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Dude sweet music, superb costumes.

U.S.S. Chicago, one of the crew


First call I need you in the Navy this minute! Our country will always be proudest of those who answered the first call.

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

[American Bison; illus. on full page with descriptive text in Spanish]

[Bird's-eye view of a Native American deer hunt in New France (Canada), showing Indians driving deer towards fences into narrow enclosure to be killed, and two dead deer hanging from bent trees]

[Four Native American Indians of New France (Canada): two men at top in war attire, with shield, bow, and arrows; mother holding paddle and nursing infant; and men clothed for winter, wearing snowshoes]

[Native American burial or memorial ceremony with man standing by shelter with bundles of bones, friends and relatives of the dead, and lodge in background, New France (Canada)]

[Native American mortuary customs: row of Indians carrying bodies over their shoulders to fires, platform with skeletons hanging above and bones below on benches, and groups of Indians standing around fires and poles hung with cloth or skins]

American Academy of Arts and Sciences to Martha Randolph, October 27, , Invitation to Tribute to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Uniform of a lieutenant 3d Artillery


The American moose-deer, or Away to the River Ohio

Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

An accurate map of the West Indies containing the Bahama & Caribbe Islands, the Great & Little Antilles with the Leward and Windward Islands & part of the American continent /

A view of the Cohoes or Great Fall of the Mohawk River taken from above

An accurate map of the West Indies containing the Bahama & Caribbe Islands, the Great & Little Antilles with the Leward and Windward Islands & part of the American continent /

The election, a medley, humbly inscribed to Squire Lilliput, professor of scurrility

A Design to represent the beginning and completion of an American Settlement or Farm

Partie de la carte du Capitaine Cluny auteur d'un ouvrage anglois intitulé American traveller publié à Londre en 1769.

View of Fort William

The patriotic American farmer J-n D-k-ns-n Esqr. Barrister at law

"Spiritual milk for American babes, drawn out of the breasts of both Testaments, for their souls nourishment, by John Cotton"

To the respectable public. Have a good end in view, and pursue it. Every friend of American freedom, rejoices to find a true and honest spirit of liberty prevailing in all ranks and degrees in this city. [Considering which of the two sets of res

Continental Congress. Proceedings of the Grand American Continental Congress at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774. Association, &c. ... In Congress, Philadelphia October 20, 1774 Signed Peyton Randolph, President ... Sold at the Printing-office in

The following extracts from the votes and proceedings of the American Continental Congress we are induced to publish thus early purely to ease the impatience of our readers. Association &c. We his Majesty’s most loyal subjects, the delegates of

To the inhabitants of New-York. I am much alarmed to find some of my fellow citizens who mean well to the cause of American freedom, under the influence of a strange and mistaken opinion, that it wouldd be proper to withhold all provisions and c

In Provincial congress. New Hampshire, August 25th 1775. Whereas it is necessary that an exact account of all the inhabitants of this Colony should be taken, in order to be transmitted to the Congress of the United American colonies; therefore r

[A Native American presents map to Europe?] / R.R. inv & fect.

Miss V-gh-n [and] the American hero

Fresh advices from the American army. Camp at Cambridge, May 28, 1775. Yesterday a party from the United American army was ordered to take the cattle, hay, &c. from Noddle's and Hog Islands ... [Providence] Printed by J. Carter. [1775].

The American hero: a sapphick ode by Nath. Niles. A. M. Norwich, (Connecticut) October 1775.

Watertown, November 18, 1775. You have hereunder, copies of two resolves, one passed by the American congress, and the other by our General court, relative to collecting the proper evidences of the depredations made by the ministerial army and n

A genuine letter from a well-known patriot at St. James’s to his friend in Boston, relative to the present distracted state of American affairs. Dated London, November 28, 1774. [Boston? 1775].

In council, December 1, 1775. Whereas it is of the utmost importance to the inhabitants of this Colony, as well as the American army, that the fortifications at Cambridge and Roxbury be effectually defended and his Excellency General Washington

The plot discovered, communicated by letter from a worthy American patriot in London, to his friends in this Country, dated March 15, 1775. [New York? 1775].

Guildhall, Bristol, September 27, 1775. At a numerous and respectable meeting of the merchants, traders, and others, interested in and well-wishers to American commerce, held at the Guildhall, at eleven o'clock this morning. Mr. Hayes, an eminen

Sketch of the action between the British forces and American provincials, on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th June 1775.

Charles Lee, Esq'r. - major general of the Continental Army in America / Thomlinson pinxt.

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

A sketch of the action between the British forces and the American provincials, on the heights of the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th of June 1775.

[Harmony weeps for the present situation of American affairs] / J.C. inv. ; Isc. Taylor sc.

Israel Putnam, Esq'r. - major general of the Connecticut forces, and commander in chief at the engagement on Bunckers-Hill near Boston, 17 June 1775 / J. Wilkinson pinxt.

The Seat of war in New England, by an American volunteer, with the marches of the several corps sent by the Colonies towards Boston, with the attack on Bunkers-Hill.

Whereas a report has been industriously propagated in this City, that the Continental Congress has passed a resolve, that unless American grievances were redressed by the first of March, these Colonies should be independent of Great Britain. [Tw

The American crisis (No. 1) By the author of Common sense. [Boston] Sold opposite the court house Queen Street [1776].

