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[Apollo Belvedere, sculpture] / L.P. Boitard, sculp.

The Dutch Apollo!

Hydrarchos!! greatest wonder of the world. or great sea serpent ... Now exhibiting for two weeks, at the Apollo saloon, 410 Broadway ... New York. Benjamin Owen, Book and Job Printer, 29 Ann-Street, Centre Building, September 19, 1845.

A lecture! will be given by Madame Hagerty! at Apollo Hall! on Friday evening March 25th, [1853] on Monday Ev'g March 28, she will sing ten different languages! of the unknown tongues. [Washington, D. C. 1853].

Mercury invents the lyre and for it he receives the Caduceus from Apollo

Once the senatorial Apollo - now the court-jester / F. Opper.

The olympus of corruption - "Apollo strikes the lyre and charms the gods" / Gillam.

Apollo: sired by Seneca Chief, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian; dam and G.D. by Sons of Hill's Black Hawk, G.G.D. a messenger mare

Apollo, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania 1896.

Apollo, Armstrong County Pennsylvania., 1896

Joe Rogers, posing as "The America Apollo", in gymnasium

Bassae Temple of Apollo, of 4th cent. B.C. (S.W.), on a lonely mountain side in Greece

The sacred plain and distant Delphi, seat of Apollo's oracle, N.E. to Mt. Parnassos, Greece

Apollo, Pa.

Apollo, full, starboard view

Crandall's Apollo [Theater, Washington, D.C.]

Crandall's Apollo

Crandall's Apollo [theater], exterior

[Grandall's Apollo Theater, Washington, D.C.; showing Louise Glaum in "Sex"]

Aircraft Apollo & pilot

[Imperial Airways airplanes: "Hanno" (right) and the "Apollo" (left)]

Air views of Palestine. Air route over Cana of Galilee, Nazareth, Plain of Sharon, etc. Aircraft "Apollo." Refuelling at Ramleh

Air route to Baghdad via Amman and the desert. Aircraft "Apollo" at Rutba with officers of the Imperial Airways, Ltd. Capts. Mollard and Thompson

Air route to Baghdad via Amman and the desert. Aircrafts "Hanno" and "Apollo" at Rutba. The former taking off, leaving a tail of desert dust

Old Corinth. Ruins of old Corinth. The Temple of Apollo. Agora Corinth in background. Temples on distant hilltop

Greece. Delphi, the theatre, Temple of Apollo on left

Delphi in Greece. The theater & Temple of Apollo beyond on left

Letter from Charles A. Berry to Carl Sagan regarding a proposed biology training Program for Apollo astronauts

Figure of Apollo, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.

[Second Floor, Southeast Pavilion. Domed ceiling of the Pavilion of the Elements showing Apollo surrounded by the elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water by William De Leftwich Dodge, and signs of the zodiac by Elmer E. Garnsey. Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington, D.C.]

Mark Warner's "Apollo" statue on the campus of Alderson Broaddus University in Phillippi, West Virginia

Apollo and Marsyas

Principe giardiniero. Libretto. Italian

Il natal d'Ercole

Arianna. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Amorosa innocenza (opera)

Catena d'Adone. Libretto. Italian

Egisto. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Egisto. Libretto

Theti. Libretto

Artemisia. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Filo. Libretto. Italian

Pasife. Libretto. Italian

Fatiche d'Ercole per Deianira. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Paride. Libretto. German & Italian

Antigona delusa da Alceste. Libretto. Italian

Amori d'Apollo e di Leucotoe. Libretto

Amori d'Apollo e di Leucotoe. Libretto

Dori. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Ballo di mori

Balletto delle Muse

Orione. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Divisione del mondo. Libretto. Italian

Oronte di Menfi. Libretto. Italian

Alessandro Magno in Sidone. Libretto. Italian

Vespasiano. Libretto. Italian

Intermezzo infernale. Libretto. Libretto. Italian. 1679

Ballo di ragi d'Apollo. 1680

Dario drama per musica da recitarsi nel Teatro di Sant'Angelo l'anno M. Dc. Lxxxv. i.e. 1685 : consecrato all'illustrissimo signor Tomaso Priuli

Pirro e Demetrio. Libretto. Italian

Orfeo. Libretto. German

Incoronazione di Serse. Libretto. Italian

Albion and Albanius. Libretto. English

Il pastore d'Anfriso tragedia pastorale per musica da rappresentarsi nel Teatro Grimano di San Gio: Grisostomo l'anno M.DC.XCV. i.e. 1695 : dedicata all'altezza serenissima di Carlo Filippo principe margrauio di Brandeburg &c

Rivali concordi. Libretto. Libretto. German

Freud- und Liebes-Streit. Libretto. Libretto. German

Fetonte sulle rive del Po. Libretto. Italian

Egeria. Libretto. Italian

Fuga dell'Invidia. Libretto. Italian

Admeto Re di Tessaglia. Libretto. Italian

Virtù trionfante d'amore vendicativo. Libretto. Italian

Bis und nach dem Todt unerhörte Treue des Orpheus. Libretto. German

Cassandra indovina. Libretto. Italian

Marsia deluso. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Vénus et Adonis. Libretto. German

Cadmus. Libretto. German

Aus der Einsamkeit in die Welt zurückgekehrte Opera. Libretto. Libretto. German

Orfeo. Libretto. German & Italian

Astrea placata. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Ballo d'fauni, e ninfe. 1756

Tetide. Libretto. Italian

Astrea placata. Libretto. Danish & Italian

Orfeo. Libretto. Libretto. German & Italian

Trionfo d'amore. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Alceste. Libretto. Libretto. Italian

Ciaccona (ballo). 1769

Apollo in Tessaglia. Libretto. Italian

Ballo allegorico

Apollo unter den Hirten. Libretto. Libretto. German

Fucina di Vulcano nell'isola di Lenno (ballo eroico pantomimo). 1771

Europa riconosciuta. Libretto

Forge of Vulcan (ballet). 1779

Jugement de Midas. Libretto. German

Nitteti. Libretto. Italian

Nettuno e Egle. Libretto. Italian

Die Olympiade ein musikalisches Schauspiel vom Herrn Abt. Metastasio. weyl. K.K. Hofpoeten ; welches nach der Komposition des K. Kapellmeisters Herrn J.F. Reichardt auf dem grossen Theater Sr. Maj. des Königs von Preussen aufgeführt werden soll

Alceste. Libretto. German

Divertimento (ballo). 1792

Admeto. Libretto. Italian

Atalante e Meleagro. Libretto. German & Italian

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