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[The Angel of the Annunciation] / MS.

Miniature, leaf (4) recto - showing God, angels and graveyard above corpse on pall, in Horae (Paris use). Written ca. 1425

[A dying man attended by Mary Magdalene and Saint Peter, angels, and the devil]

[Life of the Virgin. Angel appearing to Joachim] / AD.

Ceiling with three angels / IV.R.,IVE.

Sudarium held by one angel AD monogram

St. Christopher

[Title page of Mirifice logarithmorum canonis descriptio; with border of fruit and angels]

S. Carlo Borromeo

King Louis the Fourteenth of France and the Battle of Vigo Bay

Illmo. D.D. Rogerio du Plesseis Dno. de Liancourt Marchioni de Montfort ... Segmenta nobilium signorum e[t] statuaru[m] quae Temporis dentem inuidium evasere, Vrbis Aeternae ruinis erepta typis aeneis ab se commissa, perpetuae uenerationis monumentum Franciscus Perrier d[at] d[icat] d[edicat] MDCXXXVIII Romae ...

[Abraham entertaining the three angels]

[Christ standing above views of the earth showing its formation and predicting a final conflagration]

Mutus liber, in quo tamen ...

[Title page of Diderot's Encyclopedie, vol. 1, with angel amidst books, globes, measuring tools, and other instruments]

Britannia crown'd by virtue, tramples on Tyranny & Oppression. In the distance, the defeat of the Spanish Armada J. Lodge sc

[A worried cherub holds up a dove to kiss another bird]

Frontispiece to Reflections on the French revolution

Washington giving the laws to America

Le Triomphe de la religion

The orphans prayer / T. Sinclair's lith, Phila.

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God! the Lord is one

The voyage of life - youth / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by James Smillie.

This certifies that by the payment of blank dollars blank has been constituted a blank of life of the American & Foreign Bible Society J.W. Casilear ; Alfred Jones

Spring flower polka / Wagner & McGuigans Lith Stream Press.

Die Christnacht gez. u. rad. v. L. Richter

[Design drawing for stained glass Magnificat window with Madonna, angels in vaults/arched niches for St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City, New York]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window showing Nativity with Joseph, carpentry symbols, Magi, crowns, animals, angels, lantern, and star for St. Peter's Church in Bayshore, Long Island, New York]

[Design drawing for stained glass window "In the Temple," American style, beatific with architectural frame for Church of St. Michael and All Angels in Anniston, Alabama]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with Guardian Angels]

Design drawing for stained glass window with St. Gabriel

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing Christ with dove, grape vines, small lower depiction of the Good Samaritan with angels holding memorial inscription with text "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren-- ye have done it unto me"]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with St. Gabriel]

[Design drawing for stained glass for multi-window pointed arch composition with angels and candles with text "The Lord's Name Be Praised"]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window with choir of angels for St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Hartsville, South Carolina]

Aptommas' history of the harp / C. Currier's lith.

Vienna. Tomb of Maria Christina

Let U.S. practice the Christianity that we preach

The spirits abroad - The spirit of union / J.M. Nevin inv.

[A man, the devil, and an angel]

"The orphans"

Civil War envelope showing angel holding banner with message "The Union now, henceforth, for ever, amen"

[Civil War envelope showing George Washington standing at Mount Vernon and angel with American flag, bearing message "The banner of glofy"]

[Civil War envelope showing angel holding American flag watching over sleeping children with broken doll on floor; also two boys sparring, one with Union flag and the other with Confederate flag; with messages "As it is," "God watches over them," and "As it will be"]

Allegory of Emancipation, shows African American family admiring bust portrait of President Abraham Lincoln as an angel gestures toward a temple of Liberty

[Allegorical illustration of man, woman, angels, devils] / K.H. Schmolze.

[Allegorical illustration of hovering angel, Death, and a dead(?) man with a harp]

Peace--Fourth of July, 1865

Protecting Angels - Mazurka by J. DeJasienska

The good time coming / Thos. Hogan.

Cross and crown / from original by Geo. Pierce Jr. ; engraved by Geo. E. Perine.

Angels' visits / R.P. Studley & Co. Lith.

Cross and crown

Pompei - domus Vettiorum, figura volenta, pittura murale / IR ; edizioni Brogi.

The patriarch Sanct Joseph our all holy patron saint of the Roman Catholic church

Suprema / Schumacher & Ettlinger, Lith.

The song of the angels / from an original painting by Thomas Moran ; engraved by Samuel Sartain, Phila.

Road to ruin


The song of the angels / from an original painting by Thomas Moran ; engraved by Samuel Sartain, Phila.

After this manner therefore pray ye

Little orphans dream

Coopers, angel and horse, pen drawing. An Arabian tradition is that an angel presented to them the horse

Gute Nacht gez. v. Ludw. Richter

Kiralfy's grand spectacle of Paradise lost

Adoration of the sacred heart / publ. & print. by Th. Kelly, N.Y.

The birth of our saviour

Our Father who art in Heaven

Triad of American poets

Praise the Lord

Our Father who art in Heaven

Masonic register and symbolical history of F. and A.M

Angels from the realms of glory

Our shield

Masonic register

The Lord's prayer

The defenders of faith of the Catholic Church and of the United States

Birch, Wambold & Backus, San Francisco Minstrels from their Opera House, Broadway & 29th Street, New York

Rock of ages

The poets' Lord's prayer

Hark! the herald angels sings

"Only a little brook"

[Cherub in baseball cap holding bat]

[Cherub in cap and scarf digging in snow]

Our Father

Ring, bells; sing angels

National Democratic banner, Gen'l Hancock, Wm. H. English

From the log cabin to the White House, James A. Garfield

The political Sodom and Gomorrah are doomed to destruction / F. Grätz.

Hark! The Herald angels sing

Angels, from the realms of glory

Angels holy, high and lowly

Prang's Valentine cards

Angels from the realms

Hear the angels carol

Rock of odd fellowship


Ascension of Christ

Angels are looking on me! The