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A Map of the route from the city of Albany to the Fort Osswego on the Lake of Cataroque.

A Plan of Albany, as it was in the year 1758.

Advertisement. To be sold by public vendue, on Thursday the 14th of April next, at the House of Abraham Post, Tavern Keeper, at Sagerties. Six thousand acres of land. Situate to the north of, and adjoining the line between the counties of Albany

[Powder horn with hand-drawn map of the Hudson River (above Albany), Mohawk River, Niagara region, and Lake Ontario in New York Province].

To the independent electors, of the City and County of Albany. At a public and general meeting of the Federalists of the City of Albany, a committee, consisting of fifteen persons was appointed for the purpose of collecting the sentiments of the

A view of houses in the city of Albany

Albany. 19th February, 1789. Gentlemen. One of the most important elections is soon to take place, that can possibly engage the attention of a free people---it is for a Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, a continental representative, state senators

City of Albany, February 16, 1792. On the 13th instant a letter was received by Abraham Ten Broeck, Esquire, from a gentleman in New York, informing that Judge Yates had publicly declined standing a candidate for Governor, and inclosing the foll

Albany. February 16, 1798. Connecticut Gore. On Wednesday last the House of Assembly, agreeable to the order of the day, proceeded to the consideration of the message of his Excellency the Governor, and the papers from the Connecticut Gore Compa

State of New-York. In Senate, August 17th 1798. Ordered that Mr. Foote and Mr. Frey deliver a copy of the resolution, (relative to the proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States) to the Hon. the Assembly and request their concu

In Committee, Albany, 8th April, 1799. The annexed ticket will announce to you the candidates who we have agreed to support at the ensuing election: In its formation we experienced considerable embarrassment, by reason of opposite nominations fo

Thoughts, on the subject of the ensuing election, addressed to the party in the state of New-York, who claim exclusively the appellation of federalists ... April 1, 1800. {Albany [Printed by Barber & Southwick] [1800]} [Positive Photostat].

Spafford's patent, for improved wheel-carriages. This certificate, No. is evidence of the sale of a single right to use the improvement secured by my patent ... Albany Mo. 18.

Eagle Tavern, corner of Broadway & Hamilton St., Albany. We have leased the Eagle Tavern for a term of years and have cleansed and regenerated it from top to bottom ... Alfred Houghton. late of the Steamboatt Knickerbocker. Peter Acker, late of

Jacobin modesty! Again the cry of Tory is raised against the Federalists by the modest Jacobins soit disant Republicans.- One would have thought, after President Jefferson had turned out of office James Watson an old Whig and soldier, to put in

To the independent electors of the State of New-York. At a meeting of a very respectable number of Republican freeholders, from the different parts of this State, held according to adjournment, at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, the 4th

At a meeting of the Republican members of the Legislature and other citizens of the Western district, held at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, on the 11th day of March, 1801. [Positive Photostat].

To the independent electors of the State of New York. Fellow-citizens. A freeman who has more to lose as an individual, than many of you, and nothing to gain, by the perversion of the elective franchise, the free exercise of which is essential t

To the independent electors of the state of New-York. At a meeting of very respectable number of Republican freeholders, from the different parts of this State, held according to adjournment, at Wendell's hotel, in the City of Albany, the 4th da

Election. At a numerous and respectable meeting of electors from different parts of the state held at the Tontine coffee-house, in the City of Albany, on the 28th day of January 1801. [Positive Photostat].

At a numerous and respectable meeting of federal electors of the city of Albany, held at the City tavern, on Saturday evening, the 14th of February, 1801 agreeably to previous notice published in the Albany Gazette and Centinel. [Albany. 1801].

... On Saturday last, His Excellency the governor sent the following message to the Legislature. Gentlemen. For the reasons mentioned in it, I wrote the following letter to the Chancellor, and to the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme

Members composing the House of Assembly of the State of New-York. with their places of residence ... Albany, January 1805.

An address, and the constitution, of the Bible and common prayer book society, established in the City of Albany and its vicinity, A.D. 1810. Albany. H. Packard, printer, [1810].

Whereas his Excellency the Governor has this day prorogued the Legislature, while in the calm and deliberate exercise of their constitutional functions; and thereby interrupted the business of an important session; prevented the passage of many

At a numerous meeting of the Federal Republicans Citizens of the City of Albany, convened at Bement's Albany Coffee-House on Thursday evening, April 25, 1816 ... Resolved unanimously. That this meeting cheerfully concur in the nomination of the

Albany Register Extra. The voice of truth. To the electors of the State of New York. Understanding that many misrepresentations are incessantly circulated concerning the accounts of Daniel D. Tompkins with this state, the corresponding committee

A caucus held at Albany on sunday evening April 11th. 1824 by the N.Y. city members

Hudson River appropriation. The case fairly stated. [Albany, 1832?].

Funeral honors, to the memory of La Fayette The exercises at the church, Thursday, July 24th. 1834 ... [Albany, 1834].

To the Editor of the Assembly Chamber, Albany 1836. Please send your paper, directed to a member of the Assembly, during the present session .... Clerk of Assembly. [Albany, 1836].

Albany medical college 1858

Loss of the steamboat Swallow: while on her trip, from Albany to New-York, on Monday evening April 7th 1845

Map of the rail roads, from Rome to Albany and Troy, by one of the engineers who assisted in contructing, prepared from actual survey.

The Hudson River at Albany, U.S. Saturday July 18th 1846

Churchill's Hudson street temperance house. Nos. 10 & 12 Hudson Street, Albany ... A. C. Churchill. Albany, 1847.

Independent opposition day boat for New-York, & intermediate landings, from the pier foot of Hamilton-St ... The new & splendid steamer Alida ... Albany From the Mammoth Job Press of H. D. Stone [1847].

