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[A weroans, or chieftain, of Virginia]

The Natives of Florida worship the column erected by the commander on his first voyage

[The widows approach the chief]

Austenaco, great warrior, Commander in Chief of the Cherokee Nation

A New humorous song, on the Cherokee chiefs Inscribed to the ladies of Great Britain : To the tune of, Caesar and Pompey were both of the horned / / by H. Howard.

[Frontispiece portrait of Mico Chlucco, the Long Warrior, or King of the Seminoles and title page of Travels through North & South Carolina] / W. Bartram, Delin. ; J. Trenchard, sculp.

The Shawanese prophet and Tecumseh / Huyot.

Sa-go-ye-wat-ha [Seneca chief Red Jacket] / painted by R.W. Weir ; eng'd. by M.J. Danforth.

O'-Check-Ka or Four Legs Head Chief of the Winnebagoes on Winnebago Lake, Michigan / / painted at the Treaty of Green Bay 1827 by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

Kee-O-Kuck or the Watching Fox the present Chief of the Sauk tribe and successor to Black Hawk / / painted by J.O. Lewis at the great treaty of Prarie du Chien 1825 ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs. Philada.

Ne-Sou-A Quoit, a Fox chief / painted by C.B. King ; on stone by A Newsam ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

Wa-Em-Boesh-Kaa, a Chippeway chief / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St.

Micanopy. A Seminole chief / R.T. ; drawn printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment, No. 94 Walnut St.

Ca-Ta-He-Cas-Sa-Black Hoof, principal chief of the Shawanoes / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment.

Wa-Pel-La chief of the Musquakees / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St.

Chef der Blut Indianer. Kriegs Chef der Piekan Indianer. Kutana Indianer Chef des Indiens Sangs. Chef de guerre des Indiens Piékanns. Indien Koutané = Chief of the Blood-Indians. War-chief of the Piekann Indians. Koutani Indian / / peint d'après nat. par Ch. Bodmer ; gravé par J. Hurlimann.

Ka-Ta-Wa-Be-Da, a Chippeway chief / drawn, printed & coloured at J.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment, No. 94, Walnut Strt.

Tuko-See-Mathla, a Seminole chief / drawn, printed & coloured at the Lithographic & Print Colouring Establishment, Phila.

Crow Indian Chief

Cheyenne Indian Chief

Crow Indian Chief

Crow Indian Chief

Cheyenne Indian Chief

Sac & Fox Indian Chiefs / Group of Indians

Cheyenne Indian Chief

Incident in Cherry Valley - fate of Jane Wells / from the original picture by A. Chappel ... ; Thomas Phillibrown, engraver.

Battle of the Thames - death of Tecumseh / painted by A. Chappel ; engd. by W. Wellstood.

Tecumseh saving prisoners

[Little Robe, Cheyenne Indian, half-length portrait, seated, facing right]

Gray Wolf, Chief of Winnebagoes

Washoe Indians--The Chief's Family

The Indian campaign--prisoners captured by General Custer / sketched by Theodore R. Davis.

Satanta, Kioway chief

Juan Chivaria the most distinguished chief in Arizona Juan Chivaria, his son & niece.

The Modoc indians / from photographs taken by C.F. [sic] Watkins, San Francisco.

The Modoc war - Captain Jack's cave in the lava beds

Montana - the Nez Percé War - incidents in the defeat and capture of Chief Joseph by General Nelson A. Miles General Miles charging the Indian camp - the dash into the ravine / / from sketches by G.M. Holland.

Montana - the Nez Percé War - incidents in the defeat and capture of Chief Joseph by General Nelson A. Miles Surrender of Chief Joseph and his principal warriors at General Miles's headquarters, October 5-6 / / from sketches by G.M. Holland.

Montana - the Nez Perces War - Incidents in the defeat and capture of Chief Joseph by General Nelson A. Miles / from sketches by G.M. Holland.

