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Boston in New England. August 9th 1667. The Governour, deputy-governour and sundry of the magistrates. Being assembled, do judge meet to comment to their beloved brethren and neighbours the inhabitants of this colony this following proposed ...

Two addresses from the Governour, council and convention of the Massachusets Colony assembled at Boston in New-England. Presented to his majesty, at Hampton-Court, August 7, 1689. By Sir Henry Ashurst Baronet.

An ordinance for erecting & establishing a High Court of Chancery in the Province of New York. Fort William Henry, the 28th August, 1701. By order of Council. New York: Printed by William Bradford, Printer to the King's most excellent Majesty 17

A covenant for reformation assented to in Long-Meadow, in Springfield, August 22d 1728.

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

By the Honourable His Majesty’s council, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Tuesday the sixteenth day of said August … Given at Boston the twenty-sixth day of July, 1757

A Plan of the siege of the Havana. Drawn by an officer.15th August 1762., Plan of the city and harbour of Havanna.

A plan of St. Georges Ferry on Nassau-Island made the 10th August 1774,

The following is a copy of a letter, said to be wrote by Gen. Brattle, to the commander in chief, viz. Cambridge, August 29, 1774. Mr. Brattle presents his duty to his Excellency Gov. Gage, he apprehends it his duty to acquaint his Excellency fr

Suffolk, ss. At the Superior Court &c. August 1774. Whereas the Honourable Peter Oliver, Esq Chief Justice of this court, stands charged and impeached of divers high crimes and misdemeanors and more especially with bribery and corruption in his

At a meeting of the following gentlemen, being committee from every town and district in the County of Middlesex and Province of Massachusetts-Bay, held at Concord in said County, on the 30th end 31st day of August 1774, to consult upon measures

At a very full meeting of delegates from the different counties in the Colony and Dominion of Virginia, begun in Williamsburg, the first day of August, in the year of our Lord 1774, and continued by several adjournments to Saturday the 6th of th

Cambridge, 21st August, 1775. Wanted for the Continental army. One million of bricks. Three thousand cords of fire wood. Two hundred thousand and bushels of charcoal. One hundred and fifty tons of English hay. Twelve hundred bushels of Indian co

In Provincial congress. New Hampshire, August 25th 1775. Whereas it is necessary that an exact account of all the inhabitants of this Colony should be taken, in order to be transmitted to the Congress of the United American colonies; therefore r

In Provincial Congress. New-York, August 29th 1775. Whereas the Commander of his Majesty's Ship Asia, under pretence of protecting the King's Property, did in the dead of the night of the 23d instant, most unwarrantably fire on the south part of

Committee chamber, New-York. The Provincial Congress of the Colony of New-York, on the 9th of August, instant, passed the following resolves, viz ... [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1775].

In Council. Watertown, August 23, 1775. Resolved, that the assessors of each town and district, in this colony, for the present year, be required, so far as in their power to exhibit to this court, on the second Tuesday of its next sitting the s

Cambridge 21st August 1775. Wanted for the Continental Army ...

Watertown, August 14, 1775. This day the following resolve pass’d the General Court or Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay in Council. August 13, 1775. Whereas it is made evident to this Court, that many non-commissioned officers and sol

A Plan oe [i.e. of] the British lines on Boston Neck in August 1775.

A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey, with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, with the subsequent disposition of both armies.

Plan of the attack on the provincial army on Long Island, August 27th 1776. With the draughts of New York Island, Staten Island, and the adjacent part of the continent.

The following was written with and expectation that I should have the liberty to lay the same before the Court of Enquiry, before whom I was impeached as and enemy to my country, and cast into prison, (in Boston 6th August 1776) but it has been

The seat of action, between the British and American forces; or, An authentic plan of the western part of Long Island, with the engagement of the 27th August 1776 between the King's forces and the Americans: containing also Staten Island, and the environs of Amboy and New York, with the course of Hudsons River, from Courtland, the great magazine of the American Army, to Sandy Hook,

A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey, with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, shewing also the landing of the British Army on New-York Island, and the taking of the city of New-York &c. on the 15th of September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the armies.