Townsend House. Nos. 369 & 371 Broadway, Albany. This new and spacious house, containing one hundred rooms, fourteen of which are parlors, with bed-rooms off, is located about equidistant between the boats and cars, and within three minutes walk

Single meals 25 cents, at the Rail-road exchange, entrance Nos. 25 & 27 Maiden Lane, fronting on Broadway, Albany. ... Abner A. Pound [1847?].

Aurora, N.Y. from the "North Poplars" / drawn by H.W.P. ; lith. of Richd. H. Pease, Albany, N.Y.

The great American steamer, General Washington, the largest boat in the world to be built and run on the new National Line, between New York and Albany / drawn on stone by C. Parsons ; invented, designed, and drawn by Darius Davison, New York.

New York to and from Albany & Troy. Reduced fare ... New York, April 26th, 1852.

Albany, N.Y. / on stone by Hatch & Severyn ; J.W Hill.

[Hinckley family, of Albany, New York, full-length group portrait, including Dr. John Warren Hinckley, his wife, a son, and daughter Isabella]

Hudson River above Albany

Map of Albany County, New York : from actual surveys /

1856. Day boat for Albany & Troy ... The favorite steamer Armenia, Capt. Smith will leave foot of Canal & Spring streets, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7 o'clock, A. M ... Troy. E.H. Tripp, printer. [1856].

Check your baggage to Oswego. Great northern and western route! via Oswego, Toronto, and Collingwood connecting the eastern cities with Lake Michigan, Huron & Superior. Ontario, Simcoe & Huron railroad ... Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co. printers. [

Avoid the heat & dust of rail-roads. Summer arrangement... North & South railroad, and steamboat line ... to Troy, Albany, and New York...

1857 Summer arrangement. 1857. Fare $ 1 less than by any other route. Morning line from Whitehall, Lake George and Saratoga, to New York! via Renss. & Saratoga, Albany, Vt. & Canada, and Harlem railroad ... W. J. Campbell, Supt.

Map of Jefferson County, Kentucky : showing the names of property holders, division lines of farms, position of houses, churches, school-houses, roads, water-courses, distances, and the topographical features of the county : distinctly exhibiting the country around the falls of the Ohio, including New Albany and Jeffersonville, Inda. /

The Albany contractors who have "influence" at Washington, and their victim

To Andrew Johnson, Vice-President of the United States of America [regarding cattle plague] Albany 1865.

Presentation of two hundred battle-flags to Governor Fenton at Albany, New York, July 4, 1865 / sketched by Theodore R. Davis.

Chapin, Hon. Chester Wm. of Mass. (early mail contractor, running post coaches and steamboats) (Pres of Boston & Albany R.R.)

National debt, currency and taxation. St. Albany, Vt. Dec. 2, 1867. Hon. Benj. F. Butler: Sir:- Allow me to express to you my thanks for your very able speech upon the debt and currency question, and permit me to make a few suggestions for your

For the North and West! Day boats for Albany & Troy connecting with Rensselaer & Saratoga and N. Y. Central R. R. ... A. J. Darling, agent on the wharf. [1869].

New York City - the Internationals in council - the Federal Committee of Workingmen assembled at their headquarters, No. 68 Grand Street, to receive the report of the delegation to Albany

The Late Hon. Erastus Corning / / photographed by E.S.M. Haines, Albany, New York. An alms basin. Turned out / drawn by Sol Eytinge, Jun., from a sketch by Thomas Worth

Oh you kid!

Map showing the line of the Louisville, New Albany, and St. Louis Air Line Railroad and its connections.

Map of the city of Louisville, Kentucky, New Albany & Jeffersonville, Ind. : from official and other surveys /

City of Albany, New York /

Model of new state capitol, Albany, New York

City of Albany, New York /

St. Josephs Catholic Church, Albany, N.Y.

Albany, New York 1879.

The innocents / F. Opper.

[Recumbent bull]

[River scene]


The knight of the wind-bag enters the senatorial field / Gillam.

No more of those hideous monuments! / Gillam.

View of the city of Albany, Ga. (the Artesian City) county-seat of Dougherty-County. 1885.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Albany, Shackelford County, Texas.

Str. New York, New York and Albany Day Line

[New York State Library, New York State Capitol, Albany, N.Y.]

[State St. & Capitol, Albany, N.Y.]

[Albany, N.Y., bridge across lake, Washington Park]

[Ten Broeck mansion, Albany, N.Y.]

Panorama of Albany

[Keeler's Hotel, Albany, N.Y.]

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from Albany, Delaware County, Indiana.

[Steamboats: ALBANY - with bow to right and in foregrd. on Hudson R.; bridge in background]

[A Glimpse of the Capitol, Albany, N.Y.]

City Hall, Albany, New York

U.S.S. Albany

Women Suffragists in Albany

N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R. [New York Central & Hudson River Railroad] Station, Albany, N.Y.

A Glimpse of the Capitol, Albany, N.Y.

Corridor of the staircase, State Capitol, Albany, N.Y.

Albany tow coming in East River, An

[Keeler's Hotel, Albany, N.Y.]

The City Hall, Albany, N.Y.

Thanksgiving proclamation. State of New York. Executive Chamber ... I hereby set apart Thursday, the twenty-ninth day of November, nineteen hundred, as a day of thanksgiving and prayer ... Done at the Capitol in the City of Albany this thirteent

City Hall, Albany, N.Y.

High school, Albany, N.Y.

Kenmore Hotel, Albany, N.Y.

Hawk St. [Street] viaduct and state capitol, Albany, N.Y.

[The Lake, Washington Park, Albany, N.Y.]