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Shrine of the Annunciation Nazareth April 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.


At the second sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England. Whereas it hath pleased his most excellent Majesty our gracious king, by his letter bearing date the twenty seventh of April 1678 ... that the oath of allegiance as it is

An elegiack tribute to the sacred dust of the Reverend and worthy Mr. Seaborn Cotton pastour of the Church of Christ at Hampton in New England: who was disharged from his work and office, to be admitted into Heaven, April 20th 1686. [Boston: Pri

Some meditations concerning our honourable gentlemen and fellow-souldiers, in pursuit of those barbarous natives in the Narragansit-Country; and their service there. By an unfeigned friend. Re-printed at N. London, April 4, 1721.

Boston, April 10, 1729. Reverend Sir, The New-England chronology staying for the remarkables of your place, and the composer being unwilling to send it to the press without them, that so the work may be as compleat as possible --- You are theref

Rebell Gratitude, or a representation of the treachery and barbarity of two rebell officers at the Battle of Culloden...(which) greatly heightened the slaughter that was that day made of their party...this battle was fought 16 April 1746

On the valiant New-England general. Rehoboth, April 5, 1756.

April 16th, 1757. To the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia; The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1757] [Nega

Blazing-stars passengers of God’s wrath: in a few serious and solemn meditations upon the wonderful comet: which now appears in our horizon, April, 1759: Together with a solemn call to sinners, and counsel to saints; how to behave themselves whe

April 1, 1762. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses ... To which his Honour was pleased to ret

April 1, 1762. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council ... to which his Honour was pleased to return the fo

Cumberland, (Colony of Rhode Island) April 16, 1763. To the public [An address against the official conduct [An address against the official conduct of Governor Ward. Signed] A Freeman. [Providence: Printed by William Goddard, 1763].

At a meeting of the freeholders and other inhabitants of the Town of Boston, legally qualified and warned, in public town-meeting, assembled at Faneuil-Hall on Monday the 21st day of April AnnoDomini 1766. Voted that the selectmen be desir’d, wh

Advertisement. To be sold by public vendue, on Thursday the 14th of April next, at the House of Abraham Post, Tavern Keeper, at Sagerties. Six thousand acres of land. Situate to the north of, and adjoining the line between the counties of Albany

The Reformed German church lottery. For raising the sum of six hundred pounds New-York currency, to be applied towards discharging the yet remaining debts of said church ... New ork, April 13, 1772 [New York, 1772].

Boston, April 20th, 1773. Sir. The efforts made by the legislative of this province in their last session to free themselves from slavery gave us, who are in that deplorable state a high degree of satisfaction. We expect great things from men wh

Committee- Chamber, New-York, April 28, 1775 Gentlemen. The distressed and alarming situation of our Country, occasioned by the sanguinary measures adopted by the British ministry, (to enforce which, the sword has been actually drawn against our

In Provincial congress, Concord, April 12, 1775. Whereas the preservation of our country from slavery, depends under God on an effectual execution of the continental and provincial measures for that purpose. [Resolutions to secure compliance wit

To the inhabitants of New York, and all the British Colonies, New-York, 20th April 1775. The following very interesting accounts were yesterday received by the Snow Gen Johnson Capt. Dean, in 31 days from England ... [New York 1775].

New-York, April 27, 1775. To the public. As many publications have appeared from my press which have given offense to the colonies, and particularly to many of my fellow citizens, I am therefore led, by a most sincere regard for their favourable

New-York, Sunday 23d April, 1775. The following interesting advices, were this day received here, by two vessels from Newport, and by an express by land [The first news of the battle of Lexington and Concord] [New York, 1775].

In Provincial congress, Watertown, April 23, 1775. Resolved that the selectmen of each town in this Colony be, and hereby are directed to furnish each non-commissioned officer and private soldier that shall be inlisted in the province service, f

In Congress, at Watertown, April 30, 1775. Gentlemen, The barbarous murders on our innocent brethren on Wednesday the 19th instant, has made it absolutely necessary that we immediately raise an army to defend our wives and our children from the

A circumstantial account of an attack that happened on the 19th of April 1775, on his Majesty’s troops. By a number of the people of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. On Tuesday the 18th of April, about half past 10 at night, Lieutenant Colonel

New York, April 28, 1775. To the public. At a meeting of a great number of the inhabitants of this City, at the Liberty Pole, yesterday afternoon, the following nomination of deputies, to serve in Provincial Congress, were unanimously agreed to,

