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Death and the Devil surprise two women DH monogram

[Melancholy] / G. Bened. Castilionus Genovensis.

[Allegorical scene during Second Punic war, showing Roman galleys in background; with old man and women in foreground]

[Cosmological scene showing concentric circles depicting creation]

[Alchemical scene showing two putti holding philosopher's stone containing image of Hermes, below which are a man and a woman kneeling before furnace where transmutation is to take place]

Complexio Phlegmatica

Complexio Melancholico


[Cartouche showing allegory on America] / G.F. Lotter sculps.

Britain, America, at length be friends ...

[A Native American presents map to Europe?] / R.R. inv & fect.

[Harmony weeps for the present situation of American affairs] / J.C. inv. ; Isc. Taylor sc.

Frontispiece - when fell debate & civil wars shall cease ...

[Liberty triumphs over Tyranny] / Isaac Taylor del et sculp.

Plan of the city of New York, in North America: surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

America pois'd in the balance of justice

[Map ornament - Mars watches Fame unfurl a detailed map of New York and Pennsylvania] / Beaurain.

Chi mi vela é in periglio e chi mi svel / C. Coltellini pinx. ; Gio. Lapi scul.

Accurata delineatio celeberrimæ regionis Ludovicianæ vel Gallice Louisiane oł. Canadæ et Floridæ adpellatione in Septemtrionali America ... / Gottfri Rogg del. ; M. Rhein sc.

The frontispiece shows Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and of war, ...

Europe, Asia, Africa and America bringing intelligence to the genius of the London Magazine / desd. drawn and engraved by Bonnor.

Le Destin molestant les Anglois

[Association meeting at York]

Freedom, peace, plenty, all in vain advance ...

Die wage der mache ... La balance de la puissance.

[Allegorical cartouche showing America as the land of plenty]

[Allegorical cartouche showing West Indians harvesting cane, a Native woman breast feeding an infant, and cherubs]

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with European men]

[A worried cherub holds up a dove to kiss another bird]

[Allegorical cartouche showing a Native man with harpoon and a European man with two Natives in a tropical setting]

[Instruction of American youth] / J. Norman sc.

[Ornament for the title page of The European magazine showing the goddess Europe shining light on three figures representing America, Africa, and Asia] / Seally script. ; Bayly sculp.

Bowles's new map of North America and the West Indies ...

"Oh fly," cries peace, the soul of social life,... / Stothard del. ; Cook sculp.

Behold! a fabric now to freedom rear'd / Trenchard sculp.

Par moy vous êtes tous freres

[Ornament for title page of The Columbian Magazine for the year 1789]

Allegorie dèdiè au tiers etat

Sous la gloire des augustes maisons de nos princes, Minerve deésse protectrice de la France, contemple le tiers etat figuré par un laboureur poussant sa charrue dans un sillon

L'espoir de la France / N. Trevisiani del. ; Verité sulpsit [sic].

Un peuple est sans honneur, et mérite ses chaines Quand il baisse le front sons le sceptre des reines.

Le cric de la France

Epoque du 30 Floreal l'an 5 de la République Française

Durand & Co. bank note engravers

Design depicting allegorical representations of "Day", "Night", "Noon", and "Evening", possibly intended to frame a certificate

[Allegorical male figure]

Allegorical sculpture group of the City of Paris imploring heaven to take away the plague of cholera

Ceiling of the Vice President's room, north wing

[Detail of "Justice and History" to be placed above Senate bronze doors, East Portico, U.S. Capitol]

The spirits abroad - The spirit of union / J.M. Nevin inv.

The Goddess of Liberty

[The Waltham Bank fifty dollar private bank note proof]

[The Waltham Bank twenty dollar private bank note proof]

Peace--Fourth of July, 1865

Triad of American poets

Brewers of New York

America, allegorie of Gambrinus, Germania, lager bier


Ancient order United Workmen certificate


Peace - prosperity


Good administration

Tribute to our nation's illustrious son, born February 9, 1826, died December 26, 1886: John A. Logan

Corrupt legislation

Saved! The Republican Party throws its protecting shield over American labor

Democratic progressive platforms: 1888 tariff reform; 1892 tariff for revenue only; "tariff for protection is unconstitutional"

The Presidents of the United States, a souvenir of the presidential election and of the Columbian Exposition of 1892

Reading room vestibule. Anarchy / Elihu Vedder, Rome, 1896.

The Evolution of civilization, dome of the rotunda / E.H. Blashfield, artist.




Reading room vestibule. Corrupt legislation / Elihu Vedder, Rome.


War, northwest gallery / Gari Melchers, artist.

The apotheosis of suffrage



Lyric poetry south corridor / H.O. Walker, artist.

Peace, northwest gallery / Gari Melchers, artist.

Lyric poetry; Comus

State and treasury

The sciences

Lyric poetry; The boy of Winander / H.O. Walker, artist.

[Ceiling mural in the Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, with four allegorical female figures representing valor, fortitude, courage, and achievement]

The arts

Lyric poetry, Comus / H.O. Walker, artist.

Detail of Discovery



Detail of Air


Detail of Civilization




Detail of Fire

[Ceiling disc mural by George Willoughby Maynard, in the Southwest Pavillion, Jefferson Building, Library of Congress]