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Animals sawing wooden planks

[Hunting animals on snowshoes with spears and arrows]

[Map of northern coast of S. America, showing mouths of Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Illus. with dwellings, boats, animals; Indians killing boa]

[Indian with bow and arrow drawn in background; animals in foreground]

[Legs of dissected frogs, and various metallic apparatus used to measure what was thought to be electricity flowing in animals]

[Circus sketches: acrobats and circus animals]

[Farm scene showing house, animals, people working]

[Countryside scenes with figures]

Bal masqué

La Poursuite / Laisné.

A.- No. 68. Revision. State of New Jersey. An act to regulate the exhibition of beasts or animals [1846?].

Second street museum of living animals now exhibiting at 281 North 2d St., between Callowhill and Willow streets / Scott, Printer, 12 Hudson's Alley, Philadelphia.

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing children, Hebrew letter, and animals (including lamb) with text "Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord"]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window showing Nativity with Joseph, carpentry symbols, Magi, crowns, animals, angels, lantern, and star for St. Peter's Church in Bayshore, Long Island, New York]

[Design drawing for stained glass with David playing harp and St Cecelia playing organ, both surrounded by heavenly choirs, bells, trumpets, and animals: giraffe, mice, monkeys, rabbit, horse, etc.]

[Feeding and resting horses]

[A dead horse]

Momentoes [sic] of the Battlefield

Vaughans horse, chickens on saddle

Battle field relics

[Horses being herded]

[Farm buildings with courtyard and animals, and two figures standing on a roof; large building in the background]

[Horses and covered wagons in front of two-chimney brick house and outbuildings, probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]


[Unidentified soldier in Union cavalry uniform, on horse, with cavalry saber, in front of encampment with winter chimneys]

[Unidentified soldiers of 5th Ohio Cavalry Company with horses and mountain howitzer]

Union spy at Camp Griffin, 1861

[Union teamster or hostler with horse, probably with the 2nd Vermont Infantry Regiment at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

[Private Levi F. Hocker of Co. F, 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, in uniform with pistol and sword, on horseback]

Wauds grey mare, 1862

Trossell's House, battle-field of Gettysburg / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan. positive by A. Gardner.

Henry W. Halleck to William Rosecrans, Saturday, April 25, 1863 (Telegram requesting number of animals in Rosecrans' army)

Dead horses of Bigelow's (9th Massachusetts) Battery

Gen. Rawlin's horse taken at Cold Harbor, Va.

The halt / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan ; positive by A. Gardner.

Army forge scene, in front of Petersburg / negative by David Knox, positive by A. Gardner.

By-law. The following by-law adopted by the inhabitants of the town of Reading, April 12, 1864 ... is hereby published ... Voted: That no cattle or other animals, shall be pastured either with or without a keeper, upon any of the public streets

[Stuffed eagle and wildcat in forest setting] / by C.A. Sweester, Springfield, Mass.

Our only true medical diploma since 1871--none other genuine / Why Dr. Carl Both refused to pay further assessments to the Mass. Medical Society (Suffolk District)

The Louisiana murders - gathering the dead and wounded The disputed prize / / C.H. Weigall.

Henri Lachambre, aéronaute-constructeur breveté, Paris. 24, Passage des Favorites, 24. Paris / Fievoir(?) dele.

Old Abe, the live war eagle of Wisconsin, from the Centennial

Dom. animals / drawn by Watanabe.

The lioness

Meet these animals

The blind man and the whelp

[The picture of an animal hospital for sick animals in Davudpaşa]

Gordon's food for horses & cattle

[Title page of "The attitudes of animals in motion"]

[Page of text with description of introductory photographs from "The attitudes of animals in motion"]

[Page of text with "Index of illustrations" from "The attitudes of animals in motion"]

[Page of text with "Index of illustrations" from "The attitudes of animals in motion"]

[Page of text with "Index of illustrations" from "The attitudes of animals in motion"]

The hungry cats were released -- the king cried out -- the queen screamed -- the little princes roared

Barker's nerve & bone liniment

[Young girl in woods with dog]

She applied her thin, freckled little face to the crack between the rails

The farewell of the cow, rabbit, and kangaroo

[Black badger in forest]

[The big Matamata]

World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Ill.: trained animals lined up, with trainers, clowns and others

Hagenbeck's trained animals

Notice. Groton Board of health. The attention of the inhabitants of Groton is called to the following regulation. [regarding quarantine of animals] Board of health. Groton, June 28, 1893. Ayer, Mass. Huntley S. Turner, Poster and Job Printer [18

Sells Brothers enormous united shows. ... Correct interior view of the great five continent menagerie ...

[Soldier with animals at military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

[Copy of painting of young boy with lion, sheep, and other animals]

Packing ammunition on mules, Cuba /

Loading the mules for Cuban Invasion, Tampa

[Group of public school children offering peanuts to animals in the National Zoo(?), Washington, D.C.]

[Hampton Institute, Va. 1899 - Classroom scenes - testintg combined draught of animals]

And charged head downward at the boy

Dante and Virgil

An historic feat /

Northern views. Remarkable remains of the synagogue at Capernaum. Details showing allegorical animals, eagles, etc.

Bank window display of stuffed animals captured by Jim Dahlman, Bridgeport, Morrill County, Nebraska

Street scene

The other side / J.S. Pughe.

"Fine day, Sir, and welcome!" - an hospitable home in old Ireland

President Turkey-- For what we did not receive let us be truly thankful! / J.S. Pughe.

Bostock's trained animals -- An affectionate bear

Bostock's trained animals -- Lady & leopards

Wild animals

A muzzle-loading gun

The gobbler's dream / J.S. Pughe.

[Tony dropped the bag of oranges and opened his arms to his little dog]

[Interior of Forestry Bldg. at the Lewis and Clark Centennial, Portland, Ore., 1905. Displays; pillars of huge trees, stuffed animals]

Read it clear through while you played with the dog

She appeared in the doorway with an armful of snowy feathers

A Thanksgiving truce / J.S. Pughe.

Mr. Orpheus of Boston / Kep.

[Interior of Forestry Bldg. at the Lewis and Clark Centennial, Portland, Ore., 1905. Displays; pillars of huge trees, stuffed animals]

Skins of animals killed on Show River [i.e. Snow River] on line of A.C.R.R.

[Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals, New York, N.Y.: man putting sun hat on horse and woman holding another hat]

[Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals, New York, N.Y.: woman bandaging a dog]

[Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals, New York, N.Y.: horse drinking from trough]

Teddy's in the canebrake / Kep.

A stone soldier in the famous avenue of stone animals, North China

[Bide-A-Wee Home for Animals, New York, N.Y.: man putting sun hat on horse and woman holding another hat and reins of another horse]

The charmer / Keppler.

The king of American wild animals

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