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Ford Motor Co. Marine Car at Dist. Bldg., 9/14/26

Ford Motor Co., new medical center parking lot

[Frances Benjamin Johnston seated with three other people in automobile]

Three men in an automobile in the business area of Callaway, Custer County, Nebraska.

Charles E. Duryea in his third automobile (1893-4), winner of the Chicago contest of 1894

[No[r]thern Mfg. Co., detail of an automobile wheel]

U.S. Mail Wagon Automobile

[Northern automobile, front quarter view without top]

[View from grandstand at Vanderbilt automobile race]

[Hudson automobile, possibly in Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan]

[Man posed with automobile halfway out of garage]

[Two-seater automobile in front of industrial building]

[Street with automobile and Moesta's store]

[Automobile on road by waterfront]

German automobile, with gun for fighting, Photogr. Anstalt der Rhein-Metallw., Mashinenfabrik, Dusseldorf / Ansalt der

[Model T's coming off the assembly line at the Highland Park plant]

[Ford Motor Company plant, Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan]

[Automobile on bridge]

[Automobile in park]

[Packard automobile and tented entrance to club or dwelling, Mich.]

[Northern Manufacturing Company automobile, rear-quarter view]

Christie [racing automobile]

[Three-story house with side porch and automobile in front, possibly Detroit, Mich.]

[Packard automobile, Packard Motor Car Company]

Automobile and motor boat

[Three-story house with side porch and automobile in front, possibly Detroit, Michigan]

[Automobile on town street]

[Automobile in front of Old Man of the Mountain, White Mountains, N.H.]

Chamlee [in automobile]

[Automobile on town street]

[Northern Manufacturing Company automobile, front-quarter view with top]

Automobile parade /

[Winton driving his automobile on racetrack]

[Bi-centenary celebration, floral parade, automobile of Wm. Metzger, Detroit, Mich.]

A member of the pioneer automobile party in a Toledo car at the rim of the Grand Canyon, Grand View Park, Arizona, Feb. 5, 1902

[John Jacob Astor, 1864-1912, in automobile]

Colliers. Automobile Number / Edward Penfield.

Over route of Roosevelt parade in an automobile /

Prize winning automobile float at Louisiana Purchase Monument, Liberal Arts Parade, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.

[Edith Wilson in the first electric automobile driven by a woman in Washington, D.C.]

Chilean Minister and Secretary [posed in open automobile, Washington, D.C.]

[Porte cochere with automobile, possibly Hotel Wentworth, New Castle, N.H.]

After quail in our hunting automobile

[Five persons, possibly tourists and a guide, in an automobile]

Automobile plow--in use in England

A sportsman's automobile hunting outfit



[Twenty-four little girls posed in an automobile]


[Examination of luggage on automobile, by Customs(?), France]

Automobile calendar for 1906

[New York to Paris automobile race - five men trying to pull automobile out of mud]

[Senators Albert J. Beveridge and Albert Jarvis Hopkins in the back seat of a chauffeured automobile, with State, War and Navy building in background]

[Eskimos, five adults and one infant, sitting in an automobile]

[Hotel Sierra, Loyalton, California, with people standing on porch, people in automobile in foreground, and mountains in background]

[2 men working on an automobile outside of automobile plant]

[Chimpanzee in clothing at door of automobile, with three men, at Napoleon Hippodrome]

Thomas A. Edison and son(?) in automobile and large house in background

Thomas A. Edison and son(?) in automobile and large housein background

Automobile [sh]ow, Coliseum, Chicago, Dec. 3, 1907

[Enrico Caruso, 1873-1921, half-length portrait, seated in automobile, facing left, with 4 other men]

[Windmill-shaped clock tower at left, and part of garage of Edmund Cogswell Converse, with two men on automobile at right, Greenwich, Connecticut]

Early Ford automobile

New York-to-Paris automobile race: Automobile being shovelled out of snow

Man and woman in automobile in front of a house in Kearney, Nebraska

Official U.S. Government (Army?) automobile at the Union Station, Washington, D.C.

[Person clearing automobile covered in snow]

[Automobile covered in snow]

Geneva Automobile Parade

Automobile map of Washington district.

[Automobile driving on country road]


Armoured automobile, with balloon gun

[Child seated in toy automobile]

President's "White" (automobile) - 40hp, Washington, D.C.

[Automobile panorama]

President and Mrs. Taft in White House automobile

[Mailman emptying mailbox, automobile marked "United Mail" at curb]

[Gypsy women and children, and man with automobile]

Ford Motor Co., Banner Laundry truck at Geo. Wash. Mem., [Alexandria, Va.]

Automobile model


Family and their new automobile in front of the Fred Lange house, Lowell, Nebraska.

Family posed with their automobile n front of the W.M. Schlattman home, northeast of Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Ford Motor Co., Ford touring car at Monument, [Washington, D.C.]

Ford Motor Co. stump pulling

[Four o'clock shift, Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Mich.]

Ford Motor Co., Fort Macey

Ford Motor Co. interior

Ford Motor Co. Lincoln [at] private residence

[Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Mich.]

Ford Motor Co. snow plows

[Automobile on display]

[Automobile with ad for Shefford's Snappy Cheese]

Several seated in automobile in front of Meisner ranch home, Shelton vicinity, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Ford Motor Co., Lincoln at Burnside bridge [near Antietam, Maryland]

Ford Motor Co., Sen. Jos. T. Robinson of Ark., in Lincoln

Ford Motor Co. Banner Laundry truck

[Automobile with ad for Oppenheimer's shop, 800 E St., N.W., Washington, D.C.]