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[Printed vellum page from the first book printed in small type. 1459]

[Khosrau I (d. 579), king of Persia, seated on throne, directing Burzuwayh, the sage, to go to India to procure the Kalilah Wa Dimnah ("Book of Wisdom")]

The ryal book, or A book for a kyng.Somme des vices et des vertus. English [from old catalog][Westminster, William Caxton, ca. 1486]

[Medieval book collector sitting at desk, reading]

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

The Nativity, a metal cut from Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae, a Book of Hours executed by Philippe Pigouchet, dated at Paris, Aug. 22, 1498

[Title page of De arte supputandi, book four; with decorated border including men inside tent, Scaevola and Porsenna]

[Title p. illus. with Spanish missionary in Philippines standing holding open book and branch]

The whole book of Psalmes. London, Imprinted for the Company of Stationers, 1641.[1], 173, [18] l. 85 cm.

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: t.p. of 1656 ed. of A Manuall...Compleat Justice; illus. of king on throne beside blind justice; portr. of Dalton, Littleton, Coke, Crompton, & Lambert]

Man smoking a long pipe, seated at table with book, candle and 2 more long pipes

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: frontis, of 1669 ed. of A Sure Guide for...Justice of Peace, showing man holding sword over child before king on throne]

[Frontispiece (portrait) of Robert May and title page from his book, The Accomplisht Cook, or the Art and Mystery of Cookery]

[Engraved frontispiece showing pressure cookers opposite the title page to a book suggesting the use of steam as a force to drive an engine]

[Book illustration showing hunting scene] / Bb. del.

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: t.p. of The Office...of a Justice of Peace]

[Beauty holding a book]

[First chapter opening of Methodus inveniendi ...; with headpiece of sphinxes, cherubs, and open book with crossed trumpets, and decorated initial M showing stormy sea]

Gloria Mundi, or The Devil addressing the sun - Pare. Lost, Book IV

George May survey book

Thomas Jefferson to Richard Cary, December 26, 1786, Book Shipment

Day book and ledger page containing a record of slave births and livestock accounts

A cotilion [sic]

Thomas Jefferson to Armand Koenig, May 20, 1788, Book Order; in French

Day book and ledger containing a record of cloth given to the slaves of Edmund Lyne

[Two women standing on platform next to shield marked "America," "Europe," "Africa," and "Asia," with chains, keys and book opened to page titled "The Rights of Men" at base of platform] / C. Gullager, del. ; engrav'd by S. Hill.

Travelers! tourists!! railroad men !!! Dinsmore's new and complete American railroad and steam navigation guide and route book ... Price 25 cents .... Dinsmore & Co., Publishers. No. 8 Spruce Street, New-York. For sale everywhere.

Constitution ... We the subscribers, hereby authorize the Secretary of "The Republican Club of Hartford," to enter our names upon the book of the club, as members; we subscribing to the above constitution.

[Title page: American Spelling Book, by Noah Webster, Philadelphia, 1804]

First book of the Chronicles of Morgan and his Quid Council. Look here Removals ... Look there. Appointments ... [Signed] An Old Continental. [1807].

[Blank book plates sold by James P. Parke. No. 75 Chestnut Street 8 to a page].

[Title p. of the first new Virginia A B C and name book, printed in 1808; illus. with woodcut of 2 children reading to mother]

[Title p. of a Christmas book for little boys, a collection of conversations; the 3rd Virginia children's book; illus. with boy and woman seated and evidently conversing]

An address, and the constitution, of the Bible and common prayer book society, established in the City of Albany and its vicinity, A.D. 1810. Albany. H. Packard, printer, [1810].

The spirit of the book - or anticipation of the year 1813

[Title page of 1817 cookery book showing woman milking cow, implements and containers, food, woman working in kitchen]

[Title page of "Fancy's sketch book" by Miss Penina Moise (Charleston, 1833) - no. illus.]

Ladys Book Company to Andrew Jackson, Jr., June 2, 1837

Pocket book lost!! The subscriber lost in the City of Alton, or on the road from thence by way of the River to Chippewa, on Saturday last, a dark blue morocco pocket book ... J. W. Call. Dec. 16, 1839. [Alton, 1839].

$10 reward! lost, either in Alton City, or on the road between this place and Upper Alton, yesterday, a calf skin pocket book ... Lewis J. Clawson. Alton, Aug. 4, 1840.

[Unidentified girl, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated with elbow on large book on table]

Notice!! Taken from the subscriber, on the night of April 16th, at Nutter's tavern in Upper Alton, a calfskin pocket book ... William H. Hungerford. April 17, 1840. Alton. Printed at the "Telegraph" office [1840].

[Unidentified woman holding book, with books on table to her right]

[Unidentified woman, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated in chair beside table with tablecloth; book on table]

[Unidentified man, three-quarter length portrait, facing front, seated beside table with tablecloth, holding book]

[Eunice Fiske Durfee, three-quarter length portrait of a woman, facing front, seated next to table with tablecloth; large book on table]

Best & cheapest book on the management of horses, mules, &c. By Denton Offutt. Mr. Denton Offut, will instruct persons in his peculiar method of gentling horses, mules, &c .... Washington, D. C. Wm. Greer, printer, corner of E and 10th streets 1

[Ornate title page of The Book of Common Prayer.]