Dr. Auchmuty’s letter to Capt. Montresor, chief engineer, at Boston. New York, April 19, 1775. My dear Sir. Yesterday Capt. Coupar arrived from London; Rivington I conclude will have all the news in his paper, but for fear you should not get his

Committee Chamber, New-York, April 29, 1775. Extract of the proceedings of the General Committee of observation. Resolved unanimously, That in the opinion of this Commitee, no violence or molestation should be offered to the troops now quartered

To the Free-Holders of New-Town. My friends and fellow-townsmen! We are now called upon to oppose the encroachments, which, for some time past, have been made upon our rights and liberty .... [Signed] A New-Town free holder. Newton, April 2d, 17

New York, Committee-Chamber, Wednesday, 26th April, 1775. The Committee having taken into consideration the commotions occasioned by the sanguinary measures pursued by the British ministry, and that the powers with which this Committee is invest

In Provincial congress, Concord, April 15, 1775 … Resolved that it be and hereby is recommended to the good people of this colony, of all denominations, that Thursday the eleventh day of May next be set apart as a day of public humiliation, fast

New-York, April 29, 1775. A general association, agreed to, and subscribed by the freeholders, freemen, and inhabitants of the City and County of New York. Persuaded, that the salvation of the rights and liberties of America, depends under God,

Williamsburg, Saturday, April 29, 1775 ...

At a general assembly of the Governor and company of the Colony of Connecticut, holden at Hartford, (by special order of the Governor of said Colony) on the 26th day of April, Annoque Domini 1775. Whereas the General Assembly of this Colony have

The following persons are nominated by the Sons of liberty, to represent them in the committee, for the City and County of New-York. [List of 100 names] New-York, April 28, 1775. To the public. At a meeting of a great number of the inhabitants o

Committee-Chamber, New-York, April 26, 1775 [Presents forty-three names] Ordered, That it be recommended to the different Counties, to choose deputies, to meet deputies from all the Counties in the Province, in General Congress in this City, on

In the House of representatives, April 19, 1776. Whereas sundry persons of this Colony have joined our unnatural enemies, who have in a hostile manner been endeavouring to enslave the United Colonies; and others have absconded and removed out of

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April, 1776 [John Jay and twenty others] [New York, 1776.].

In House of representatives, April 11, 1776. The house voted, that beating-orders should be sent to the following gentlemen, for enlisting the regimen to be raised to fortify the town and harbour of Boston … J. Warren, Speaker. In Council April

In the House of representatives, April 9, 1776. Whereas it is of the greatest importance not only to the inhabitants of Boston, but of this whole colony, that the town and harbour of the said Boston should be effectually fortified and secured ag

New York, July 1, 1776. By the arrival of Capt. Williams, at Philadelphia from St. Eustatia, we have the following letter, which was received in this City yesterday evening. London, April 9, 1776. It will no doubt be entertaining to you to know

New York, April 16, 1776. The Mechanics in union and their associates, beg leave to offer the under mentioned gentlemen to the public, as fit men to represent the city and county of New-York, in the next Provincial Congress; the electors reservi

Committee-chamber, New-York, April 9, 1776. Whereas the late Provincial Congress of the colony of New-York, by their resolve of the twelfth of March last, did order a new election of deputies to represent this province in Provincial Congress, fo

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear countrymen. There can be nothing more fatal to us than to bring our representation into contempt. [Recommending the election of the old members] [Signed] The Watchman. April 15, 1776

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New-York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April 1776. [Col. M'Dougall and twenty others] To the inhabitants

Committee-Chamber. New York, April 13, 1776 The following persons of this City and County, are recommended by the General Committee of the same, as persons worthy to serve in the ensuing Provincial Congress. By order of the Committee. Garret Abe

In Congress. April 14, 1777. Resolved, That from and after the publication hereof ... [Changes in rules and articles for the better government of the troops.] John Hancock, President. Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap, 1777.].

Continental Congress Broadside, 1777 : [April 14-15 resolves on Committee of Conference meeting with Pennsylvania officials]

Baltimore, April 18. The following resolves, with his Excellency the Governor's proclamation, reflect so much honour on this infant state, and so clearly manifest the justice and dignity of its rulers, that I think it my duty to present them to

Boston, April 27, 1778. The following bills, together with a letter from Governor Tryon to Governor Trumbull, and his answer thereto, came to hand this afternoon.

