the "Golden Stair" Trail, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Searching for the dead after snowslide of April 3, '98, Dyea Trail, Alaska

Klondikers climbing the "Golden Stair" and "Peterson's" Trail, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Dr. Jones' residence - preparing dinner, Sheep Camp, Alaska

King Island group

A picturesque street in Sheep Camp, Alaska

Miners and packers climbing the "Golden Stair" trail, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Bound for the Klondike gold fields, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Bound for the Klondike Gold Fields, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Searching for the dead after snowslide of April 3, 1898, Dyea Trail, Alaska

Alaska by Moonlight, Bound for the Klondyke

The first lesson

"A.U.G.M. Co.'s 'ready bullion' mill, Douglas Island, Alaska": concentrator floor

St. Lawrence Island house

Klondykers climbing the "Golden Stair" and "Peterson's Trail," Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

"A.U.G.M. Co.'s 'ready bullion' mill, Douglas Island, Alaska": battery floor

Unloading Yukon outfits at mouth of Stickeen River, Alaska

A trifle embarrassed / Keppler.

Steamer QUEEN at Haines Mission, Alaska, enroute to the Klondyke

Dr. Sheldon Jackson and government P.O. inspector enroute to Dawson City, Alaska

The DORA BLUHM at the Port of St. Michaels, Alaska

Bound for the Klondike Gold Fields, Chilcoot Pass, Alaska

Our party en route to the Klondike, Sheep Camp, Alaska