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Baltimore, Dec. 31, 1776. This morning Congress received the following letter from General Washington. Head-Quarters, Nowtown, 27th Dec. 1776. Sir I have the pleasure of congratulating you upon the success of an enterprize, which I had formed ag

Baltimore, April 18. The following resolves, with his Excellency the Governor's proclamation, reflect so much honour on this infant state, and so clearly manifest the justice and dignity of its rulers, that I think it my duty to present them to

[Ville, port, et rade de Baltimore dans le Maryland.

Peace, liberty, and independence. Philadelphia, March 24, 1783. His Most Christian Majesty's Cutter the Triumph, commanded by the Chevalier Duquesne, arrived this morning, in 36 days from Cadiz. By her we have the following very agreeable and im

View from Bushongo Tavern 5 miles from York Town on the Baltimore Road

Agreed that the principles and designs of men are to be tried by their actions. "I thank thee, Jew, I have thee on the hip." 1. Has Mr. William Smith denied any one of the facts stated in the queries? No- If he had denied them, they could be pro

Communications interesting to the public. [consists of letters from Adam Ott, John Stull regarding Dr. Cruse of Baltimore] 1789.

To the public. Friends and fellow-citizens In times of election the best charactes are frequently most basely slandered, for the purposes of party; hence it is a hand-bill appeared yesterday morning, signed Tom Plain-Truth in order to prejudice

Queries, to the voters of Baltimore County. [Signed] Antismithites, January- 1789. [Baltimore: Printed by William Goddard? 1789]

To the voters of Maryland. On Monday next, you are to elect six representatives in Congress; but your choice is limitted [limited] to the characters mentioned in the two tickets proposed by the late meeting at Annapolis, and by Baltimore-Town ..

Map of the middle states of North America with part of Canada shewing the situation of the principal towns, viz. Columbia [i.e. Washington, D.C.], Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Boston & Montreal, also their several communications with respect to Lake Ontario.

Plan of the town of Baltimore and it's [sic] environs.

Thomas Sim Lee to Port of Baltimore Collector of Customs, June 20, 1793

Thomas Sim Lee to Port of Baltimore Customs Collector, June 22, 1793

U.S. Reports: Glass v. The Betsey, 3 U.S. (3 Dall.) 6 (1794)

U.S. Reports: Barriere v. Nairac, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 249 (1796)

The subscriber, by the liberality of his creditors, being in a situation to enter into new engagements, hereby gives hotice, that he means to transact business for the present, and until further notice, only upon commission ... W. B. Magruder. B

Baltimore County, to wit: the subscriber [blank] justices of the peace, for the County aforesaid certify that [blank] together with [blank] appeared before [blank] the subscriber, and superceded a certain judgment obtained by [blank] against abo

Schedule of the whole number of persons in the District of Maryland. [blank] Baltimore. December 21st, 1801.

From the Office of the Mercantile Advertiser. Friday, November 27, 1801, 11 o'clock A. M. By the Ranger, Chamberlain, from London, arrived at Baltimore, bringing papers to the 12th of October. Preliminaries of peace. Preliminaries of peace betwe

U.S. Reports: Falconer v. Montgomery, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 232 (1802)

[Surrey chapel (St. Georges Fields, England) and Independent Church (Baltimore, Md.). Transverse sectional elevations]

Improved plan of the city of Baltimore.

U.S. Reports: United States v. Johns, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 412 (1806)

U.S. Reports: United States v. McGill, 4 U.S. (4 Dall.) 426 (1806)

You [blank] jointly and severally confess judgment to [blank] for the sum of which were recovered by the said [blank] against the said [blank] on the [blank] one of the justices of the peace, in and for Baltimore County, the said sum of money an

Thomas Jefferson to Baltimore Tammany Society, May 25, 1809

Title page of Robert Smith, Address to the people of the United States (Baltimore, 1811)

National Intelligencer, March, 1812. Criticism, clip of an article from the Baltimore Federal Republican, extracted in the National Intelligencer.

General Hull and the defence of Fort M'Henry. A new song, called the surrender of General Hull. The defence of Fort M'Henry, (Baltimore.) A new song [The Star Spangled Banner] [1813?].

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Maryland

Capture of Washington [Cut] On Wednesday, August 24, there was a severe action at Bladensburgh, six miles from the Capitol. "Baltimore has acquired immortal honor by the brave resistance of Commodore Barney, his sailors and the bold volunteers."

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Maryland

[ Facsimile of first newspaper printing of The star spangled banner]

Defence of Fort M'Henry

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, Maryland

The death of General Ross, near Baltimore, as soon as he perceived that he was wounded he fell into the arms of a brother officer / G.M. Brighty del. ; Brown sculp.

The death of General Ross, near Baltimore, as soon as he perceived that he was wounded he fell into the arms of a brother officer / G.M. Brighty del. ; Brown sculp.

A view of Fort McHenry, and the entrance of the harbour of Baltimore / drawn from nature & sc. by Richd. Harrison.

A view of Fort McHenry, and the entrance of the harbour of Baltimore drawn from nature & sc. by Richd. Harrison

This survey of the River Patapsco and part of Chesapeake Bay,

This survey of the River Patapsco and part of Chesapeake Bay,

This survey of the River Patapsco and part of Chesapeake Bay,

This survey of the River Patapsco and part of Chesapeake Bay,

Plan of the city of Baltimore

This plan of the city of Baltimore

To the voters of Baltimore County. Fellow Citizens. Having been announced as an elector of President and Vice-President of the United States, and that annunciation being approved of by respectable meetings in the County, I did not consider it ne

Title page of a pamphlet: A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States, without Danger or Loss to the Citizens of the South (Baltimore: Benj. Lundy, 1825)

All hail old hickory! Headquarters, Baltimore. November 8th, 1828 ... [Signed] Sioul Trah.