Journals of Congress : Wednesday, August 14, 1776.

State of Massachusetts-Bay in the House of representatives. August 31, 1777. Whereas it has been represented, that some of the powder manufactured at the several powder mills in this state, has proved defective; and as there is sufficient quanti

Hartford, August 21, 1777 The following is a narrative of part of the transactions at and near Fort Stanwix, since the investiture of that place by the enemy, given in manuscript by Lieutenant-Colonel Willet, of that garrison. [Hartford 1777].

Important News. Boston (Twelve o'clock) Friday, August 22. The following letter from the Hon. Major-General Lincoln to the Honorable council, is just received by express. Bennington, August 18, 1777. Gentlemen: I most sincerely congratulate you

[Operations of the British army, from the 25th August to 26th Sept. 1777]

Declaration by Sir William Howe, Commander in Chief of the British forces. Sir William regrets the calamities .... August 27, 1777.

State of New Hampshire. By the Council and House of representatives. A proclamation for a general fast ... and do hereby appoint Thursday the seventh day of August next, to be observed as a day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer throughou

Proceedings of the convention, began and held at Worcester, in and for the County of Worcester, on the 3d day of August, 1779 for the purpose of carrying into effect the several interesting and important measures ... Done in Convention at Worces

The siege of Rhode Island, taken from Mr. Brindley's house on the 25th of August, 1778

To the gentlemen who represented the country towns in the late convention at Concord. Friends and brethren ... Boston, August 31st, 1779.

To the gentlemen who represented the country towns in the late convention at Concord. Friends and brethren ... [Boston, August 16, 1779].

Plan of the French and rebells sieg[e] of Savannah in Georgia, in South [sic] America, deffend: t[h]rough the Br: Gen: August Prevost, 1779.

[Penobscot River and Bay, with the operations of the English fleet, under Sir George Collyer, against the division of Massachusetts troops acting against Fort Castine, August 1779; with full soundings up to the present site of Bangor.

Position of the detachment under Lieut't Col'l Baum, at Walmscock near Bennington; shewing the attacks of the enemy on the 16th August 1777.

Plan of the battle fought near Camden, August 16th, 1780.

A view of the lighthouse on Cape Henlopen, taken at sea, August 1780

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, 1781. An act for incorporating and bringing into the field five hundred able-bodied effective men, of the militia, to serve within this State, for one month,

State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. In General Assembly, August session, A. D. 1781. An act for proportioning the supplies of beef to the several towns in this State for the support of the army for the months of October and Novembe

Die Americaner wiedersetzen sich der Stempel-Acte, und verbrennen das aus England nach America gesandte Stempel-Papier zu Boston, im August 1764 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

France. Arret of the King's Council of State, concerning commerce with the French Islands in America of the 30th of August, 1784. (Extracted from the records of the Council of State). [Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap and David C. Claypoole

Boston, September 5, 1785. Whereas I John de Neuville, on the 13th of August, was threatened in the name of Messieurs Leertouwer and Huyman of this town, that they would advance me no more money, if I did not endorse to them all the bills of exc

Plan of the battle fought near Camden, August 16th, 1780.

A Draught of ten lots of ground in the northern liberties of the city of Philadelphia, surveyed the 28th August 1787, beginning at a bridge on the old York Road, N. 2⁰. W. 36 3/4 perches up said road to a corner of Beech Street, thence up said street N. 85⁰. W. 27 perches to a corner of land formerly Edward Roberts'; thence by said land S. 1⁰. E. 45 perches to Peggs Run, thence down said run, N. 78⁰. E. 28 perches to the place of beginning.

Ichnography of Charleston, South-Carolina : at the request of Adam Tunno, Esq., for the use of the Phœnix Fire-Company of London, taken from actual survey, 2d August 1788 /

Circular. Philadelphia. August 3, 1792. Sir. By the enclosed copy of the minutes of the proceedings of a general meeting of the Citizens of Philadelphia, you will preceive, that the Citizens are desirous to obtain information of the sense of the

All able bodied seamen who are willing to engage in the cause of Liberty, and in the service of the French Republic, will please to apply to the French Consul ... Philadelphia, August, 1793.