Whereas the rapid and alarming depreciation of the currency in the months of January, February, March, April, and May last [Resolutions calling upon retail tradesmen for] An attested account of the prices they severally sold for, or charged at,

State of New-Hampshire. In Committee of Safety, Exeter. April 14th, 1789. Whereas the Honorable Continental Congress have recommended that Wednesday the twenty-sixth instant be observed as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer throughout the

State of New-Hampshire. In the House of representatives, April 5th, 1781. Whereas the present situation of affairs in this State makes it necessary that a full and free representation of the inhabitants thereof should meet in convention for the

In Council, April 12, 1781. Sir. Having received an application from the Commanding officer to strengthen our army below, and being very unwilling to harrass the militia, more than shall be absolutely unavoidable we are in hopes an immediate and

Office of Finance, Philadelphia, 12th December 1781. Proposals will be received in this office until the first day of February next, for the following contracts, to supply the rations deliverable by the United States, from the first day of April

By his excellency, John Hancock, Esq; Governor and commander in chief in and over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A proclamation for a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer ... do hereby appoint Thursday the twenty-fifth day of April instant

Worcester County convention. In convention. Tuesday April 9, 1782. At a meeting of thirty-four members from twenty-six towns in the County of Worcester, on Tuesday the 9th of April inst A. D. 1782 ... Printed at Worcester, 1782.

The political mirror or an exhibition of ministers for April 1782 / Razo Rezio inv ; Crunk Fogo sculp.

State of New Hampshire. In Committee of safety, April 16th, 1783. A proclamation. Whereas the form of government agreed upon by this state, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, was, (considering the then situation

Das erste Bürger Blut, zu Gründung der Americanischen Freyheit, vergossen bey Lexington am 19ten April 1775 / D. Chodowiecki inv. et del. ; D. Berger sculpsit 1784.

Lord Robert Manners mortally wounded, on board the Resolution, in the memorable engagement between Admiral Rodney & Count de Grasse, in the West Indies, the 12th of April 1782 / Metz delin. ; Grignion sculp.

The observer, extra. Friday, April 15, 1785. Exertion or ruin!! May every curse light on my head, and Hell receive when I'm dead If when my country calls aloud, I'm found inactive 'midst the croud. To the inhabitants of the Town of Boston. Fello

Boston, April 18, 1785. The minds of the people being greatly and justly agitated by the apparent intention of the government and the merchants of Great-Britain to deprive the industrious trader of every benefit of our commerce ... [Boston, 1785

Port of Philadelphia. Wardens Office, Philadelphia, 30th of April, 1785. Extract of an Act of the General Assembly, passed the first of April, 1784, entituled, "An Act for the further regulation of the Port of Philadelphia, and enlarging the pow

Count de Grasse, the French admiral, resigning his sword to Admiral Rodney, after being defeated by that gallant commander in the West Indies, on April 12th 1782 / Metz delin. ; Fiegl sculp.

Eine grausame geschichte, oder ein lied von einem mörder, Philip Bebel, welcher gewohnt hat in Maryland, nicht weit von Friedrick-Taun, an der Pfeif-Kriek und hat Ausgangs April, 1785, eine fray, welche schwanger war und 4 kinder mit einer Urt e

"Sketch of the action at Osburn's, April 27, 1781"

A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2

To the mechanics of the City of New York. I have seen a piece, signed by a number of persons, said to be done in behalf of the mechanics of the city of New York. [Regarding the election of governor of New York] [Signed] A mechanic. April 28, 178

By the Honourable Oliver Wolcott Esquire, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in chief of the state of Connecticut. A proclamation ... I do hereby appoint Thursday, the fourteenth day of April next, to be observed as a day of puplick humiliation,

Philadelphia, 22 April - The following was the order of procession yesterday at the funeral of our late and illustrious citizen, Dr. [Benjamin] Franklin...

[Marquis de Brantco (Vanclure), who was involved in a balloon ascension on April 4, 1784, profile portrait] / en aou[...] 1790, [...]ss. p. Fouquet ; gr. p. Chrétien, inv. du physionotrace, Cloitre St. Honoré à Paris.

Wednesday, afternoon, April 16. This moment a kind correspondent communicated to the editor of the Morning Star, a letter from General Fisk of Salem, which he is happy in communicating to an impatient public. Ipswhich, Wednesday 11 o'clock, 1794

The Secretary of the Treasury. Sir. I cannot charge my memory with all the particulars, which have passed between us, relative to the disposition of the money borrowed ... Go: Washington. United States, April 8th, 1794. [Philadelphia: Printed by

Sketch of the Battle of Hobkirks Hill, near Camden, on the 25th April, 1781.

The confession, last words, and dying speech of John Stewart, a native of Ireland. Taken from himself, at his own particular request ... [Signed] John Stewart. Boston jail, April 6, 1797.