Belvidere Bridge over Jones's Falls, Baltimore, Aug. 1828

[Washington Monument looking north on Washington Place in Baltimore, Maryland]

Headquarters, Baltimore. 1st December 1828. Great official news. [Signed] Sioul Trah.

Battle Monument as seen from the west door of City Hotel, Baltimore

A short history of a moral & political scoundrel. To my fellow-citizens- John S. Tyson than whom a dirtier scoundrel does not breathe - a fellow, both morally and politically corrupt ... put in circulation late Thursday night ... an infamous han

Battle monument Max Godefroy, Esqr. P.A. &c. invenit & delint. 1815 ; engraved by B. Tanner

To the public. The undersigned having entered into a correspondence with Dabney S. Carr, hat to inform all honorable men that he has found him altogether destitute of the qualities of a gentlemen. Frederick Pinkney. Baltimore. October 15, 1828.

Letter from Mrs. Barney to Gen. Jackson. Baltimore. June 13th, 1829. Sir Your note of the 22d April, addressed to me through your private secretary, accompanying the return of my papers ... [Signed] Mary Barney. Curtis, Pa. [1829].

To the freemen of Baltimore City and County ... Peter Little [183-].

Washington monument [Baltimore] Printed by James Young, 114 West Baltimore Street [183-?].

Map of the country embracing the various routes surveyed for the Balt. & Ohio Rail Road by order of the Board of Engineers.

Constitution of the United States. It is an admitted principle among all enlightened politicians, that forms of government, to be either lasting or usefull, must be adapted to the particular circumstances of the nations for which they are intend

U.S. Reports: The Virgin, 33 U.S. (8 Pet.) 538 (1834)

Map of the railroads and canals, finished, unfinished, and in contemplation, in the United States /

A map, of the principal canal and rail road improvments [sic], which will connect with the Balt. & Susqa. Rail Road at York; drawn by G. F. de la Roche. C. Engr.

A map exhibiting the position of two lines located with a view to the extension of the Baltimore & Washington Rail Road within the city of Washington /

[Blank certificate for donors to the Washington National Monument Society, Washington, D.C.] / Lith. by E. Weber & Co., Baltimore.

Plan of the city of Baltimore

Our country's flag! A new national song

Baltimore / Swett ; P. Haas sc.

Notice. Bank of Washington, May 12, 1837. Notwithstanding the information which has reached Washington of the suspension of specie payments by the banks of New York, as well as some of the banks of Philadelphia and Baltimore, the President and d

Notice. Bank of the Metroplis, May 12, 1837. Nothwithstanding the information which has reached Washington, of the suspension of specie payments by the banks of New York, as well as some of the banks of Philadelphia and Baltimore, the President

Baltimore Patent Flour Cloth to Andrew Jackson, April 26, 1838

Battle monument, Baltimore / W.H. Bartlett ; H. Griffiths.

Map of the practicable routes of a canal from Baltimore to the Potomak /

Cremona waltz

La Norma waltz

Map shewing [sic] the several routes, examined with a view to the extension of the route of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail-Road through north western Virginia from the Potomac to the Ohio river; as well as the different railways and canals completed and projected within that state,--and also the various lines of improvement existing and proposed between Cincinnati on the Ohio and Richmond, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston on the Atlantic coast.

Map shewing the connection of the Baltimore and Ohio-Rail-Road with other rail roads executed or in progress throughout the United States.

Fanny Elssler and the Baltimoreans

Baltimore Convention, Old Tippecanoe, a patriotic song

The poor man's friend

Rates of charges between New-York, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Havre de Grace, Baltimore and Washington ... [184-?].

Felix Jenkins, saddler harness and trunk maker, 10 South Street Baltimore J. Sands sculp

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform 4th May 1840

The Baltimoreans going the whole ass tail and all

Our country's hope. Harrison & reform. 4th may 1840. Published by J. S. Horton, corner Baltimore and South St. Baltimore, Md.

List of members of the Howard Fire Company for 1841. Bull & Tuttle, Job printers No. 7 North Gay Street.

Tippecanoe March 4, 1841. Inauguration ball, the managers request the honor of company at Carusi's Saloon, on Thursday evening, 4th of March, 1841. Baltimore: Murphy [1841].

Eleanora waltz

Map of the county west of Cumberland towards the Ohio river, showing the various lines surveyed or reconnoitred [sic] for the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road to its western terminus referred to in the report of the chief engineer of September 20th, 1843.

Map, exhibiting the railway route between Baltimore & St. Louis, together with the other principal lines in the eastern, middle & western states; prepared under the direction of B. H. Latrobe, Ch. Engr. B. & O. R.R.

Enclosure with Robert Howard to Andrew Jackson March 26, 1844. Record of land donations from Robert Howard and others to the city of Baltimore, MD for the purpose of erecting a monument to Andrew Jackson. February 26, 1844

Young men's whig national convention held in Baltimore May 2d 1844. [Campaign badge printed on satin].

The honest statesman, his country's steadfast friend. Harry of the West

Clay gallopade

Aeolus gallop

The emerald gallopade

Tarand polka

The Francis waltz

Leaving French Town, head of Chesapeak Bay, route to Baltimore, July 26, 1846. Elk River