An act to repeal part of a resolution of Congress of the twenty-ninth of August, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, respecting the inhabitant of Port Saint Vincents 1793. February the 6th- Passed the House of representatives. [Philadel

Principles and course of proceeding, with regard to the disposition of the monies borrowed abroad by virtue of the acts of the 4th and 12th of August, as to the point of authority. Alexander Hamilton, secretary of the Treasury. Philadelphia, Apr

[The plundering of the King's cellar, Paris, 10th August, 1793 (i.e., 1792)] / J. Zoffany Esqr. pinx. ; R. Earlom sculpt.

To the citizens of America, and especially those of Philadelphia ... [Signed:] Vitis Gallo-Americana. Spring-Mill, 13 miles N. N. W. of Philadelphia, August 18, 1797. [Philadelphia, 1797].

State of New-York. In Senate, August 17th 1798. Ordered that Mr. Foote and Mr. Frey deliver a copy of the resolution, (relative to the proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States) to the Hon. the Assembly and request their concu

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 8th day of August, 1799. [5 resolutions for amending the constitution of Kentucky]. [Frankfort? Kentucky1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 5th day of August, 1799. [10 resolutions for amending the constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Resolutions and proceedings in committee of the whole, on the 1st day of August, 1799. [3 resolutions amending the Kentucky constitution]. [Frankfort? Kentucky 1799].

Treasury Department, August 1, 1801, Warrants from July 1 to August 1, 1801

Harvard University, in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The order of the exercises for the commencement, August XXV, M,DCCCII ... Cambridge-- Printed at the University Press, by William Hilliard, Printer to the University. [1802].

Albert Gallatin to Robert G. Guerard, August 11, 1803, Enclosed with Gallatin to Jefferson Letter Dated August 11

Albert Gallatin to James Simons, August 10, 1803, Enclosed with Gallatin to Jefferson Letter Dated August 12

Harvard University in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Order of the exercises for commencement. August XXXI. MDCCCIII ... Cambridge, Printed at the University Press by W. Hilliard. [1803].

Harvard University in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement. August XXIX. MDCCIV. Cambridge: Printed at the University Press, by W. Hilliard. [1804].

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement, August XXVIII, MDCCCV ... [Cambridge] W. Hilliard printer. [1805].

Brief von General Mühlenberg an Colonel Hiester. Philadelphia, den 3 August 1805.

Harvard University in Cambridge. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement. August XXVII, MDCCCVI. [Cambridge] William Hilliard, printer. [1806].

At a very numerous and respectable meeting of the Democratic Republican citizens of New-Castle County in the State of Delaware, on the 3d of September, 1808 ... Convened pursuant to a resolution of a former meeting, dated the 19th of August last

Sketch given by George Drewyer, 5th August 1808 : [Bighorn River, Wyoming and Montana].

University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Order of exercises for commencement. August XXX. MDCCCIX. Exercises of candidates for the degree of Bachelor of arts. [Cambridge] Hilliard & Metcalf, printers. [1809].

Office of the agents of trustees Bank of the United States. Charleston 27th August, 1811. Sir. On examination of the money in the vaults of this office, we have just discovered that we have been robbed, by some villain or villains, by means unkn

Extract from an article of agreement, dated the fifteenth day of March, 1810, between James S. Ewing & Gideon H. Wells ... [Note by Gideon H. Wells] Burlington County, August 24, 1811.

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

Schedule of monthly pay, subsistence and forage, of troops in actual service, agreeably to the acts of Congress in force on the 1st July, 1814 ... Accountant's office, Richmond, August 1st, 1814. the alterations made by the several late acts of

Sketch of the march of the British Army under Gen'l Ross from the 19th to the 29th August 1814 : [central Maryland between Benedict and Washington D.C.] /

Washington. [A] representation of the capture of the city of Washington, by the British forces under the command of Major Genl. Ross and Rear Adml. Sir I. Cockburn, August 24th 1814, wherein are shown, the fort and the flotilla

Sketch of the action fought near Bladensberg [i.e. Bladensburg], August 24th, 1814 /

In memory of Dr. Thomas Russell, son of the late Capt. Edward Russell of Salem, who died at Fort Smith, Arkansas River, August 24th, 1819. in the 27th year of his age. [1819].