Plan of the French invasion of England and Ireland, &c. Extract of a letter, dated London, April 16, 1798. [Followed by] Plan of invasion, by the powers of France, Spain and Holland against England & Ireland. Philadelphia: Printed by James Carey

New York, 9th April, 1799. Sir. We are appointed a committee by the Republican electors of New York, to inform the electors of the Southern district, that Ezekiel Robins, of New York, and Pierre Van Courtlandt, Jun. of West-Chester, have been no

To the people of Kentucky. Fellow citizens [A plea for emancipation and for the election to the convention of persons favourable to it]. [Franklin Co.? Kentucky, April? 1799].

In Committee, Albany, 8th April, 1799. The annexed ticket will announce to you the candidates who we have agreed to support at the ensuing election: In its formation we experienced considerable embarrassment, by reason of opposite nominations fo

Thoughts, on the subject of the ensuing election, addressed to the party in the state of New-York, who claim exclusively the appellation of federalists ... April 1, 1800. {Albany [Printed by Barber & Southwick] [1800]} [Positive Photostat].

The progress of freedom. On the 6th of April St. Louis elected a mayor, "unrequivocally in favor of the President's policy proclamation, arming of negroes, and all." and the next morning the Missouri Democrat joyfully declared that "St. Louis is

A certificate and a letter inclosing the same, written by a gentleman in New-York, to his correspondent in Kings County. New York, April 26th, 1800. [Positive Photostat].

In Senate of the United Statds, April 30th, 1802. The Committee to whom was referred a bill from the House of representatives, entitled "An act to amend an act, entitled,"An act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen," and for other purposes

[Title page for Catalogue of Books, Maps and, Charts, belonging to the Library of the Two Houses of Congress, April 1802, Washington City: Printed by William Duane]

3d April, 1802. Read the first and second time, and committed to a committee of the whole House, on Monday next. A bill, for the relief of Paolo Paoly ... [Washington] Duane printer [1802].

In Senate of the United States, April 26th, 1802. The Committee to whom was referred the bill, entitled "An act making an appropriation for the support of the navy of the United States for the year one thousand eight hundred and two," having con

In Senate of the United States. 12th April, 1802, read the first time. An act, for the relief of Paul Coulon ... [Washington] Duane printer [1802].

The following is submitted to the candid and serious consideration of the independent electors of the state of New York [Regarding the election of Governor Clinton] An independent elector of the middle district. Dutchess County 13th April 1803.

Georgia Republican extra, Savannah, 25th April, 1804. Judge Bowen having ordered the Charge given to the Grand Jury on Monday last, to be published in the Georgia Republican, the editor felt himself bound by his duty to refuse the publication an

A. Demoerue to Thomas Jefferson, April 1805, Dated Received April 17

Tax for the year 1907. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thompson I. Skinner, Esquire. Treasurer and Receiver-general of said Commonwealth. To the selectmen or assessors of the of ... Given under my hand and seal at Boston, the day of April, in the

Supplement to the Republican crisis.-- April 13, 1807. The faction unveiled. To the independent republican electors of the State of New-York, Fellow-Citizens. The enemies of Governor Lewis have with unceasing malignity and unblushing impudence,

Tax for the year 1808. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thompson I. Skinner, Esquire. Treasurer and receiver-general of said Commonwealth, to the selectmen and assessors of the town of ... Given under my hand and seal at Boston, the day of April,

Centinel Extra. Saturday, April 30, 1808. Argument---- demonstration. Mr. Key's speech. In the last Centinel, we mentioned the able and lucid speech of Mr. Key, in Congress on the subject of the embargo. We lay it before our readers, this day, w

To the citizens of Ohio County. We have lately seen a hand-bill, which has for some time been privately circulated among the friends of Mr. Jackson ... [Signed] Charles Hammond, Noah Zane, George Miller. Monday, April 3d, 1809.

Spirit of '76. At a numerous meeting of the young men of Troy, at Bill's Phoenix Hotel, on Saturday evening the 15th of April- Stephen Warren was appointed chairman ... whereupon, the subjoined address was read, approved, and ordered to be publi

Glorious News. Office, Public advertiser. Sunday morning, April 22 1809. Important. Republicans! read and rejoice. The moderate and firm measures of our government have at lengh prevailed. Your Jefferson and your Madison have proved themselves w

New Hampshire Patriot, Extra. Concord N.H. April 26, Nine o'clock. Great and glorious news! We hasten to announce the pleasing intelligence, that our difference with Great-Britain are amicably adjusted. A gentlemen, arrived in town, brings the B

To the enemies of Jefferson and Madison, in this district. Norfolk, April 22, 1809.

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