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Map of proposed Arizona Territory.

Map of the Gadsden Purchase : Sonora and portions of New Mexico, Chihuaua & California /

General map of the United States & their territory between the Mississippi & the Pacific Ocean. 1. Showing the different surveyed routes from the Mississippi valley to the coast of Pacific Ocean, 2. the new established & proposed Post Routes, 3. the recently discovered gold, silver, and copper region in Kansas, Nebraska and Arizona.

From the Pimas villages to Fort Fillmore : from explorations and surveys /

R.P. Kelley's map of the territory of Arizona /

Stevens, Hon. Hiram Sanford Delegate from Territory of Arizona

McCormick, Hon. Richard Cunningham, Delegate from Arizona and M.C. from N.Y. Served as a correspondent of the New York Evening Post and New York Commercial Advertiser with the Army of the Potomac in 1861-1862. Appointed by Lincoln Secretary of Arizona

Hartley's map of Arizona.

Proclamation to the people of Arizona. July 9, 1866.

Arizona and New Mexico.

View in the Grand Canon of the Colorado, recently expl[ore]d by Major John W. Powell / from an original painting by Carvalho.

Mission of San Xavier del Bec [i.e., Bac], side view

Interior view of church of San Xavier

Cañon de L'or - soldiers repulsing an attack by Apaches

Mission of Tumacacori

Louis the interpreter & matador de los Apaches Pasquial, Pimo [i.e., Pima] captain - fond of agriculture.

The Masonic Grand Lodge of Arizona meeting in the cave in the mine of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Co. at Bisbee, Arizona, Nov. 12th 1897 / A. Miller.

The highway to the diamond fields of Arizona

Cacti of various kinds growing out of rocks

Three views in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Camp Apache--Coyotero Reservation

Mission of Tumacacori - man in foreground

Yuma musician, Arizona / / Taber Photo., San Francisco

Juan Chivaria the most distinguished chief in Arizona Juan Chivaria, his son & niece.

Front view of San Xavier del Bec [i.e., Bac]

Front view of San Xavier del Bec [i.e., Bac]

Group of Apaches outside sutlers at the Apache Mojave Reservation camp, Date Creek - the chief is in the [...] Three views in the Sierra Blanca Mountains, Camp Apache, Coyotero Reservation.

Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking above from Camp 7 / T.H. O'Sullivan, Phot.

Grand Canyon, looking below mouth of Diamond River, Colorado River, 1871

Officers' quarters, Camp Apache, A. T. / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

The start, Camp Mohave, A. T. / T. H. O'Sullivan, Phot.

Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking below, near Camp 7 / T.H. O'Sullivan, Phot.

Alkali lake in extinct volcanic crater, eastern Arizona, 1871

Black Cañon, Colorado River, from Camp 8, looking above / T.H. O'Sullivan, Phot.

Across Black Cañon, from Camp 8 / T. H. O'Sullivan, Phot.

Vermilion mesa, Rocker Creek, Arizona.

Limestone walls, Kanab Wash / W. Bell, Phot.

Lava cone, Devil's Hole, Arizona.

Kanab Wash. Colorado Basin

Vermilion Mesa, Jacob's Pool, Arizona / W. Bell, Phot.

Perched rock, Rocker Creek, Arizona.

Chocolate mesa, Rocker Creek, Arizona.

Colton's New Mexico and Arizona.

Eastern court of Oraibi(?)

Cooley's Park, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Oak grove, White Mountains, Sierra Blanca, Arizona, tree, 1873

Maps showing the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad and leased lines.

North Fork Cañon, Sierra Blanca Creek, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Looking across the Colorado River to mouth of Paria Creek, Arizona, 1873

Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Parts of Northern and North Western Arizona and Southern Utah.

View on Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Ancient ruins on the San Juan River, Arizona.

Indexed map of Arizona showing the stage lines, counties, lakes & rivers.

Territory of Arizona.

Arrival of the first locomotive in Arizona

Old "31" the Pioneer engine of Arizona

Looking up the Colorado River from Ehrenburg

An Indian Watching the Arrival of Emigrants

The principal street in Prescot[t], Capitol of Arizona

Monument in Canon del Muerte [i.e., Muerto], Ariz.

Territories of New Mexico & Arizona / prepared in the Office of the Chief of Engineers U.S.A., 1879.

[...]ing to Pueblo, Wolpi, Arizona / Hillers photo.

A Moki weaving

Apache squaws, Ariz.

An Apache / F.A. Hartwell, Phoenix, A.T.

An Apache / Buehman & Hartwell, Congress Street, Tucson, A.T.

Ruins in mummy cave, Canon del Muerte, Arizona

Fair specimens of Pimas / Buehman & Hartwell, Congress Street, Tucson, A.T.

Map of the Tombstone mining district : Cochise Co., Arizona Ter. /

Map showing the location of the road and the land grant of the Atlantic and Pacific R.R. in Arizona ... in New Mexico.

Map showing the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé Railroad system, with its connections.

Cosniño Cañon

Verde Valley and Beaver Creek, from our quarters, Fort Verde, Arizona

John Heith, lynched on Feb. 22, 1884, by infuriated citizens in Arizona / N.H. Rose, San Antonio, Texas, photographer.

View of a third room, in which a great deal of pottery and many stone implements were unearthed in ruin shown in view 42 & 44

[Soldiers with women in gorge, Fort Verde, Arizona]

Ruins of village No. 20, south side, with the Verde River and Fort Verde shown in the distance

View of Beaver Creek from the upper gallery of Montezuma's Castle

View on Beaver Creek, Arizona, 10 miles north of Fort Verde, looking northeast

Views in Arizona. Grand Canon, mouth of Cataract Creek, looking down

[Emma Baldwin(?), daughter of Captain Theodore Baldwin, full-length portrait, standing with her horse, Mex, facing slightly right, Fort Verde, Arizona]

Cosniño Cañon

A small, outlying building of village No. 20, about a hundred yards northwest of the main village

[Three women and a man, all in uniform and on horseback, Fort Verde, Arizona]

Ruins of village No. 20, from the southeast, with the Verde River and Fort Verde shown in the background

[Dead man lying on ground next to rifle--U.S. Army expeditions in Central Arizona]

Knowles' Ranch, Beaver Creek, Arizona, "a new cycle begins"

Bird's eye view of Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Arizona.

[Two soldiers and two women on porch, with Afro-American woman and man to right, Fort Verde, Arizona]

View of cliff-dwelling on west side of "Montezuma's Well," Beaver Creek, Arizona, from the south. December 26th, 1886 / E.A.M.

The Hostile Apaches / photographed by C.S. Fly, Tombstone, Arizona.

Standing walls of aboriginal ruin on southeast side of Montezuma's Well, overlooking Beaver Creek, Arizona. Viewed from the west, December 13th, 1886 / E.A.M.

Montezuma's Well, Beaver Creek, Arizona. View taken from E. side, on December 13th, 1886 / E.A.M.

Railroad and county map of Arizona

Montezuma's Well, Beaver Creek, Arizona. September, 1887. Viewed from the west

View of our romada(?), in camp at Baker's Butte, Mogollon Mountains, Arizona

[Pvt. Holmes and Pvt. Desmukes, of the 10th Cavalry, with two children, Lillian Mearns and Luther Williams, in kitchen camp at Fern Spring, near Baker's Butte, Mogallon Mountains, Arizona]

Four Mojave Indian chiefs--The second file from the left is "Rowdy", a Yuma Indian, acting as interpreter

[Afro-American enlisted man standing by three officers' children on horseback, Fort Verde, Arizona]

American night heron