The Attack and defeat of the American fleet under Benedict Arnold by the King's fleet commanded by Sir Guy Carleton upon Lake Champlain in "11th" of "Octr." 1776.

The death of Warren / M inv. ; Norman sc.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, 1776. We the subscribers, do each of us severally for ourselves, profess, testify and declare before God and the World, that we verily believe that the War, Resistance and Opposition in which the United American Colo

Carte von dem Hafen und der Stadt Boston mit den umliegenden Gegenden und der Lägern sowohl der Americaner als auch des Engländer,

A plan of the operations of the King's army under the command of General Sir William Howe, K.B. in New York and east New Jersey, against the American forces commanded by General Washington from the 12th of October to the 28th of November 1776, wherein is particularly distinguished the engagement on the White Plains the 28th of October.

The attack and defeat of the American fleet under Benedict Arnold, by the Kings fleet commanded by Captn. Thos. Pringle, upon Lake Champlain, the 11th of October, 1776.

Foulke, July 24, 1776, Testimony on British and American Sympathies of Various Soldiers; Hughes, et al

Commodore Hopkins, commander in chief of the American Fleet

In the sixteenth year of the reign of George the third, King, &c. 1776. An act for the carrying into execution a resolve of the American Congress, for ascertaining the number of inhabitants in this Colony. [Watertown: Printed by Benjamin Edes, 1

Sketch of the engagement at Trenton, given on the 26th of December 1776 betwixt the American troops under command of General Washington, and three Hessian regiments under command of Colonell Rall, in which the latter a part surrendert themselves prisoner of war.

In the House or representatives, November 1, 1776. Ordered, that the following address from the General court of this state, to the officers and private soldiers who are gone from thence and are serving in the American army, be printed in two th

David Wooster, Esq'r. - commander in chief of the Provincial Army against Quebec

Whereas it appears to this Court, that the part of the militia of this Colony now in the American army as a temporary reinforcement in consequence of a resolve of said Court the 1st of December last [Allowing their claim one penny per mile for t

The seat of action, between the British and American forces; or, An authentic plan of the western part of Long Island, with the engagement of the 27th August 1776 between the King's forces and the Americans: containing also Staten Island, and the environs of Amboy and New York, with the course of Hudsons River, from Courtland, the great magazine of the American Army, to Sandy Hook,

We whose names are under-written, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United American Colonies, and severally promise, and engage to continue in such service until the first day of December, 1776 … [Watertown: Printed by

A plan of the attack of Fort Washington, now Fort Knyphausen, and of the American lines on New-York Island by the King's troops, on the 16th of November 1776.

A plan of the town of Boston and its environs, with the lines, batteries, and incampments of the British and American armies.

Colony of Massachusetts Bay 1776. We the subscribers, do each of us severally for ourselves, profess, testify, and declare, before God and the world that we verily believe that the war, resistance and opposition in which the United American Colo

The American Crisis. by the author of Common Sense [Thomas Paine] "These are the times that try men's souls: the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country..."

A plan of the operations of the King's army under the command of General Sr. William Howe, K.B. in New York and east New Jersey against the American forces commanded by General Washington from the 12th. of October, to the 28th. of November 1776, wherein is particularly distinguished the engagement on the White Plains, the 28th. of October.

George Montgomery, Esq'r. major general of the American armies - kill'd at Quebec Decr. 31st. 1775

From an actual survey made by Nichos. Scull surveyor of the province of Pensylvania [sic] / engraved by L. Jackson.

George Washington, Esq'r. - Americanischer generalissimus

Gen'l. George Washington

Robert Rogers - commandeur der Americaner

The glorious Washington and Gates

Charles Lee Esq'r. - Americanischer general-major

Major general John Sullivan

To the American Philosophical Society, this map of the peninsula between Delaware & Chesopeak bays, with the said bays and shores adjacent drawn from the most accurate surveys is [humbly] inscribed by John Churchman.

David Wooster, Esqr. - commandr beÿ der provincal armee in America

Commodore Hopkins - commandeur en chef der Amerj: flotte

Gen'l. George Washington

Horatio Gates Esqr., major general of the American forces

Israel Putnam, Esq'r. - general-major der Americaners

Iohn Paul Iones, commander of a squadron in the service of the thirteen United States of North America, 1779

Taxation royal tyranny, or The errors of the American Congress demonstrated by a geometrical axiom. Suppose the congress emitted two years ago thirteen millions, but now the emissions amount to one hundred and eighty millions of congress paper d

Philadelphia, September 21, 1779. The mote point of finance, or the crown land equally divided. The American continental treasury want not only a great annual revenue, but the capacity of founding it, so as by borrowing present capitals on the c

American taxation, or The spirit of seventy-six exemplified in a song written in the golden days which tried men's souls. [Connecticut, 1779?].

Charles Lee Esq'r. - major general of the American forces

General Washington

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. F.R.S. - one of the American plenipotentiaries at the Court of France / Pollard sculp.


The honble. Horatio Gates, major general of the American forces

His excellency George Washington Esq'r. captain general of all the American forces

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

A real American rifle man

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. - envoy from the American Congress to the French Court

General Lee / R.P. sc.

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

Robert [i.e., Esek] Hopkins, Esqr., commodore of the American sea forces

General Putnam