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Presidential campaign of 1864. Union Congressional Executive Committee.

[James Blaine with "As speaker" and "R.R. jobs" letters sticking out of his back pocket and reaching for "the Mulligan letters" over "Blaine's record" hat]

James G. Blaine / Photo-gravure, Co. N.Y.

Garfield's bond of friendship for the unfriendly senators / SC.

The hoaxer hoaxed / J.A. Wales.

Puck's pyrotechnics - Fourth-of-July fireworks free to all / Opper & Co.

Rushing the season / J. Keppler.

Decoration-day, 1883 / Gillam.

Overtraining young horses / Gillam.

"Evacuation day" March 4th, 1885 - a Democratic dream / Gillam.

Rip Van Winkle's return / Gillam.

The political Sam'ls of Posen / Gillam.

Let the political army have new drums also! / Gillam.

Nursing our infant industries / F. Graetz.

Anything for popularity! / J. Keppler.

A weak combination suspension bridge / F. Graetz.

The true meaning of Republican harmony / Gillam.

Our national dog-show / Gillam.

The grand opening march over the Brooklyn Bridge / F. Opper.

The Presidential recruiting-office / Gillam.

A lenten dream / J. Keppler.

Thanksgiving day, 1884 - "let us be thankful!" / Gillam.

One thing he can not shake off / Gillam.

"Me and Jack" / Gillam after a popular print.

"What are the wild waves saying, sister?" / Gillam.

The magnetic bunco-steerer and his confederate / Gillam.

"Love's labor's lost" / Gillam.

Strange, but true / F. Opper.

Hon: James G. Blaine, Republican candidate for president, 1884

The receiving-vault of the Republican politicians who defied public morality / Gillam.

The honor of the country in danger / Gillam.

Let's talk about the weather

The contest of beauty / J. Keppler.

The end of the republican party After "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by Kaulbach.

The national dime-museum - will be run during the presidential campaign / Gillam.

He can't beat his own record / J. Keppler.

Blaine's letter of acceptance / F. Opper.

We claim everything - me & Jack / Gillam.

"The Germans supported me nobly" --J.G. Blaine / F. Opper.

Blundering in a perilous position / Gillam.

"Blaine will be vindicated in November" --N.Y. Tribune / Gillam.

The only source from which he gets absolution / J. Keppler.

Building the ark / Gillam.

"Stop thief!" / Gillam.

Bro. Jonathan--low bridge mister!

[James Gillespie Blaine, three-quarter length portrait, seated, facing front]

Blaine O'Maine / J. Keppler.

Bottom's dream

The false "friend of the workingman" / J. Keppler.

A preliminary set-to / Gillam.

His boasted magnetism - and the kind of metal it attracts / Gillam.

Out of the frying-pan into the fire / Gillam.

More than she can carry / J. Keppler.

Helping the rascals in - a burglarious scheme that may be suddenly spoiled / J. Keppler.

The pyrrhic victory of the Mulligan guards in Maine / J. Keppler.

The political Courtney / Gillam.

Delilah Randall betrays the democratic Samson / Gillam.

Spoiling their calculations / J. Keppler.

"The Mulligan guard lies, but - surrenders" / J. Keppler.

A hard pull / J. Keppler.

Leap-year / J. Keppler.

The writing on the wall / J. Keppler.

The olympus of corruption - "Apollo strikes the lyre and charms the gods" / Gillam.

Tantalus / J. Keppler.

The resistless march of reform - the "hostiles" must go! / F. Opper.

The great national fishing match / the result

[James G. Blaine, half-length studio portrait, sitting, facing slightly right] / Brady, Washington, D.C.

The four Rips; or, twenty years behind the age / Gillam.

"The sleeping party" / Gillam.

John Roach's little miscalculation / J. Keppler.

Gulliver-Cleveland takes possession of the enemy's fleet and deprives them of their strength / Gillam.

They saw their "Flying Dutchman" - it crossed their path, and they were lost / Gillam.

They will have to come to it / Gillam.

Mr. Hill tries it on / Gillam.

The bugaboo of congress / Gillam.

The opium-joint of the Republican "irreconcilables" -- a cheap way of being happy / Zimmerman.

A great past and a pitiful present / Gillam.

Two political paths / J. Keppler.

Puck's notion of the kind of fancy-dress charity ball that would be a real, solid financial success / J. Keppler.

"The soul of Blaine" still on the rampage / Gillam.

Peace, and the good will of all men / Gillam.

Harmony and envy / K. after Garnier's "Jour de Fête."

The new leader and the old chorus / Gillam.

Too far gone, John!--That balloon will never rise again / Zimmerman.

Puck's political hunting-ground -- how he has made game of the politicians / J. Keppler '85.

Illustrated political chart, a cartoon of American politics and the Tapeworm Party

The Crown covers a multitude of shortcomings Sir James (G.B.) "No one will miss it now, you know" Th. Nast 1888

[President Benjamin Harrison with James G. Blaine, Secretary of State, Henry Cabot Lodge, and group of other people posed, possibly on the forward deck of the Frenchman's Bay steamer Sappho, with several men of the Bar Harbor Band, Maine(?)]

The raven / J. Keppler.

Home of Hon. James G. Blaine, Augusta, Me.

Ceremonies at the grave of James G. Blaine, Oak Hill Washington, D.C., U.S.A

Villa of James G. Blaine, Bar Harbor, Mt. [i.e. Mount] Desert Island, Me.

Jack Blaise [i.e., Blaine] res., 16 & [...]

Blaine house, 20 & P NW, [Washington, D.C.]

Blaine house, 20 & P NW, [Washington, D.C.]

Washington, D.C.--The attack on the President's life--Scene in the ladies' room of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad depot--The arrest of the assassin / from sketches by our special artist's [sic] A. Berghaus and C. Upham.

Phryne before the Chicago tribunal / Gillam, with apologies to J.L. Gerome.

Phryne before the Chicago tribunal / Gillam, with apologies to J.L. Gerome.

For president James G. Blaine, of Maine - for vice president John A. Logan, of Illinois

For president James G. Blaine, of Maine - for vice president John A. Logan, of Illinois