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The Natives of Florida worship the column erected by the commander on his first voyage

Salve hieroglyphicum votivum ...

Utilité particuliére, du vaisseau volant Divers utilités, du vaisseau volant.

Verso of oval portrait miniature in gold case, showing James Madison's hair in braided pattern

Air-balloons / A. Bell, sculpt.

[Scientific apparatus used by Lavoisier in studying chemical reactions in combustion of substances, including mercury, top right] / Paulze Lavoisier, sculpt.

Dn. Vicente Lunardi, vive en el Coliseo del Buen Retiro

Parachute par Mr. A.J. Garnerin

[Le premier parachute de Jacques Garnerin, essayé par lui-même au parc de Mousseaux, le 22 octobre 1797]

A Cognocenti contemplating ye Beauties of ye Antique / Js. Gillray--invt--& fect.

[Mr. Graupner - seated and holding music]

First plate of four subjects, for Birch's Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts / engd. by C.G. Childs.

From Scott's Abbot drawn, printed & pubd. by Childs & Inman Lithrs. 122 Walnut Street Philadelphia 1832

Siberian village


Apollo Belvidere, study showing the forehead, eyes, and bridge of nose

Fanny Elssler music sheet cover

Portrait frame

Camp Wayne. Pennsylvania volunteer encampment on the Paoli battle ground Sept. 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd 1840 taken from nature on the spot by J. Queen ; P.S. Duval Lith. Philada

Catalogue of a beautiful collection of oil paintings, principally by Mons. Franquinet, and a few other of the most eminent artists

Landscape with natural bridge

[Uncut sheet of cards showing 25 birds]

The original silver medal presented by George Washington to Red Jacket

Trigonia Gibboniana Terebratula Tayloriana P.S. Duval Lith. Phila

High Street, with the First Presbyterian church Philadelphia. Taken down in 1820 / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800.

An unfinished house, in Chesnut Street Philadelphia. Built for the late Robert Morris Esqr. / designed & published by W. Birch enamel painter, 1800 ; republished by Desilver 1841.

Orthocera Humboldtiana P.S. Duval Lith. Phila

The aerial steam carriage

French millinery, dress & flower making establishment / on stone by Jas. Queen ; P.S. Duval, Lith. Phila.

Tourists near vantage point

Left side view of two fish with details of their scales

Pope Gregory 1st lith of Wagner & McGuigan Philada

Sheet music cover for Cadwalader's quick step lith. of Wagner & McGuigan 116 Chestnut St. Phila

Dr. Roby's Brazilian hair curling liquid / Wagner & McGuigan lith., Chesnut St. Phila.

Fish illustrations showing side views, from top, and the jaw A. Sonrel on stone from nat. ; P.S. Duval & Co's. Steam lith. Press, Phila

Leaflets of memory 1848 lith. & print in colr. by Wagner & McGuigan 116 Chestnut St. Phila

[Balloon with parachute and propellers, associated with Francesco Orlandi, flying over a town harbor and spectators, possibly during an ascent in Italy between 1820 and 1850]

Allegory of arts and sciences

Mr. Pennington's steam balloon, signs of the times : The Oregon

Girl praying

The new costume polka composed for the piano by Mathias Keller J. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press Philada

Hindoo custumes sic, Mauritius P.S. Duval & Co. steam Lith. press, Phil

The manor house Kentmere, Westmoreland. Seat of the Gilpin Family, A.D. 1206. View taken 26 July, 1845. Ann Maury J. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co.'s Steam Lith. Press, Philada

Done up Jas. Queen ; Wagner & McGuigan lithrs. Philada

Lilies of the valley

Rotary balloon, model exhibited in Class X, no. 137, by J. Luntley

Street in Great Salt Lake City - looking east

Histoire des ballons, et des diverses ascensions qui ont eu lieu jusqu'à ce jour

Domitor / H. Franco̧is.

Tableau explicatif général. Les effets du vol aérien actif / / lith. Schmid.

Domitor / H. Franco̧is.

Crossing the mouth of the Madeira River, Brazil sketched by L. Gibbon ; lith. of P.S. Duval & Co. Philada

La locomotion aérienne passive. Principes de la nature sur la chûte reelle des corps, opposé aux lois scientifiques / / lith. Schmid.

Navigation aérienne, système de M. Henri Giffard

San Mateo ferry, Bolivia Camp Ladron, Peru sketched by L. Gibbon ; JQ ; lith. of P.S. Duval & Co. Philada

Llamas traversing the Andes laden with silver Titicaca balsa off Puno sketched by L. Gibbon ; JQ ; lith. of P.S. Duval & Co. Philada

Hibernian Benevolent Institution, incorporated 1833 / design and on stone by J. Queen ; P.S. Duval Lith. Philada.

