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Benjamin Franklin Butler to Andrew Jackson

[Franklin-Folger chart of the Gulf Stream].

George Washington Papers, Series 4, General Correspondence: Silas Deane and Benjamin Franklin to George Washington, September 4, 1777

Dr. Beniamin [i.e., Benjamin] Franklin gebohrn zu Boston den 17 Janü. 1706

Le tombeau de Voltaire / L.V. inv. ; C.M. sculp.

Dr. Franklin

Thomas White to Benjamin Franklin, September 13, 1779

Thomas Fitzgerald to Benjamin Franklin, September 14, 1779

Thomas White, et al to Benjamin Franklin, April 11, 1780

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. F.R.S. - one of the American plenipotentiaries at the Court of France / Pollard sculp.

James Lovell and William C. Houston to Benjamin Franklin, July 11, 1780

Count de Bernstorff to Benjamin Franklin, March 8, 1780

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. - envoy from the American Congress to the French Court

Benjamin Franklin - né à Boston dans la Nouvelle Angleterre, le 17 Janvier 1706 / Desrayes del ; le Beau scul.

Benjamin Franklin, né à Boston le 17 janvier 1706 - eripuit cœlo fulmen sceptrum que tyrannis / peint par Madame Filleul ; gravé par Cahtelin, Graveur du Roi.

John Adams to Benjamin Franklin, October 4, 1781

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - ambassador from the Congress of America to the Court of France / J. Norman sc.

Benjamin Franklin to Robert R. Livingston, October 14, 1782, Extract

Benjamin Franklin / J. Pelicier sculp. 1782.

The United States in Congress assembled, to all who shall these presents greeting : Whereas in and by our commission, dated at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, the Honorable John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Henry Laurens, and Thomas Jefferson ... with Richard Oswald ... did conclude and sign on the part of the United States of America and the crown of Great-Britain, articles in the words following ... Now know ye, that we the United States in Congress assembled, have ratified and confirmed ... the said articles ...

Benjamin Franklin to Robert R. Livingston, July 22, 1783, Extract

Benjamin Franklin to Baron Rosencrone, April 15, 1783

1. General Washington 2. General Gates 3. Dr. Franklin 4. Präsid Laurens 5. Paul Jones / D. Berger sculp. 1784.

Dr. Franklin erhält, als Gesandter des Americanischen FreyStaats, seine erste Audienz in Frankreich, zu Versailles, am 20ten Märtz 1778 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

Dr. Franklin - cœlis eripuit fulmen sceptrumque tyrannis / J. Norman sc.

Benjamin Franklin to John Paul Jones, July 20, 1785

Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Jefferson, July 11, 1785

Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Jefferson, July 11, 1785

A chart of the Gulf Stream /

Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Jefferson, October 8, 1786

Benjamin Franklin to Thomas Jefferson, October 24, 1787

[Proclamation by the State of Pennsylvania offering reward for Daniel Shays and 3 othe rebellion ringleaders. Signed by Benjamin Franklin]

[Silhouette of George Washington and bust portrait of Benjamin Franklin]

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - born at Boston in New England, Jan. 6th 1706 - died at Philadelphia, April 17th 1790

Dr. Benjamin Franklin engrav'd by P.R. Maverick, 65 Liberty Street

Dr. Benjamin Franklin / engrav'd by P.R. Maverick, 65 Liberty Street.

[Congress voting the Declaration of Independence]

Benjamin Franklin / J. Akin, sc., Philada.

Benjamin Franklin - peint d'après nature pour la famille - exposé au Salon de 1779 / Duplessis pinxit ; A. Maurin, lith.

Highly important from Washington. Journal Office, ----- Extra. Saturday, April 23, 4 P.M. Resignation of the cabinet!! By the Benjamin Franklin, arrived this day we received the following important information, to wit - the resignation of the wh

Andrew Jackson to Benjamin Franklin Butler, February 24, 1834

Benjamin Franklin Butler to Andrew Jackson, May 8, 1839

Benjamin Franklin engraved by T.B. Welch from the portrait by Martin in the possession of the American Philosophical Society.

The philosopher & his kite / H.S. Sadd sc.

The fox hunt

Barn-burners in a fix

[Benjamin Butler]

[The Louisiana and Minnesota]

[Three bust portraits, including Benjamin Butler]

The "contraband" schottische

Gen. Butler's headquarters, Fraser's farm, north side of James River

The (Fort) Monroe Doctrine

[Civil War envelope showing fugitive slaves working as sappers and miners with General Benjamin Butler, bearing message "Contraband of war"]

[Six bust sketches: Benjamin Butler and others]

Major General Benj. F. Butler

General Butler's Head Quarters, Chapin's farm

Map of operations at Bermuda Hundred and Drewry's Bluff, Virginia, 10th May 1864

Benjamin Franklin, Supt. P.N.D.A., Phila. Pa., 1873-1878 Formerly Chief of Detectives, Phila. Police Dept. / / W. L. Germon's Temple of Art, 914 Arch St., Philadelphia.

Marsh, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of Ill. enlisted in Regt. Ill. later Colonel 16th Ill. Volunteer Infantry

Marsh, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of Ill. enlisted in Regt. Ill. later Colonel 16th Ill. Volunteer Infantry

Jonas, Hon. Benjamin Franklin, Senator of Louisiana. Served in the Washington Artillery until 1863

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W.Va.

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W. Va

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W. Va.

Martin, Hon. Benjamin Franklin of W.Va

Furankurin to kaminari no zu

Benjamin Franklin

What I know about raising the devil

Shively, Hon. B.F. Benjamin Franklin

Shively, Hon. B.F. Benjamin Franklin

The cradle of liberty in danger / Th. Nast.

[Bank note vignettes showing explorers including Christopher Columbus(?), pilgrims landing in America, women symbolizing arts and sciences, and Benjamin Franklin performing electricity experiment with key and kite]

[Benjamin Franklin, half-length portrait, facing right] / Etch. by H.B. Hall, N.Y., 1879.

Speaker Keifer's kaleidoscopic speech, at the N.Y. Chamber of Commerce banquet, held at Delmonico's, May 9th, 1882 / J. Keppler.

A new bull in the ring / F. Graetz.

Rushing the season / J. Keppler.

Spoiling their slide / F. Opper.

Getting them into line for 1884 / Gillam.

Overtraining young horses / Gillam.

"Evacuation day" March 4th, 1885 - a Democratic dream / Gillam.

The political Sam'ls of Posen / Gillam.

The Democratic smithy - odd shoes for the mule / Gillam.

Who killed Hancock? / Gillam.

Barkis is willin' / Gillam.

Blundering again! / Gillam.

Our national dog-show / Gillam.

The only Democratic presidential candidate who stands a chance of election in 1884 / F. Opper.

The honor of the country in danger / Gillam.

A lenten dream / J. Keppler.

The magnetic bunco-steerer and his confederate / Gillam.

The Presidential recruiting-office / Gillam.

"Stop thief!" / Gillam.

The national dime-museum - will be run during the presidential campaign / Gillam.

A chilly Christmas for the outcast orphans / Gillam.

Too many leaders / Gillam.

A failure in fly-paper / F. Graetz.

A little private mutual admiration scheme--Joss Ben and his only priest, Sun-Sun / F. Opper.

The bogus workingman and his lonsome boom / F. Opper.

Helping the rascals in - a burglarious scheme that may be suddenly spoiled / J. Keppler.

"The Mulligan guard lies, but - surrenders" / J. Keppler.