[Ralph Hoyt, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the right, holding a book]

[Unidentified woman, about 35 years of age, three-quarter length portrait, three-quarters to the left, facing front, standing beside table with tablecloth and open book,]

Hydrarchos!! greatest wonder of the world. or great sea serpent ... Now exhibiting for two weeks, at the Apollo saloon, 410 Broadway ... New York. Benjamin Owen, Book and Job Printer, 29 Ann-Street, Centre Building, September 19, 1845.

Twelve preludes and voluntaries for organ, or piano with aeolian attachment, book 1

Incipit liber primus Theophili monachi, de diversis artibus The beginning of the first book of Theophilus the monk, upon various arts.

The nightingale or lines by Dr. S. Bronson, of N. Y. to Md'lle Lind, on presenting her with a book entitled The Water spout Published by S. Bronson, 70 Hamersly St. N. Y. [c.1850].

[Mary H. Lee, half-length portrait, seated, holding a book]

[Full-length portrait of a woman, standing, turned right, facing front, holding a book]

A valuable invention for booksellers, librarians, clergymen and reading-men. Ive's book brace ... [New York 185-M].

The book for the traveler! Illustrated guide over the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore railroad

Sweet home

[Sculpture of man and boy reading book]

[Title page of book showing Afro-American woman with bucket on head and children playing before slave cabin]

Calculator, showing the amount of paper required for printing a book of any given number of forms 1 to 50 exclusive of paper for binding. New York. [c. 1854].

The contractors book of working drawings of tools and machines used in constructing canals, rail roads and other works ... Compiled by George Cole, civil engineer, 1855 / J.S. Vernam, mechanical engineer & draughtsman ; Compton, Gibson & Co. lithographers, Buffalo, N.Y.

The contractors book of working drawings of tools and machines used in constructing canals, rail roads and other works ... Compiled by George Cole, civil engineer, 1855 / J.S. Vernam, mechanical engineer & draughtsman ; Compton, Gibson & Co. lithographers, Buffalo, N.Y.

[Unidentified man with chin whiskers, half-length portrait, facing front, with arm resting on book]

[Unidentified woman, three-quarters length portrait, seated with left arm resting on table with tablecloth and book]

Alfred Beckley's Private Memorandum Book, 1856-1865, including "Statements of Agency for the Mssrs Francis and John A Granger"

Howe's complete ball-room hand book, containing upwards of three hundred dances, including all the latest and most fashionable dances ... with elegant illustrations, and full explanation and every variety of the latest and most approved figures, and calls for the different changes, and rules on deportment and the toilet, and the etiquette of dancing.

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Packing room

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Stockroom

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Exterior view

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Interior view

[Mrs. Gen. M. Vickers(?) with long flowing hair, three-quarter length portrait, seated at table with open book]

[Charlotte von Legenfeld Schiller, wife of German dramatist Friedrich Schiller, seated at a table holding a book, facing front, three-quarter length portrait]

[Unidentified woman resting her arm on a book entitled History of Slavery]

Transcript book and job office. Henry W. Dutton & son respectfully announce to their friends and patrons that they have renovated their extensive book and job printing office ... Henry W. Dutton, William H. Dutton. [1860].

[Unidentified man standing with hand on book] / From photographic negative from Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

[Unidentified woman, three-quarter length portrait, seated with hand on book, facing left]

[Photograph of Walter G. Jones, Pvt., 8th New York Cavalry, Co. C., U.S.A., half-length, facing front and his New Testament with bullet holes, and the two bullets which lodged in the book]

[Abraham Lincoln and family looking at a book]

[Thomas Isaiah Booker in Confederate uniform with Colt navy revolver, book, tin drum canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

Union ball. 1861. The honor of Mrs. Lewis S. Haydens' company is requested at the Union Ball on Monday evening March 4th at Washington, D. C. Washingtong, D. C. Philip & Solomons, Metropolitan book store [1861].

[Two unidentified soldiers in Union uniforms with sword and book in front of painted backdrop]

Charles Dickens' new book! "Uniform with Great expectations," The Lamplighter's story; ... by Charles Dickens ... It is published complete and unabridged in the following styles ... For sale by A. K. Loring, 319 Washington St., Boston, Mass [Nov

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform and C.S.A. belt buckle with cartridge box and percussion cap box, holding a book]

[Joshua Whitten of 45th North Carolina Infantry Regiment seated at a desk with his hand on a book]

[Private W.R. Clack of Co. B, 43rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment, with saber, pistol, and small book]

[Corporal John I. Guigher of Co. I, 56th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment in uniform with book]

[Private Thomas McCreary of Co. E, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, in a Columbus depot jacket and holding a book]

[Captain John Wilson of Co. C, 8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment (Union), in uniform with sword; revolver and book rest on table]

Ainsworth R. Spofford to John G. Nicolay, Wednesday, March 12, 1862 (Sends book)

[Captain John Wilson of Co. C, 8th Kentucky Infantry Regiment (Union), in uniform with sword; revolver and book rest on table]

[Civil War sketch book : Tennessee and Kentucky /

John Potts to John G. Nicolay, Monday, January 26, 1863 (Book of military laws)

How are you? Conscript!! Hop de doodle doo. At the cheap book stand, Delaware Ave. bel. Market St. Philadelphia. [c. 1863]

Call at the book store and get a solution of our national difficulties, and the science of Republican government. By a citizen of the United States. A pamphlet of sixty pages. Published by M. Warren [A review of the book by John F. Wright] Octob

The blessed Bible

[Capt. Huff's clerk, full-length portrait, seated, facing left, in front of tent, holding book]

[Abraham Lincoln, seated and holding a book, with his son Tad (Thomas) leaning on a table]