Inscription in album: "Daniel Jeanes book 1855"

Santa Lucia J. Queen ; P.S. Duval & Cos. Steam lith. Press, Phila

The natural bridge, Rockbridge County, Va. from a sketch by Maj. Ths. H. Williamson, instructor of drawing, in the Va. Military Institution on stone by Jas. Queen ; P.S. Duval & Co. Lith. Philada

Bridge & causeway at Ma-Chi-Na-Too, Lew Chew Jas. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co. Steam Lith. press, Phil

Public bath at Simoda from nature by W. Heine ; Js. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Philada

Macao from Penha Hill W. Heine ; J. Queen delt. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Phila

Diploma awarded by the People's Agricultural Society of West Jersey / P.S. Duval & Son's Lith. Pa. ; J. Queen del.

Now ready: the Dred Scott decision--Opinion of Chief-Justice Roger B. Taney ...

Certificate of honorary membership of the Weccacoe Fire Company, Philadelphia / des. & lith. by Jas. Queen ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son, Pha.

Label for druggist P.S. Duval & Son's Lith. Phila.

Salle de conférences ... Conférences experimentales sur la navigation aérienne par l'ingénieur Camille Vert, de la Drôme le plus léger que l'air par le poisson volant : le plus lourd que l'air par l'homme ailé ...

The "Lincoln column," first monolith raised, Nov. 1860, Presidential election, being S. column of connecting corridor

[Daggers, swords, and battle hatchets displayed at the Armory, Madrid, Spain]

Ballon Godard / H.L.

[Technical illustration shows four stages of André Garnerin's parachute: apparatus for inflating a balloon with hydrogen, a balloon in flight, parachute attached to ascending balloon, and parachute deployed in descent] / Fauchery, del. et sc.

Old John Brown's career illustrated

Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, in oval

Séville. Clefs offertes à St. Ferdinand à son entrée à Seville / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Blue Mountain Delaware water gap. Site of the slate quarries of the New Jersey slate mining, manufacturing & transportation company, Warren Co. N.J. sketched by W.B. Whitecar ; P.S. Duval & Son's Lith. Phila

[Explosion of the Alfred Thomas at Easton Pa. March 6th 1860]

View of Easton, (from Phillipsburg Rock) ambrotype of H.P. Osborn, Bethlehem ; Js. Queen del. ; P.S. Duval & Son's lith. Philad

Armeria de Madrid. Armure de Christophe Colomb

[Civil War envelope showing sailor climbing up flagpole to American flag with lines from poem]

[Letter from Cornelius V. Moore to Henry Moore]

[Envelope addressed to Genl. Henry A. Wise, Roanoke Island, N. Carolina]

[Civil War envelope with message "Soldier's letter" from Cuyler U.S. Army Hospital, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, signed by L. Ward Smith, Hospital Chaplain]

[Envelope from Cornelius V. Moore to Henry A. Moore, 191 West Street, New York City, N.Y., care of Mr. Geo. Gwyer, postmarked Richmond, Virginia]

[Sketch of U.S. Army Signal Corps observation and signal tower]

[Civil War envelope for Company G, Stoneham Rifles, Massachusetts Volunteers 13th Regiment showing Massachusetts state seal]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle atop shield with messages "Union!" and "Emblem of our nation's liberty"]

[Envelope addressed to Brig. Gen'l. D. Ruggles, Richmond, Virginia; postmarked Augusta, Georgia]

The volunteers in defence of the government against usurpation, 1861 / James Queen del. & lith. ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son Ph'a.

The volunteers in defence of the government against usurpation, 1861 / James Queen del. & lith. ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son Ph'a.

[Civil War envelope for Manchester Light Battery showing team of four horses pulling a limber and cannon]

[Civil War envelope showing portrait of Maj. Gen. U.S. Grant]

[Civil War envelope showing a weeping woman being comforted by a soldier] / Waters-Son.

[Civil War envelope showing portrait of Maj. Gen. McClellan]

[Letter from R. Cecil Johnson, Atlanta, to C. Smith Johnson]

Stacy's Photographic Carte de Visite, 691 Broadway

[Envelope addressed to Mrs. Chas. H. Olmstead, care of Mrs. P. J. Williams, Milledgeville, Georgia; postmarked Savannah]

[Civil War envelope showing American flag with eagle and laurel atop flagpole]

[Civil War envelope]