The Massacre of Peterloo! Or a specimen of English liberty, August 16th, 1819 / / Marks, fect.

Fair play on both sides. Mr. Wickliffe pleads the statute too!!! [Kentucky] August 5, 1822.

Prospectus of The National Journal, a semi-weekly newspaper, to be published in the City of Washington .... Washington, Davis & Force August 1823.

Republican meeting. At a primary meeting of the Republicans of the town of Providence, on the evening of the 13th of August, A. D. 1825 to consult on the propriety of holding another meeting, and devosing measures to be pursued in the approachin

To the freemen of the Town of Warwick. The election of representatives in the General Assembly, in the last Tuesday of August will soon arrive ... John R. Waterman. Warwick August 19. 1826.

Mr. Buchanan's statement. Extract from Gen. Jackson's second letter ... Mr. Buchanan's statement to the Editor of the Lancaster Journal ... Lancaster, 8th August, 1827. Printed at the Office of the Wheeling Gazette [1827].

At a numerous meeting of the citizens of the village of Utica, held at the court room, on Tuesday the 5th day of August, 1828 ... for the purpose of expressing their sentiments upon the measures now in progress for enforcing the observance of th

Melancholy! How are the mightly fallen." [letter to Tom Moore regarding the execution of Duff Green] Washington, August 4th, 1829.

The new London bridge, as it appeared on Monday, August 1st, 1831, at the ceremony of opening by their Majesties

Capt. J. D. Woodside's patent pump or ship for measuring correctly the depth of water in the hold of a vessel ... Washington, D. C. August 9th, 1834.

Public meeting. At a meeting of the Jackson Democratic citizens of Iowa County, at the town of Mineral Point, on Saturday, the 22nd of August, 1835, Col. James H. Gentry was called to the chair ... [1835].

English and classical seminary, for boys und 14 years of age ... Albert G. Stubbs. Mount Lebanon, August 13, 1838.

Royal Gardens, Vauxhall. Grand day and evening fete, next Tuesday, August 7, 1838. Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, combined with the evening entertainments

Order of exercises at the installation of Rev. Robert Turnbull, as pastor of the Boylston St. Baptist church, Boston, August 25, 1839.

Mr. Edward Spencer, born May 8th 1799 who accompanied Mr. Charles Green in that fatal parachute experiment of Mr. Robert Cocking's, July 24th, 1837, from Vauxhall Gardens. And has made twenty-seven ascents with Mr. Green, up to this date, August 24th, 1839 / / G.P. Harding, F.S.A., del. et fecit ; Day & Haghe, lithrs. to the Queen.

By permission and under the patronage of the worshipful the mayor ... Mr. Gypson, will make his 26th ascent, and first from Daventry on Monday, August 31st, 1840 ... with his magnificent silk balloon

To the voters of Greene and Jersey. E. M. Daley and his certificates! proved false. Fellow citizens ... Jacob Van Dike. Jerseyville, August 1, 1840.

Harrisonians attend! The Tippecanoe boys of the City of Alton, are requested to meet in the Old Court room, (Riley's building,) this evening, Saturday, August 29th, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance. A general and full attendance of the fr

$100 reward! escaped from the Illinois penitentiary, on the night of Friday, August 7, 1840, a convict named Hansel G. Horn ... I. Greathouse, Warden Ill's penitentiary. Alton, Aug. 8 ‘40.

Second annual fair of the Greene County Agricultural society ... Carrollton, Greene Co. August 15, 1840. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1840].

To the people of Madison County. The expected reply of Mr. G. T. M. Davis author of the address to the people of Madison County, of the 23d of April, on the approaching elections of August and November, to Mr. Krum's attack upon that address, wi