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[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

John W. Crump. Mayor Woods Sergent [sic] at Arms

[Sketches of four ships]


[Horseman galloping across a battlefield]

Catten[a?] and Jerome Napoleon

[An officer and a woman sitting in a tent]

Beyond Elija

[Switch on a railroad track]


From city point, looking down

[Steamships and sailboats]

[Five men digging]

Garde Lafayette, 1860

[Store fronts]

Mr. L.W. Clark

Veteran 1812

Capture of a U.S. Cavalry

Quartermasters Color bearer

[Broadside and bow views of eight ships and boats, and an unidentified profile bust portrait]

Ft. Brady

Facade of a building; little boy with two men in top hats

Hilton head

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

[Studies of child, woman, gentleman, African American man & soldier]

[Benjamin Butler]

Ft. Runyon

[Full-length rear view of standing officer]

Pickets [sic] train captured here [and] Warren with Crawfords div

[Ship's deck]


[Three bust portraits including news papermen]


[Flag of the Richland Volunteer Rifle Company]

[A wrecked boat]

[Soldier peering over a log]

[A soldier leading a horse]

U.S. Transport "Gove[r]nor"

Cutting out a ship

Dirijo [sic], wrecker

[A dead soldier]

U.S. Transport "Coatzacoalcus"

[Bust-length profile portrait of a man wearing glasses]

Rhode Island camp ground

[A calvary charge]

[Two sailing ships]

[Feeding and resting horses]

Revenue cutter

[A general and his staff reviewing troops in the field]

Joseph Whitney

[Two sketches: officer on horse and marching figures with rifles]

[Map of battlefield]

Steamer S. R. Spalding. [Transport]

[Full-length rear-view sketches of three soldiers]

R.R. bridge over Cedar Run in Warrenton Junction

[Army camp]

Questioning the farmer of the period on topography

The U.S. steamer Search.

[Figure in front of spring house?]

Willows and pines

[Full-length sketch of soldier]

Rebel works on the heights of Centerville [sic]

Geo Peabody

[Small sailboat and rowboats]

[Sketches of two officers]

Alliance, blockade runner

U.S. Transport "Great Republic" in tow of the Vanderbilt (Clipper rig)

[Map of Battlefield--gun and troop placement]

Parkes Station, U.S.M.R.R., Petersburg Va.

[Unidentified officer on horseback]

Soldiers in their tents in army camp

[Sketch of military rank epaulets, bust portrait, and outline of ships]

5th corps at execution

Scene in the corridor, outside the Japanese apartments at Willards showing one of the princes the use of the microscope and stereoscope


[Full-length portrait of soldier with rifle and details of the weapon]


Where the soldiers destroyed rebel battery

Full length sketches of five African American men

[Landscape with faintly drawn flag]

[The Louisiana and Minnesota]

I totes for de Brig

Fernando Woods house. B1 [...]

U.S. Steam Frigate "Susquehannah" [and] U.S. War Steamer "Bienville"

[Figure wrapped in blanket sitting on a barrel and reading]

[Full length sketch of a civilian]

On the Susquehannah steam frigate

[Assembled officers]

Gunboat Union

Key West, Fla. Jan 14 60, garrisoned by U.S. troops. Fort Taylor

U.S. Transport "Peerless"

Cohorn [sic]

Pioneers, woods on fire, Indians, 7 going [...] in the woods

Daylight [and] J.H. Spaulding

[Full length view of soldier in profile]

Long boat, U.S. Navy

[Saint Dennis Post-office, Baltimore County, Maryland]

[A boat]

Rebel guard

[Broadside views of the Whitehead, Cohasset, and Young America]

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