A barber's shop at Standing Rock, Dakota Territory--an Indian chief having his hair dressed / drawn by William A. Rogers.

Indian Group. Chief Ouray & Chipeta (Ute Tribe)

[Cowboys by fire in discussion with Indian chief]

Major Campbell arguing with Pontiac

Gaul [i.e., Gall]

Closing scenes of the Apache war

Four Mojave Indian chiefs--The second file from the left is "Rowdy", a Yuma Indian, acting as interpreter

U.S. commissioners and delegations of Sioux chiefs visiting Washington, October 13, 1888

The delegation of Sioux chiefs to ratify the sale of lands in South Dakota to the U.S. government, December, 1889 / photographed and copyrighted by C.M. Bell, Washington, D.C.

Ponka chief, N.A.

[Composite of photographs: full-length portrait of Chief Seattle, half-length portrait of Angeline, and views of Mt. Rainier and Seattle, Wash.] / Boyd and Braas photo.

American Indian chiefs. Spotted Tail

Indian chief in council informing his tribe of the arrival of strangers in ships [Columbus]

Capt. Geo Sword, chief of police with Buffalo Bill's Indians, Pine Ridge Agency, S.D. / W.R. Cross, portrait & view photographer, ... Hot Springs, S. Dak.

The Sioux chiefs before Secretary Noble / Drawn by T. De Thulstrup.

Chief Qwanah's home

Home of Chief Red Cloud at Pine Ridge Agency

[Alaskan Indians in old dancing costumes: group of 12 in front of Chief Klart-Reech's house, Chilkat]

Chief Isac, sons and dog

Chief Pretty Eagle, Crow

Chief Hollow Horn Bear--Sioux

Geronimo (Guiyatle) - Apache

Chief Hollow Horn Bear--Sioux

Utes--Chief Sevara [i.e., Severo] and family

[Strikes] With Nose, Chief

[Buckskin Charlie, Ute, half-length portrait, facing front, with medal around neck]

[Chief Little Wound in council with other Indians, wearing feather headdresses]

Chief American Horse - Sioux / F.A. Rinehart, Omaha.

Left Hand Bear, Chief

[Little Wound and nine other Sioux chiefs wearing feather headdresses and traditional accessories]

Bone Necklace, Council Chief

[White War Bonnet, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

Chief Joseph, Nez Percé

[Tioagla, full-length portrait, facing right, on horseback]

Geronimo Apache cheif [sic] and his two nieces, died Feb. 16th [19]09 / H.H. Clarke, Oklahoma City, Okla.

[Eagle Shirt, Sioux Indian, full-length portrait, facing slightly right, standing in front of studio backdrop]

Mt. Chief and Gen. Hugh Scott

Chief Deep Sky-Indian mounted on horse

[Washakie, Chief of Shoshones, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Washakie, Chief of Shoshones, half-length portrait, facing left]

[Chief Lone Bear, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show]

[Chief Iron Tail, a Sioux Indian from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show]

[Chief Red Fox, Sioux(?) Indian, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing right, holding tomahawk]

Chief Big Spring & H.E. Manville

Chief American Horse

[Chief Revenger, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] / photo by Heyn and Matzen.

Strikes on Top [Am, Indian Chief]

Chief Owen Heavy Breast (American Indian)

Chief 2 - guns White Calf and Gov. Erickson

[Chief Lone Bear, half-length portrait, facing right]

White Hawk, Left Hand Bear, Fredireck C. Cummins, Chief Black Heart

Chief Geronimo

Chief Red Cloud--Cayuga

William Jennings Bryan with Sioux chiefs at Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901

Chief Eggelston / Samuels & Mays, Meeker, Colo.

Chief White Crow / Samuels & Mays, Meeker, Colo.

Indian chief / by Gertrude Käsebier.

[Chitto Harjo or Crazy Snake, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front] / photo by Duncan.

[Geronimo, Apache Chief, 1829-1909, full-length portrait, standing, facing left]

Medicine Crow

Jack Red Cloud