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Lockwood, Belva Lawyer - D.C. (Famous Lawyer and bicycle rider)

[Man with fallen bicycle looking up road]

[Bicycle Ave., Palm Beach, Florida]

The graces of the bicycle

Creating a sensation: The "Bully Boy" on a bicycle

Going to the bicycle tournament / F. Opper.

[Man in foreground mounting bicycle to follow bicycling man in distance]

Connecticut bicycle parade at Hartford, Conn. view of Main St. looking north from Exchange Corner

[Man on bicycle on street, Washington, D.C., with horse-drawn streecar in background]

[Knight falling off bicycle and letter C]

The Prudent buyer selects the Shirk, the latest, neatest, and lightest bicycle in the world / Ottman, Chic.

[Full-length portrait of a young man standing next to a bicycle]

L.A.W. Bicycle Race --Ordinary--the finish

L.A.W. Bicycle Race. Safety--the finish

L.A.W. Bicycle Race--The start

[William Martin, champion six-day bicycle rider of the world, full-length portrait, facing left, on bicycle with large front wheel and small rear wheel]

The darktown bicycle club-knocked out: "Dar! I knowed dem odd fellers was a breedin mischief."

Trotting mare Nancy Hanks, record 2:04: driven by Budd Doble to a bicycle sulky built by the Chas. S. Caffrey Co. Camden, N.J.

Miss Bicycle

[Woman with bicycle wearing bicycling costume; 2 piece package enclosure for Pope Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Conn., manufacturers of Columbia Bicycles]

The "new woman" and her bicycle - there will be several varieties of her / F. Opper.

The bicycle problem / Ehrhart.

The darktown bicycle race-the start: "Now for de fastest record eber known"

[Bicycle race scene]

The darktown bicycle race-a sudden halt: "I knowd we'd have busted de record if it hadn't bin for dis misforchin"

The bicycle - the great dress reformer of the nineteenth century! / Ehrhart.

The Donaldson bicycle lithos for the season of 1896

Bicycle tournament, Brooklyn, U.S.A.

Actresses as bicycle riders [7 illustrations of actresses with bicycles: 1. Effie Ellsler; 2. Cissy Fitzgerald; 3. Anna Held; 4. Queenie Vassar; 5. Mrs. James Brown Potter; 6. Miss Georgia Cayvan; 7. Miss Lillian Russell]

[Wilbur Wright working in the bicycle shop]

Man fallen from bicycle, sitting on ground

Oscar Eagle standing alongside of Esther Lyon (on bicycle), in "A Briliant Idea"

[Orville Wright and Edwin H. Sines, neighbor and boyhood friend, filing frames in the back of the Wright bicycle shop]

Two men looking at broken bicycle wheel [sic]

[Madge Lessing, full length, on bicycle, facing left; holding musical horn to lips]

[Baby with sports medals perched on bicycle held upright by rope]

Woman in a room with a bicycle saying to a man and child, "Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride"

Bicycle Tourists [7 men] at the Delaware Water Gap, Monroe County, Pa.

Bicycle Pavilion on Belle Isle [Park], Detroit

Bicycle path, Rockledge, Fla.

[Front view of 7 Hawthorn Street, the Wright home, with bare trees and a bicycle resting by the right gate of the front fence, about 1900]

[Front view of 7 Hawthorn Street, the Wright home, with bare trees and a bicycle resting by the right gate of the front fence, about 1900]

Bicycle path to ostrich farm, Palm Beach, Fla.

Westchester Co. Fair, bicycle merry-go-round [New York]

Bicycle path to ostrich farm, Palm Beach, Fla.

Floyd McFarland, on bicycle

[Bicycle path near Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minn.]

Crippled German soldier [on bicycle]

Princess Jolanda on bicycle; Princess Giovanna in garden holding flowers

Transportation by horses, mules, dogs and bicycle

Bicycle path and canal, Indianapolis, Ind.

Paris policeman with his bicycle

[Bicycle shop, possibly Detroit, Michigan]

Bicycle shelter, National Cash Register [Company], Dayton, O[hio]

Archie Roosevelt on a bicycle

[Bicycle stretchers bringing Russian wounded to a surgical station -- siege of Port Arthur]

[Lifting a wounded Russian to a bicycle stretcher -- a Red Cross post during battle -- Port Arthur]

[Diavolo performing his bicycle daredevil act before a large audience]

[A gallant defender of Russian Fort No. 3 -- coming back to Port Arthur on a bicycle stretcher]

[Wagons and bicycle stretchers used to transport injured Russian soldiers]

Bicycle riders: Leon Georget

John Stol and Walter Rott with bicycle

Georget and Dupre of France, with bicycle

Vistor Dupre of France, with bicycle

[Bicycle riders--Walthour in 6-day race]

[Children posed with bicycle and tricycles]

The famous bicycle tree of Snohomish [Washington]

[John D. Rockefeller, full-length portrait, standing with a bicycle]

[Norman Anderson on a racing bicycle, Nov. 5, 1914]

[Elizabeth Hughes, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, holding bicycle]

[Bicycle race]

[Tony Pizzo, with sailor hat on bicycle "New York to Los Angeles and Return"]

[Bicycle race]

[Bicycle race]

[Bicycle race]

[Bicycle race]

[Stills of Billie Burke starring in motion picture, "Gloria's Romance", 1916: being driven in bicycle sedan chair (108)]



New bicycle helps solve transit problem

Times bicycle, Nesbitt

Times boy on bicycle

Times bicycle

Harding & bicycle boys

Times boy on bicycle

Times girl on bicycle

Harding & bicycle boys

[...] fireman on bicycle

T[...] boy on bicycle

Times girl on bicycle

Boy on bicycle

Times girl on bicycle

[Boy on bicycle]

Woman rides bicycle for 25 years

[Bicycle race in or near Washington, D.C.]

Bicycle race

[Street scene, two children on bicycle in front of S.S. Kresge, Washington, D.C.]

R.J. O'Conner, Laurel bicycle races, [7/18/25]

Laurel bicycle races, [7/18/25]

[Bicycle rider;Washington Monument in background, Washington, D.C.]

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